Loki Weapons Systems Is No More

Up-and-comer AR-15 maker Loki Weapons Systems appears to have ceased operating. Two days ago a reader tipped us off on rumors that they were no longer in business. We have been trying to contact them over the past couple of days without any success.

Late last year they took legal against the government relating to federal firearm licensing.

[ Many thanks to Growl & Shadowwerks for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathaniel

    Well, they didn’t know what a rifle round looks like, so good riddance.

    • lolinski

      Its just you non-competition guys that dont use nickel plated casings.

      • Zermoid

        Well, I don’t shoot competitively, but still prefer nickel plated brass if I can get them.
        Never corrodes sitting in a mag, or a vest pocket, and feeds better than bare brass.
        For hunting and concealed carry those are two big pluses to me!

        Anyone know if and where 6.5 x 55 swede brass is available in nickle?
        I’ve never found any, yet anyway.

  • Pliskin

    They had alot of potential. An aquaintance of mine has one of their billet rifles it seems very well built and unique. I would have bought a stripped forged lower from them but they only sold them complete. Also I’d have liked to try their PDW buffertube/stocks but I don’t think they ever sold those individually.

    • Noodles

      Wouldn’t sell parts people wanted huh? Out of business you say? How about that.

  • Turner


  • Steve Day

    What a shame. They made some solid rifles that had a look of finesse about them.

    Maybe if Loki patented their PDW stock it’ll be sold off in liquidation and manufactured.

    The modular vented handguards they used on their M4 Patrol rifle were made by Nordic Components, who also sell them from their website.

  • Mike Knox

    It’s somehow funny for me to learn about a company’s existence only after they went bust. It’s like something went extinct the other day..

    • Zermoid

      Same here……..

      Never knew they existed to begin with.

  • charlie

    Otherwise, How good was their products? Seems like the Rifle that got most of the reviews Were their Loki MOE Rifle, which a lot of the reviewers gave positive reviews. Anyone have opinions on the product quality of what they got?

    • Phil White


      I spoke to one of the companies that sold them and they swore by the quality. They were hoping the company would find a way back so they could sell them again.

  • Bob

    I believe their logo is the symbol for Gungnir, Odin’s spear, not Loki.

  • Zermoid

    A bit off topic but, as I had asked in a reply to a reply:

    If anyone know if, and where, 6.5 x 55 swede brass is available in nickel please let me know, Thanks!

  • Mike

    Maybe they should have showed a little bit more leg to The Freedom Group.

  • Aron

    That really blows to find this blog! I’ve had 2 uppers on order with them since June. They originally said 7-9 week delivery, then stalled alot, then stoped answering phone or emails. But they got my $1640

    • Zermoid

      Did you give it directly to them?
      If you went thru a dealer there may be hope of getting it back. Damn, that really sux man……..

      File a lawsuit?

    • Shireman

      I’m SOL too I’m afraid.

      I ordered an upper from them during their 10% off Veterans Day sale.

      Money was promptly taken.

      Now the emails and the phone go nowhere.

      There’s always somebody who has it worse. Sucks but not the end of the world I guess.

  • This sucks!
    I’d saved and waited for a quality 6.5 Grendel for 5 yrs, sent Erik @ $1K deposit at the end of November, I was excited. The last correspondence I had from him was 11-21’12, then they went dark. I’ve tried his/ their email, business phone numbers and Erik’s cell phone number. I sent a post office money order and I’m afraid I’m screwed. I’ve contacted the local sheriff to see what’s going on and if I’ve any recourse, haven’t heard back yet as of 12-18’12.
    I also found more info here-

    Captain Darrin Duckworth with the Otoka, ok police dept Phone 580-889-3250
    fax 580-889-4037

  • Jeremy Moore

    They screwed a lot if people over. I own 2 Loki billet Tactical rifles. They made a very high quality rifle. Nordic also machined their billet sets for them. Nordic machines JP Rifles billet sets too. They don’t advertise them though. Too bad they screwed everyone over in the worst possible way. I had 2 customers order 2 billet Rifles back in May and paid in full . Erik never filled these orders do I have to find a way to come up with a little more than $3,000 to pay them back. My FFL is out of my garage and I just got my FFL Feb of this year. I can’t absorb a loss like this. It def effects my family in many ways. The whole business thing went out the window, it’s def a personal matter now. It takes a special kind of person to treat others like this. He is a thief and coward. They continued to take orders knowing they wouldn’t be able to fill them. They continued to collect money up until they left dodge. The Sheriffs office in Atoka have a investigation on Loki and they plan to prosecute him. If you need info about this, email me at soonerfirearms@gmail.com

    • Zermoid

      WOW, I guess worst case you could give your customers your rifles as a lasr resort.
      I used to have a FFL and also worked out of my home, I know I couldn’t have swallowed a 3K loss. There has to be a lawsuit starting somewhere over this, try to get in on it and hopefully get something back.

      Good luck guys to all those screwed over by this, i wonder if the money you sent to Loki got to the actual maker of the parts? Perhaps try to get the pieces ordered out of them?

  • Arroo

    This is very sad. I had them build me a custom AR upper for a pistol build. The cerakote finish work was outstanding. Very quick turn around time, but I did have a billing issue where they sent me the upper before I paid for it. I of course paid, but still.

    They really should have made that PDW stock readily available, they would have made a fortune. I couldn’t convince them to sell me one separately.

  • michmike

    Saw loki is out of biz and i am wondering if there were quality problems recently with their uppers? Bought one through Ft Chaffee Outfitters and it did take a couple of weeks to get i did get it and was not about to pay by check. Quality seems good and i bought it before Thanksgiving but have not shot it yet. Thoughts?

    • nodeferredsentence

      are you wanting to sell the upper

      • Tedward

        did he answer you? I need a loki upper. dam lower won’t accept but there uppers and I want to make a 50 Beowulf. .

    • Tedward

      do you have a lower or did you just get the upper? It doesn’t fit a regular lower. do you want to sell it? I need an upper.

      • MM

        I have a upper/lower and NIB fire control I would sell.

  • scotty in tulsa

    i too got screwed it would appear! they did make quality rifles, and were friendly for what thats worth! the last time i had any words with them was dec 4 on facebook, with the gunsmith. he told me my rifle was “pending” with the atf and Eric would call them the next day to check on the progress.
    i guess i should have known something was wrong when they never gave me the ser# of my rifle.

  • D

    Is there something official out there stating that they’re out of business? Need it for the bank dispute.

  • josh

    I have a brand new loki that has never been fired any idea on the value?

  • uisconfruzed

    I got burned by Loki (John Erik Davis) last December 2012. I sent my info, communications with them and a copy of a Postal Money order, that Davis signed a couple of days before he disappeared, to the Atoka CO Sheriff Cpt.Duckworth. I’ve called & emailed multiple times and received no response.

    I called the Atoka Co DA’s office yesterday and finally got an update.
    Davis hasn’t even been arrested because they cannot locate him. If there is a picture of him out there post it so he can be more easily located by law enforcement. The DA didn’t find me listed with the victims- appears the Sheriff didn’t pass it on.

    If you got burned & have proof send your info to: Asst. District Attorney Greg Jenkins at greg.jenkins@dac.state.ok.us


    Their local paper stated Erik took from 16 people, and also this, “A former gun company chief executive officer is facing 13 felony counts of
    obtaining cash by false pretenses.
    The charges against John Erik Davis, 43,
    Muldrow, were filed Wednesday, April 17.
    The defendant was CEO of LOKI Weapon
    Systems, which has been accused of taking payments from customers and not delivering products.
    The company used to operate out of Atoka’s Industrial
    Park No. 1. If Davis received the maximum punishment on each count and the counts ran consecutively, the fines would total $65,000 and the imprisonment would total 85 years.
    Upon conviction, he would be ordered to pay restitution
    on each count, according to Asst. District Attorney Greg Jenkins.”

    Other forums on this:



  • MM

    Still have a Loki billet upper/lower with fire control I would sell.

  • Further to the Right

    If anyone is looking for a great rifle Special Ops Tactical makes a great product and was featured on the cover of SWAT (March 2013) and “The Book of the AR15” November 2013 pg 52 5 page article. Several distributers carry their products like AIM Surplus and others. The make quality parts that are built to last. http://www.SpecialOpsTactical.com

  • Loki

    If you want your money, John Eric Davis was arrested last week after exiting a cruise ship in Texas.

    • rpd103g14

      wonderful. maybe the piece of crap will get the max. i probably will never see my money.

  • Ole joe

    You would think this would make the local news