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  • WoodenPlank

    Dammit, I want the Krink. The only AK I have ever truly loved.

  • noob

    The west gets MOLLE. Russians get a bag on a strap.

    hmm. there is something to be said about being the side with the simplest uniform.

    • Lance

      Prefer it ALICE and current Marine gear is alot better than MOLLE.

  • Tony

    Love seeing them AKs in action.
    Always train with iron sights first, then move up to optics.

  • bbmg

    The Vychlop is an awesome bit of kit, I’m surprised there isn’t a Western equivalent in common usage.

    ASI have a pretty nice example in 510 Whisper ( ) but I can’t think of such a large bore subsonic sniper that has been widely adopted by another military service though.

    There are plenty of cartridges to choose from:

    The 300 blackout is gaining ground but further out would not have the punch of the 9x39mm Soviet subsonic rifles, something like the 338 Whisper would be a good all-round compromise with the more streamlined bullet giving better performance at longer ranges.

  • Picture #2 reminded of the polar best cubs from a Coca-Cola commercial. Accept that real polars bears are cuddlier than Russians.

  • Lance

    Where the pics of there standard AK-74s? Like the RPK awesome pic. Nice thing is in the freezing cold you can shoot alot and your barrel cools very fast.

  • Mike Knox

    At 0:11 in the video, I always find it silly when they use ‘liquidation’ as a term for killing. Makes it sound like it involves a huge blender or some sort..

  • Carlos

    Haven’t seen Russian military with the -74U or RPK-74 for awhile. I had heard the Army got rid of both in favor of AKS-74 and PKM.