Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Masoo2

    dat 1911
    Dat OBR

    • Big Red One – Ramadi

      …sig, bottom right.
      If you have iPhone, turn sideways.

      • Masoo2

        I saw it, just didnt want to say it 😛

      • JM

        Leaving out the Sig? Does not compute!

  • milo

    great now i’m hungry and jealous of their weapons…

  • No veggies??

  • Dave H

    What, no titanium spork? Pfft. Amateurs.

  • primo capo

    Only for real men!

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Common, if you want that kind of flavor just mist it with Ballistol or some similar lubricant.

  • I don’t know, a couple of cocked and locked .45s laying on the table pointed at my belly kind of ruins my appetite.

    • Sian

      the one we can see is in condition zero. =(

      • Lower right one is cocked and locked. I assumed that is a spare mag laying there since I can’t see the hammer in the down position on the one on the left. But yeah, play it the way you see it.

    • JM

      The handgun in the bottom right is a P938.

  • TOR

    Very nice .308 and 1911’s are always pretty.

  • James

    Unfortunately, since I’m a messy eater, I can’t have guns at the table anymore. Keep getting food on them XD.

    Nice weapons though.

  • GeorgeL

    Breakfast of Champions.

  • mosinman

    Why don’t they have the tactical fork bayonet?

  • Nate

    Nice job muzzle sweeping yourself…….

  • thefigureofspeech

    you know what they say about leaving your gun on the table after the battle is won right?

  • JD

    The OBR is uglier than dog nuts. The PredatAR is hotter than Selma Hayek’s ass. This dinner pic is awesome either way.

    Is that Red Lobster?

  • Chris

    What kind of knife is that. I want one.

    • Chris

      Seriously, anybody know? I’m daydreaming about this knife.

    • Chris

      After many googleings I found it. It’s a Larue Battle knife. Of course the are discontinued and impossible to get. It couldn’t be something I could just get.

  • Mike Knox

    Last time I brought a gun to the table, it was like:
    Mum: No toys on the table!!!!

  • Jon

    Red wine with lobster? The horror. I hope that is at least a good Oregon Pinot Noir.

    Seriously. I like the photo but always feel the need to speak up when I see guns and alcohol together. Those thinks do not, and should not, mix.

  • Kpete

    Well if you run out of bullets – you can always feed your enemy and hope they die of a heart attack. 🙂 Damn! Thats a cardiologists wet dream right there.