Unity Tactical Fusion Modular Weapon Mount

Unity Tactical has developed a very clever modular optic and accessory mounting platform called the Fusion. A number of components (see photo below) can be screw together in whatever configuration suits the user. It is the LEGO of mounting systems.

These photos show a number of possible combinations …

The company expects to start shipping the Fusion system in the first quarter of next year.

Steve Johnson

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  • JoeBob

    What does this accomplish that normal pic rails don’t?

    • KC

      it looks like you can mount 3 devices on the same rail real estate.

      Example: this gives people the option of using the gas block to put a flashlight, front sight post and possibly a laser or a pressure switch on the other side

      • JoeBob

        So it’s for guns that only have a top rail? That makes more sense.

      • Geodkyt

        JoeBob —

        Here’s one place where it makes a lot of sense on a “fully railed” gun:

        Let’s say you have a carbine length railed forend, and you want to get your side mounted (doesn’t matter for this exercise if you’re thinking 3 or 9 o’clock, or you’re thinking angled) flashlight on the weak side of the gun, but you find that mounting it on the rail space you have interfers with your preferred forward aggressive hold. If you use conventional rail extension mounts, it’ll throw the balance off and bulk up the gun because they are generally riser mounts — so the weight of the flashlight is further outboard.

        You can use this bits to extend the flashlight forward alongside your FSB, WITHOUT sticking it outboard any farther.

        That’s just the first idea that popped into my head. With a little thought, I can think of plenty of other scenarios. Such as extending a gas block rail so you can get a front sight AND a flashlight at 12 o’clock, without the weight penalty of an extended forearm. Or, just run the front sight farther out towards the muzzle for the longest possible sight radius, again, without having the whole forearm having to be that long.

    • JoeBob,

      Not only for tubular rails, as you can still consolidate mounts, save rail-space, and weight. It allows you some more flexibility in your configuration. Check out some other pictures on our site and facebook to get an idea of the potential.


  • noob

    Somebody should take the “lego of guns” thing literally and make a giant statue of a tricked out M4… entirely out of unity tactical fusion components.

    It would be a great bit of art and publicity.

    Or make a giant statue of eugene stoner’s face. Hmm. Actually I have no idea what eugne stoner looks like. I know what gen klashnikov looks like but I’ve never seen eugene stoner’s face.

  • AK™

    Sounds interesting.
    I don’t think it’s a solution,looking for a problem as other designs for weapons and weapons accessories are.

  • gunslinger

    looks like fun, but i only see this as giving you the 45 option or a screw in buis.

    i guess if you don’t have forward rails, or w/e this might be ok with the extension…but..

  • Guys, thanks for your interest. The design allows you to consolidate mounts to save weight, rail space, and cost. It really shines on tubular rails with only a top rail as you can mount several components on one mount giving you some more flexibility for use of that rail space.

    It also saves some weight over other mounting systems.

    Ill be happy to answer any questions, and we have some more pictures of configurations on our web and facebook page. Thanks

  • Mike Knox

    Would be better to see pics of it on different platforms..

  • Chad

    heck, lego’s ….. nice idea. already have a couple scenarios on how to apply this setup to my application!

  • mechamaster

    Genius !! I’m lovin’ it !

  • Love the idea! but at a certain point a gun can become TOO modular after a while, does that make sense?