Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50AE with 10” Barrel

Magnum Research is reintroducing the long 10″ barred version of the Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle has a fixed barrel with a picatinny rail for optics, making it a good handgun hunting platform. The 10″ barrel will increase the velocity of the .50 AE or .44 Magnum rounds it fires.

From the press release …

USA based Kahr Arms and the family of firearms that also includes Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance, re-introduces the Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE pistol with a 10” barrel.

The DE5010 is a .50AE gas-operated, rotating bolt semi-automatic pistol. It is constructed with a high-quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide, and a full Picatinny rail system on the barrel. The DE5010 also features fixed combat-style sights. The pistol is finished in black oxide, but, other custom finishes will be available in the future. The Desert Eagle Mark XIX with the 10” barrel is also offered in a .44 Magnum model.

The barrel length on the DE5010 is 10” making the overall length 14.75 ” in either caliber. The bore diameter is .495” for the .50AE, .429 for .44 Magnum, height is 6.25” and the slide width is 1.25”. Total weight with an empty magazine is 4 lbs. 12 oz. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds for the .50AE and 8 rounds for the .44 Magnum.

They are not cheap. The MSRP of the .50 AE model is $1,683.00 and MSRP of the .44 Magnum model is $1,650.00

Steve Johnson

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  • Big Bore

    For when a BTR rolls in front of your buffalo.

    • Kevin

      God, that thing is ugly.

  • D

    oh man this reminds me of the custom magnum from Resident Evil 2

  • hibby


    • Anthony

      I think the more effective question would be, “Why not?”

  • John Doe

    This is probably the only Desert Eagle that’s made sense so far.

    .50 AE out of a 10″ barrel would probably be pretty effective, but it would probably make more sense in a rifle or carbine.

    • slap a stock on it and make a 10rd magazine

      • JoeBob

        A Desert Eagle carbine would be the only Desert Eagle that’s ever made sense.

      • noob

        will the 44 mag do for bear?

        if so a folding stock and registered sbr would make an awesome pack rifle.

      • JoeBob

        I think it would.

  • Gidge

    They need to ditch the picatinny rail, it ruins the gun’s lines.

    • JMD

      It may not look that great, but since this is designed to be a scoped hunting pistol, the rail is entirely practical.

  • Lex

    The real news here is… RAILS!

  • That thing is ugly as all hell, but I won’t deny that it’ll be able to sling some serious lead.

  • Lolinski

    This reminds me of the Desert Eagle in the Syphon Filter series only difference is that one was chromed and scoped.

    Is it possible to have an over barrel suppressor on these? Since that is the reason the long barrels look tempting to me.

  • Gerelt

    Why does the DE make no sense?

    • Beefalo

      Probably because you don’t hunt Russian boar in the brush with a pistol for kicks. The DE shines in certain roles. Not many, but…

      • Gerelt

        Thanks for the answer.
        I was curious to know why the desert is so glorified in films/TV/video games but virtually no agency/army/police force ever bought desert eagles.

      • Clodboy

        The Desert Eagle is ridiculously oversized, but still looks like a handgun. It’s an easy way for moviemakers to say “the character carrying this thing is so much more of a badass than everyone around him that he doesn’t care about weight or recoil, he just wants his target to be really, really dead with a single shot” – think characters like Arnie from “Red Heat” or Bullet Tooth Tony from “Snatch”.

        The chrome- oder gold-plated versions also imply that the character likes to be flashy and/or “gangsta”.

        A gun can really say a lot about the character who wields it – one of my favourite examples is Togusa from the anime “Ghost in the Shell”, who carries a Mateba Autorevolver to signify that he is an old-fashioned but distinctive individual (he is the only member of his squad that has not had extensive cybernetic modifications done to his body, yet it is precisely this old-fashionedness that allows him to think outside the box in this cyberpunk future)

      • noob

        target shooting. don’t forget target shooting.

        Fixed barrel. fast heavy bullet.

        enormous strain on the shooter to prove how awesome you are at absorbing recoil with the small bones of your wrist.

        It’s sort of like “nobody else is strong enough to draw my bow” kind of thing.

    • mosinman

      @ noob
      my father owns a .50AE eagle and it doesn’t kick hard at all

      • Duray

        I had the same experience, Noob. Touched off a 50ae DE and was surprised at the lack of muzzle rise. Of course its a what, 70oz. pistol with a compensator?

  • Sardaukar

    Podbyrin 9.2 From Red Heat. Except for the rails.
    Now, it can really be called “the most powerful* handgun in the world” *magazine fed-non revolver-non rifle cartridge.

    • Clodboy

      Actually, the .475 Wildey Magnum (made somewhat famous by Death Wish 3) is actually slightly more powerful than the .50 AE.

    • Sardaukar

      magazine fed-non revolver-non rifle cartridge-not seen in hands of Charles Bronson. Better this way? 😀

  • Clodboy

    I kind of like it… more practical as a hunting weapon (as in “not completely useless), and a look that is, if anything, certainly unique and more functional (i.e. it doesn’t pretend to be something you’d whip out in a firefight) 🙂

    Plus, as somebody already mentioned, it served as the basis for the upgraded Magnum in Resident Evil 2.

  • gunslinger

    this won’t be banned, right?

    sorry…had to

  • Bryan S.

    Looks like a good hog gun. A bit easier to carry around than a mare’s leg too.

  • Brandon

    Just looks wrong. I think it needs some sort of shroud. It’d look like it was suppressed….but it’d be really, really, loud.

    • Burst

      Channeling Dr. Seuss, there.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    They dragged the end of the barrel out that far yet didn’t leave room for threads? Fail. Back that sight up a few mm, still plenty of sight radius; you’re figuring on a scope anyway, might as well make it a little quieter.

    • noob

      if you put an optic or even BUIS on the rail, you could probably just get a gunsmith to mill off the entire front sight and thread the barrel. looks like there is enough metal in the front sight for the dovetail notch to not even intrude into the barrel outer diameter.

      hmm. Supressor might help with a lot of issues firing this enormous handgun-that-is-really-a-stockless-carbine has. I like the way you think.

  • Mike Knox

    It would have been better if the extended barrel had more modern features.

  • Sid

    Danny Vermin: I got something to stop him.
    Dutch: They made it for him special. It’s an eighty-eight Magnum.
    Danny Vermin: It shoots through schools.

    • noob

      too soon buddy.

      • Sid

        In no way was I referring to the tragedy in Newton. That is a quote from the movie “Johnny Dangerously” about an oversized handgun.