FRS-15 California “Featureless” AR-15 Stock

The FRS-15 is a nifty looking AR-15 stock designed for the California market. In California you can use pre-ban full capacity magazines, with a standard magazine release, in semi-automatic rifles which do not have a pistol grip, adjustable stock or flash suppressor. The FRS-15 does not have a pistol grip (as defined by the State of California) and is not adjustable.

The stock costs $190. The initial orders will be shipped with buffer tube covers with cheek risers (as pictured above).

[ Many thanks to Gunslinger for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Bryan S.

    Only an overbearing State could produce a need for something that butt ugly and unintuitive.

    • Supersonic

      Non-intuitive? Where’s YOUR contribution, Eugene Stoner??

      • Bryan S.

        Somehow I doubt Mr Stoner would have placed a classic grip / stock in such a position as to make the reach for the trigger extremely un-ergonomic.

        Perhaps intuitive was a poor word to choose. Perhaps desperate to own a basic platform firearm in a place that outlaws convenience based on fear of its own people and its distrust of a seat of power other than their own.

      • Supersonic

        They aren’t restricting the AR because they are worried about losing power, they are doing so because they are ignorant and think that sporting rifles are the problem with CA’s crime, which of course it isn’t. Just like everywhere else, the problem is cheap handguns and the black market. Don’t pretend that a government restricts guns because they think we might take over, we are still powerless compared to the armed forces which would cull any uprising, no matter how many powder-burners we have.

      • Nadnerbus

        To supersonic: You give them too much credit. They restricted them because they don’t like guns, and they could. Nothing more than that.

      • W

        “They aren’t restricting the AR because they are worried about losing power,”

        any restriction on any constitutional amendment IS based on fear of losing power. The assault weapons ban made california politicians appear as if they’re doing something, earning them constituents, etc etc ad nauseum. Politicians in bloated, over budgeted bureaucracies turn into control freaks…something about absolute power corrupts…

        “they are doing so because they are ignorant and think that sporting rifles are the problem with CA’s crime, which of course it isn’t.”

        That is part of the problem, i agree. semi-automatics are not a problem at all in crime since less than 1/6th of 1% are used in crimes (and that may not necessarily be numbered all by military style semi automatics; it can be anything with more than 10 rounds).

        “just like everywhere else, the problem is cheap handguns and the black market.”

        The problem is blaming inanimate objects instead of holding criminals accountable. Maybe instead of locking people away for marijuana and traffic tickets they need to keep violent felons caged up instead of plea bargaining them and releasing them because california cannot balance its checkbook.

        “Don’t pretend that a government restricts guns because they think we might take over, we are still powerless compared to the armed forces which would cull any uprising, no matter how many powder-burners we have.”

        I strongly disagree. If that was true then Iraq and Afghanistan, occupied by the most powerful military machine in human history, would have been completely pacified; they werent and quite frankly never will be. those wars are still adding to the body count. I suggest you read works by John Poole and 4th generation warfare if you think that.

    • klip

      non-intuitive as far as design goes, perhaps, but for the end-user it looks like it’ll be a pretty intuitive interface for anyone who’s ever handled a rifle grip. But I agree – this kind of ingenuity only arises in a state with mucked up gun laws.

      The fight is on in the courts though, that this kind of stock will find itself in obsolescence.

    • Mark

      Guess what… if Feinstein gets her way, everyone will suffer as we do in the Fein State of California.

  • AT


    • David/Sharpie

      I like the lines on this, but Jesus is it ever ugly.

      • Geodkyt

        It’s like that really ugly puppy that you end up taking home anyway. . .

        It’s hideous, but in a way, that just makes it more desireable.

        Like any and all French military metallic cartridge weapons. {grin}

  • Anthony

    I don’t know. I actually think the aesthetics are kind of nice. It’s a very unique look and I can appreciate the creativity and ingenuity that went into it. I don’t even live in Cali and think I may order one and do a build with it.

  • Phil

    Even as someone from Utah, I kind of want this thing. Kudos to the designers for making a commie-approved rifle that actually looks desirable.

    • Nick Mew

      If people here actually applied Communism or Socialism correctly as the definition implies, we would have Health Care like Canada. These Gun laws are just the result of fear mongering and states rights turned against us.

    • Nick Mew

      If people here actually applied Communism or Socialism correctly as the definition implies, we would have actual Health Care like Canada.

      These Gun laws are just the result of fear mongering and a case of states rights turned against us.

      • Nick Mew

        Sorry for the double comment, clicked the wrong button.

    • Partizan1942

      As a person form Eastern-Europe I think I can say that if you think California is “commie” than you do not know what the word “commie” means. So please refrain from using it. I find it insulting to hear this from right wing Americans nowadays because if you had to live through what it really means you would count your lucky stars that you can live where you live.

      • Phil

        OK dude, chill out. It’s a common expression; by American standards, California is as close to communism as we get. Don’t get you’re panties in a twist.

  • Matt

    I love it. The angled grip places the user’s hand in a more comfortable orientation when assuming the dreaded “firing from the hip” position.

  • Will

    LOL you California gun guys are so desperate. This stock is 100% ass ugly and so is that weird vented shroud/forearm. I genuinely feel bad for you guys.

    • Gumby

      I wholeheartedly disagree. At least they are innovative (oooh, big word for you!) enough to circumvent firearm repression.

      • Kommac

        Innovative, yes. But history showed that innovative slaves just got whipped harder.

      • W

        “But history showed that innovative slaves just got whipped harder.”

        true words friend. circumventing laws pisses the state off even more. well see outright bans of firearms in these states :/

      • Foetus

        This. Here in France nobody would ever think about doing it, as the market is scarce and firearms pretty much a taboo subject.

        So you cannot have a “normal” AR ? Too bad… The semi autos rifle I can buy without complicated waiting and paperwork are limited to 3 shots (including the one in the chamber) 😀

      • Zermoid


        I feel sorry for you man, I’ll think about you next 30 rnd mag dump……..

        And to think the French helped us gain our liberty, but lost their own. Truly Sad.

        Ever think of moving?

    • klip

      That handguard isn’t part of the deal – it’s just there to be pictured. The main component here is the stock since it’s not a pistol grip.

      But thank you so much for your sympathy.

  • dubcee

    burn it with fire.

  • Philosophisr

    Don’t think this enables hi-cap mags – just enables you to skip the bullet button.

    • Nathan

      To clarify: For those of us in California that had mags with >10rd capacity prior to 2000, this stock will allow a FEATURELESS build to be accomplished and thus allow the use of said lawfully owned “normal capacity” magazines.

      • Nathan

        This stock also allows skipping of the bullet button if appropriately configured.

      • Nadnerbus

        Correct on both counts. Only caveat to all of this is, if the lower receiver is marked as one of the models on the “ban” list, it cannot be configured legally no matter what is done if it was not registered as an assault weapon in 2001. Lots and lots of off list lowers to choose from though.

  • Philosophisr

    Oh you said pre-ban. Anyway featureless has nothing to do with mag cap.

    • Nadnerbus

      Incorrect. It is perfectly legal to shoot full cap mags in, say the mini 14, M1A, or Keltec SU16 if they (the mags) were lawfully owned pre-ban. The features of the rifle dictate its evil status (or, alternately, a list of banned makes and models). No features (and not on aforementioned list), and it does not fall under the AW legislation.

  • as a cali ar owner… just get a bullet button. if you really must swap mags rapidly: glove+bullet button ring= problem solved. Or do like i do and live with 10 rd mags being swapped at a moderate pace… call it economical mode.

    • JMD

      I can’t even imagine getting comfortable with a boot on my throat like that. How do you do it?

      • eh its not so terrible

      • Chase

        As a California gun owner, let me tell you it’s far from comfortable. When I assemble an AR-15 from parts, I have to be careful not to do perfectly ordinary things with the rifle, for fear of committing a felony.

        It is, indeed, a boot on the throat. That’s why the Calguns Foundation is bringing a lawsuit (Richards vs. Harris if you’re interested).

      • JMD

        It’s good to know that not everyone in California is willing to just lay down and piss on themselves like Reverend Clint. Keep fighting the good fight. I’ll keep an eye on the progress of that suit.

    • Kommac

      Or get the f*** out of CA.

    • Alex

      This is the reason we don’t have enough people caring about California assault weapon laws. Like they say “can’t miss what you never had”. Everyone thinks it’s fine but in reality the whole thing about bullet buttons and featureless builds are a joke.

      • Geodkyt

        I can’t afford an RDIAS, because of the Hughes Amendment — yet I miss it nonetheless.

  • Taxman0911

    I’d get a musket before I used that ugly contraption.

  • hikerguy

    Is it ugly? No doubt. But, when you live in the People’s Republic of California, you do what you have to do…..

    • pest

      …except get the idiotic laws repealed.

      • KP

        If only it were that easy. There’s a long list of laws and statutes that are being challenged right now, but unfortunately assault weapon laws are way down the list since it’s a tougher target to sell here.

      • W

        yeah…in california.

        i really feel for gun owners down there.

        youre talking about california politicians (especially californian ones); they do whatever they want when they feel like it. you write them a letter telling them to behave, they tell you to pound sand. and the cycle of authoritarian statism continues…

  • Nick Mew

    I would not really mind if I can get a Dragunov Tigr with these stocks.

    Either that or make a rifle that has spade grips and a bipod.

  • mrs

    so i live in cali and i am not yet sold on this idea, my reason is all the
    recoil is going to beat the hell out of the little bolt hole that holds the grip
    in place. Before you guys go and say .223 has little or no recoil, can you see
    some people putting this on an ar10 (the shooter may end up with one eye
    wearing a scope ring mark permanently).

    And fyi, ten round capacity is still the max that can be fed to the firearm.

    • bull

      not really if the mating surfaces are correctly designed. then the forces should transfer to the trigger guard and the vertical part behind the screw hole 🙂 the weight of the rifle might be a problem tough.

    • Zincorium

      While they’re rare, pre-ban 30 round magazines do in fact exist in California, and are legally usable in ‘featureless’ rifles. There’s also apparently some members of the community who assemble 30 round magazines and then simply wait out the statute of limitations, although I’m dubious as to the effectiveness of that strategy.

      • Zermoid

        This goes back to my question above, HOW do they know or prove when a mag was brought into the state (or prove when it was made for that matter) as mags have no serial numbers that I’ve ever seen.

        Same problem applies to building the mag and “waiting out the statute of limitations”, how do you prove when you built a particular mag? It sounds like an impossible to prove thing from both viewpoints.

      • Cymond

        Zermoid, please see my response above about identifying pre-ban and post-ban magazines.

        As for the statute of limitations question, I guess it would be possible to document the commission of the crime with some proof of the date – like a newspaper on the workbench and a nightly news report on tv. Of course, someone could argue that it was an old newpaper and a recorded news broadcast. The best, most solid evidence would be an unreproducible event in the background. For example, we had a partial eclipse about 9 months ago. A video showing the eclipse while assembling magazines would be undeniable proof of when they were assembled.

        For the record, I do not advocate the commission of any felonies.

    • KP

      You’re only able to buy, sell, or trade magazines of max of 10 rnd capacity. Otherwise, if you’re using a featureLESS rifle there is NO RESTRICTION on the magazine capacity of ANY capacity.

      A featured rifle with a FIXED magazine (thus allowing the use of features) MAY NOT have a magazine of MORE than 10 rounds.

      Sorry for the caps but the law is so stupid and convoluted that I emphasize for anyone who reads.

  • Flounder

    Hey steve you forgot that a featureless rifle can’t have a bayonet or even a bayonet lug… And grenade/flare launchers are also “features”…

    Now for the stock! Something like this has been done before and it was… Uglier. XD So this is definately an improvement!

    BUT 190!!!!!!! Dang! little bit much…

    AND!!! Please tell me about that handguard! It is curious…

    • PEBKAC

      You are partially correct however you are mixing the federal ban with the California ban.

      The penal code says you can’t have:

      (1) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity to
      accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following:

      A) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action
      of the weapon.
      B) A thumbhole stock.
      C) A folding or telescoping stock.
      D) A grenade launcher or flare launcher.
      E) A flash suppressor.
      F) A forward pistol grip.


      (2) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has a fixed magazine
      with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds.

      It also says that all Semi-Auto rifles must have OAL of 30 inches or longer (with the stocks folded/collapsed, which it doesn’t say explicitly but is part of the law either by case or relevant DOJ opinion, I forget which at the moment).

      As such, bayonet lugs and bayonets are perfectly legal on semiautomatic centerfire rifles, small consolation though that may be.

      • bull

        so… if you shoot your rifle gangsta style its ok according to california laws?

  • I actually like it! If Dyson made AR15s, this is what they’d look like! 😉

    What I would like to see is this done in a lovely bit of wood, I think it looks futuristic but also has a retro feel to the grip itself.

    I fully expect to see this gun in one of the new Star Wars movies!

  • Very cool way around the CA BS. Ugly? Yeah. But cool in it’s own way.

  • Ray

    Uglier than a bag of Afghan whores’ ass but if I was a Californian I’d buy the shit out of it just to fuck them up that little bit more.

    • Jules

      More tea, vicar?

  • bbmg

    Worth making if only show how pointless the law is. A deranged gunman with this in hand can do as much damage as he could with an “illegally” configured AR.

    Actually given the fact that his victims will be captivated by the curious appearance of the stock, he will probably have the chance to do even more damage.

  • Clodboy

    Maybe they should have tried to market the “tubeless” LR-300/Para TTR AR’s with a special California stock so people could have a pistol-grip-lesss AR without the buffer sticking out like a sore thumb.

    • Cymond

      What about a cheek rest?

  • Graham2

    OK, so this thing looks odd but it’s designed to overcome a stupid situation people find themselves in as an accident of birth. Had they been born in a less restrictive state they’d have no need for one. Those not wanting to inconvenience themselves and their family by moving out of California for their shooting hobby may buy one if they feel the need.

    Here in the UK we have some really stupid gun laws but we get on with our shooting with AR15s and FALs with no gas parts; it’s not ideal but it’s better than no ARs and FALs!

    Personally I’d stick with a standard stock and 10 round mags.

    • Jules

      Absolutely. The unusual shape of this clever stock is merely a graphic representation of the dumbness of the laws its prospective customers have to contend with. (Nice to see you on here, Graham, BTW)

  • bigwhiteyeti

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks really funky?

    I’d almost like one just for the novel shape. I wonder how it shoots though?

  • John Doe

    California: come for the beautiful weather, leave because of the ridiculous gun laws.

  • Nicks87


    It will match my bounty hunter costume perfectly. Now I just need some thermal detonators. 🙂

    • noob

      I want them alive. No disintegrations.

  • ron

    I like it. Very clever.

  • Nicks87

    I wonder if they sell the buffer tube cover with cheek riser separate and if I put one on an AR pistol would it be an NFA violation?

    • Cymond

      ATF has said OK to foam wrapped around the tube, and they said OK to the CAA Sidesaddle (although you have to rig it to work on a tube). ATF is even OK with the Magul AFG on pistols.

      However, do note that there is a lot of debate around the AFG for featureless California rifles.

  • AK™

    Can it double as a putter on my golfing sundays?

    • noob

      I usually look down the shaft of the putter at the moment the club connects with the ball, so I guess it’s okay so long as my brain is “something i wish to destroy”.

      • Geodkyt

        So if you own one of these rifles, AND you support legalized recreational marijuana, it’s Ok to use it as a putter? 😉

  • Mike

    Nope, it still looks scary. 😉

  • gunslinger

    As happy as I am for the creator of this stock, i’m hoping we are soon in a position where this would be obsolete.

  • Noir

    Sometimes Iam really glad I live in Central Europe…

  • denny

    Adjustable buttstock prohibited?? Now I understand why they call it Comi-fornia. Yuck!

  • Graham 1

    Am I the only one that thinks that cheek rest is a little on the small side?

  • Tinkerer

    Give it a woody finish, and you can make a nice little Steampunk AR. Just add brassy furniture.

  • Billick

    “The penal code says you can’t have:

    (1) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity to
    accept a detachable magazine….”

    Clever design exploiting the gun law loophole as thumbhole is also prohibited. But detachable mag is outlawed, is that a non-detachable magazine????

    • gunslinger

      i believe they have what’s called “pre-ban” magazines. which were 30 round mags produced before 2000. these can be used as detachable.

      so this stock was developed so you can use a “regular” mag on a rifle that doesn’t conatain the items listed in the code (pistol grip, flash hider, telescoping stock…)

      i’m not a lawyer, and this is from what i gathered about the internets… double check into everything…

    • 6677

      Try moving to britain.
      handguns: banned
      SBR’s: banned
      Shotguns: semi auto not allowed, only allowed 3 rounds including the chambered unless you have a rifle license aswell.
      Rifles: minimum overall length of 32″, minimum barrel of 16″. only allowed semi auto IF you are using a rimfire cartridge of .22 or less.

      To be fair, we can get some very nice rifles, but AR’s and AK’s are out of the question (well, there are a few bastardised ones with larger charging handles and no gas system present but you might aswell buy a dedicated bolt action rifle). At least they don’t ban magazine capacities and ignoring the semi auto .22 thing no caliber restrictions either. .60, perfectly fine, who needs destructive weapon taxes or whatever they’re called.

      That stock though. Not a looker but a rather clever way of doing things.

      • 6677

        weird, I never specified for it to be a reply to someone elses comment???

    • Cymond

      We CANNOT have:
      *A detachable magazine AND a pistol grip
      *A detachable magazine AND a folding/adjustable/thumbhole stock
      *A detachable magazine AND a flash hider

      *A grenade launcher – no way, no how, not happening. I’m not talking about 40mm Destructive Devices (which are also banned but in a different way), I’m talking about a 22mm tube on the muzzle, like a Yugo 59/66 SKS.

      *A full-capacity magazine in a fixed-magazine gun. Only ‘featureless’ rifles can use pre-ban full-cap mags.

      If you want a tele-stock, pistol grip, and/or flash hider, then you need a magazine lock like the Bullet Button or RadLock.

      If you want drop-free mags, then you can’t have any of those scary features.

      All semi-auto rifles must be over 30″ at their SHORTEST fireable form (folded, adjusted, etc). This means that most bullpups need a either a muzzle or stock extension. Also, mag-locked folding AKs need a muzzle extension to be over 30″ when folded.

      However, bayonet lugs, threaded barrels, and barrel shrouds are unrestricted on rifles in California.

      Handguns have different rules. Example: A handgun can obviously have a pistol grip, but they can’t have a threaded barrel, can’t have a barrel shroud (excluding a moving slide), and can’t have a magazine outside the pistol grip (like an AR pistol).

      As a note on ‘pre-ban’ magazines. It’s not enough for the mag to be pre-ban, the shooter must have possessed it in California before the ban. Full-cap magazines cannot be sold, given, imported, or manufactured. They can be loaned as long as the loaner is with the recipient the whole time. Technically, it is legal to POSSESS a post-ban mag, but there is no legal way to acquire one. Someone would need to sell it to you (a crime for them) or you would need to bring one from out of state (import) or assemble one from parts (manufacture).

      • noob

        >>Technically, it is legal to POSSESS a post-ban mag, but there is no legal way to acquire one. Someone would need to sell it to you (a crime for them) or you would need to bring one from out of state (import) or assemble one from parts (manufacture).


        what would happen if a philanthropist were to leave a quantity of brand new Post-Ban 30 rd mags out in the californian desert and post the gps coordinates on some kind of message board?

      • Zermoid

        “It’s not enough for the mag to be pre-ban, the shooter must have possessed it in California before the ban.”

        How do they know if it was possessed in California before the ban or not?
        Did they require all pre-ban mags in the state get a special marking or something?
        Unless you moved to the state after the ban how would they have any chance of proving when a magazine came into the state? Or how?

      • Cymond

        @noob: The philanthropist would be in a lot of legal trouble, if he were ever identified and caught. Also, it has a 3 year statute of limitations. A lot of Law Enforcement agencies monitor firearm forums, so there would be a chance that the police would reach the location first and it would all be for nothing.

        @Zermoid “How do they know if it was possessed in California before the ban or not?”
        They DON’T! There’s no way to tell in many cases. In other cases, it’s clearly post-ban. Most handguns uses proprietary magazines, so any handgun designed after the ban obviously uses post-ban magazines. Example: There are no pre-ban Springfield XDM magazines.

        In fact, it’s perfectly legal to repair a pre-ban magazine with parts of any vintage. Hence, you can replace a worn out GI mag body and baseplate with PMag parts. This means that even a new-looking magazine can legally be a pre-ban mag.

        Apparently, some parents gave their children giftwrapped boxes of magazines for Christmas 1999, with pictures to prove it, so the kids would have full-capacity when they grew up.

        Basically, you just need to be able to defend your magazines somehow, but it needs to be believable. In my case, I moved here less than 2 years ago, so I have no possible legal way to have a full-cap in Cali.

        Here’s another oddity: it’s perfectly legal to load 12 rounds of 9mm into a 10-round Glock .40 S&W magazine and use it in 9mm Glock. Many people, however, recommend that it would be wise to also own a Glock .40 S&W. It really raises interesting issues with the .50 Beowulf (and similar).

        The .50 Beowulf was designed to fit 10 rounds into a standard 30-round AR magazine. The common availability of AR mags means that no one has developed a dedicated .50 Beowulf 10-round magazine. So how do Californians get a 10-round mag for their Beowulf guns? Also, a 10-round Beowulf magazine would be very popular in California because it would also be reverse compatible as a hi-cap .223 mag.

    • kevinforesthill

      you can have a detachable mag, as long as you don’t have a pistol grip. Or you can have a pistol grip and a “bullet button” (not easily detachable mag).

  • J Star

    I think it looks like something out of Firefly, and for that reason alone would purchase it. (Plus, I live in NY, almost as bad as CA)

    • kevinforesthill

      if only i could my wife to move… here in cali we are told your weather is horrible (no matter where you live)

      • kevinforesthill

        Sorry….wrong reply

  • TangledThorns

    If you live in states like California and don’t like their gun laws then I suggest moving to America 🙂

    • ajax

      California is coming to America. Prepare!

    • Stuck here as that is where my professional license is.

  • JDub

    I don’t think the politicians here in California really “hate” guns or they necessarily wish to take them away from people.

    What they’re really after are political points. Passing gun laws is an easy way to get recognition for doing “something”. They can’t fix healthcare or education because that takes gobs of money which we never seem to have despite being taxed into oblivion.

    Really, how many lives are touched by firearms juxtaposed to the number of lives touched by poor education or healthcare?

    Gun bans have very little fiscal impact so they are easier to get through the legislature. Thing is, the budget situation is so bad right now, they won’t let anything through that costs more than $0. The bullet button ban got axed here for this very reason.

    I honestly don’t think the politicians care one way or the other about gun rights or public safety. The way they behave leads me to believe they’d promote anything that would prolong their careers.

    Most politicians are folks who are, for the most part, in perpetual “survival mode”. People who are in survival mode tend to do anything to survive the moment regardless of the long term consequences. People, like wild animals, who are in survival mode are very dangerous.

    The convoluted guns laws here are just a testament to the fact that all this legislation is poorly conceived and is little more than theatre.

    Now back to the guns…

    • Paul

      They don’t hate it. They don’t know guns. And it’s human nature to fear what is not known. If you study the CA rules, it’s glaringly obvious that it was written by people who had no clue in what they were doing or attempting to regulate.

      For example: 50 BMG is deemed dangerous and banned, while 338 Lapua is not. How ridiculous is that??

      • or that fact i cant buy a G3 but can buy a m1a

      • David/Sharpie

        .50 BMG? Bad.

        .50 DTC? Good to go………..

        Even in Canada the laws aren’t like that.

        Sometimes I think Canadians have it better than Californians.

        Just a little though.

    • JMD

      “The way they behave leads me to believe they’d promote anything that would prolong their careers.”

      That describes every politician ever, not just the ones in California. If any politician anywhere was 100% sure that killing a thousand puppies with a framing hammer would get them elected, any one of them would do it in a heartbeat.

    • a.styles

      if you really think politians dont hate guns research leland yee

  • Mark

    Borderlands 2 anyone? Seriously though can anyone tell me more about the handguard?

  • cc19

    “The criminal element of California has conformed to the gun laws of the state.” – Nobody

    • Eugene Boado

      No – They wrote it. The 2nd amendment is a law too.

      • Guybrush Ak Threepwood

        I hope you aren’t calling the founding fathers criminals. That would make you quite an asshole. Also, rights are not laws. They are rights. Inalienable. From god. You are a fool.

        • ivan

          Lol, says the guy who thinks “god” gave us rights.

          • TAXisTHEFT

            I wouldn’t say “god” but I know for sure the government didn’t give me my rights.

          • Stagester

            “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            So you are laughing at the founders too. No you are the fool, ivan.

  • jacob

    Sometimes I thinks people forget that gun control in California is not just some liberal issue. It is primarily associated with the position of law enforcement and their advocated position. The democrats vote based on their recommendation. Probably every second or third person in california is military related so it’s also not a particularly unpopular position with ex-military or their families.

    If you go back far enough you could probably trace it back to the strong anti minority and anti-civil rights movements. T

    • Nicks87

      Dont let the word liberal fool you. Left wing politics is not “liberal” at all. It’s all about control. They use words like liberal and choice and organize to make stupid people think that what they are doing the is right but in reality it all comes down to giving up your individual rights for the good of the collective.

      • jacob

        I think that’s where people get it wrong about California. I live in San Diego. A hardcore conservative area. 5+ military bases, 20+ years of republican mayors. But also some of the highest ratio of police to citizens and almost the strictest ccw process in the state.

    • Why would military people support an AWB? Most of us love our “AW”s.

  • Needs a Hello Kitty sticker!

  • Zermoid

    What is the length of trigger pull on that thing?
    I had one of those thumbhole AKs that even with my fairly large hands I could barely touch the trigger, and that looks awfully similar in length, or do you just monkey grip it to get your hand further forward to pull the trigger?

  • Anonymoose

    …I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…things like this always make me glad don’t live in California.

  • Mike Knox

    Oh you poor californians..

    • As goes Califailure, so goes the nation. Think it’s not coming to a state near you? Stay a step ahead and plan on getting something like this before the cost goes through the roof.

  • Justice06RR

    All these stupid CA gun laws make my brain hurt…

    I really don’t see how regulating stocks, OAL, muzzle devices, and other “scary” features make a rifle less lethal. A bullet can still kill whether it came from a rifle without a flash hider or adjustable stock. The only thing that would possibly lessen the lethality of a weapon like an AK/AR is lower mag capacity and rate of fire.

    Seriously, I would love to live in CA. Its a beautiful state but its retarded communist-like laws really negate many of the perks of living there. I visited there once, and I think that is enough.

    • David

      Laugh it up non-Kalifornia kids…a federal ban is NOW coming to your state of residency. And it probably won’t be the last.

      How come we never discuss what laws were overturned, its only about what MORE laws were put into effect.

  • JT

    I like this design even living in a non-“AW” ban state. This will probably do the best in states that have the ban, but not the magazine restriction, so they can have a flash suppressor now or they can have a collapsible stock version and keep the rest postban. It will still only have 2 features IIRC

  • Ergo

    i’d rather spend the 5 bucks and install a bullet button.

  • Shotgun

    I live in CA and own a shotgun. I don’t NEED an assault rifle period. Who gives a shit if magazine round quantities are regulated! The US gov has the Marines for fucks sake and do you really think that your pathetic whining about gun laws will protect you from a squad of Marines ready to take your gun from you?!!! Wake up!

    • Sax1031

      good luck finding many said marines that would follow Obama’s order to disarm/attack US Citizens

    • supermc

      you “sir” are a pu$$y. turn in your shotgun. There are so many cases now and in history where an armed citizenry has been effective against a better equipped armed force. you can be sure if it ever came to confiscation. The plan would be for voluntary turn in, followed by the police that were disloyal to the Constitution backed by UN “peacekeepers”.

    • Guest

      Who said the Corp was going to be on the politicians side. Ohhh did not thing about that one did you? Will it blow your mind the see a bunch of Devil Dogs fighting along side the people since we are the Government.

    • GreginCleveland

      Who said the Corp was going to side with the politicians? What happens if they side with the people? ohhh did not think about that one. Will it blow your mind watching as bunch of Devil Dogs are fighting along side of the people since the people are the government.

    • LosPer

      Dude, please. Look up Posse Comitatus and come back and have a real conversation.

      • wes

        Check with David Koresh on this one

    • Fred Hillig

      stay in CA.

    • Scorp88

      It’s not marines you should worry about, it’s all kinds of tax hikes that will come next because ever growing government will need more money to enforce new laws.

      And by the way: who gives a shit what you need or don’t need???? You can keep your shotgun and stop telling everybody else that your view of things is the right one so it is the only one that everybody has to accept and follow….

    • CD

      Weapons in private citizens hands FAR outnumber the numbers the Marines have. In the military we have tactics, and rules of engagement. Civilians are unpredictable, as seen in Somalia, home-field advantage is a great ADVANTAGE!

    • Ctgunowner

      You sir are an idiot. Do you really think Marines will come to our homes to take our weapons? I don’t need an assault weapon either, because there’s no such thing as an assault weapon. The term was made up by liberal douchebags to scare you people that know nothing about guns into thinking your neighbors are running around with full auto machine guns.

    • DemsDivideToConquer

      We should apply common sense regulations to your 1st Amendment. Perhaps then logic and sound reasoning would leak through and you could comprehend why the 2nd should be respected.

    • That on guy

      They wont take your guns they have an othe against breaking the constitution even if that means dening goverment officials

      • Justanamerican

        Uh… Didn’t all of our lawmakers and POTUS take that same “oath”?

    • MiddleoftheRoad

      It is NOT an assault rifle, that was made up back in the 80’s by the media to scare people. A military M16 is full auto, the AR15 is semi-automatic. It just looks scary to most people because they are uneducated please get your facts correct before making erroneous statements. The attack on the 2A is just a smoke screen to take away all of our civil rights. A step among many by the corporations to finish us off and make us another 3rd world nation. Start doing research, with Universal Registration soon you will be a felon too. Think about it.

    • Adawg

      Um, yes? Just because you want a squad of marines inside you doesn’t make them the most badass individuals, or group, on the planet.

    • Guybrush Ak Threepwood

      I don’t think the Marines are going to take your gun. Your local police will see to it that your gun is confiscated.

  • Schwarmenius

    It’s sad to see such extremes must come to pass for the sake of nonsensical firearms regulations…but that thing looks like it came right out of Star Wars. I have to admit, I REALLY like it from an aesthetic standpoint.

  • Steveo

    I feel sorry for you people in Cally.. Leave that state. Many already are in NY.

  • stinger95

    Get ready to start pumping these out. New Yorkers will buy them up!

  • i think that thing is sexy as fuck an im not even a fan of the ar platform

  • Tony Greene

    these laws are a bunch of bullshit anyway… a pistol grip is strictly designed as ergonomic feature and make them safer in general due to the fact the shooter has more control of the weapon… Start with the pistol grip, its designed to be a natural position for the shape of your hand when you’re in a shooting position. Suppressors are class 3.. WHY?! They are designed for range shooters to be exposed to less noise because they have extended practices another example of the government trying to make the weapon more dangerous and harmful to the user. I dont know when the last time i saw someone actually use a bayonet lug.. Do you realize how hard it would be to stab someone with a knife on the end of your gun? It only really has a purpose in wartime mass charges, even then im not sure of its effectiveness. i would rather have the knife in my hand… its much harder to hack and slash with a 8 pound knife than it is with a 8 ounce knife… The reasoning for the ban of these assault features are utterly ridiculous if you think about their implementation…

  • pop

    The free market will always triumph, no matter how many regulations there are.

  • Joe Stalin

    Just shoot me now. That’s the dumbest freaken’ thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Proud_to_be_American

      Have you seen what occupies the Oval Office?

  • This should beat the BS AWB restrictions in NJ as well.

  • Scorp88

    Yep, I agree, this thing if painted white will look right at home on George Lucas’ wall LOL

  • would this count as a “thumb hole stock”? Future NY resident who’s curious.

    • CriminalsLoveGunRestrictions

      I have not read the new NY illegal regulations which oppress civil rights, but under most lawyerspeak definitions, this would not be a thumbhole. That is a main reason it was created.

  • Eric

    If I put this stock on my 223 pistol would it be an SBR then i would have to get the tax stamp for it?
    Thanks for any info.

  • Im a China Man

    if Kalifornia adds another regulation, like banning tactical rifles or closing the featureless loophole, i’ll just ignore the regulations entirely. screw these commies.

  • What is the difference between a muzzle brake and a flash hider and how is it not a threaded barrel?

  • Ben Enjerry

    It’s truly a shame that this is the depths and machinations once has to go through just to make a claimed “evil” rifle legitimate. The stupid is so bad it hurts!

  • frenchy

    would this stock make an ar upper ct legal under the news laws anybody??

  • Jimmy Gee

    I edited the image of the new pistol grip stock. Does anyone like it better like this?

    • Tanner

      I do!

      But why not go all the way and just make it a thumbsole stock?

  • fredy

    Way to go Gun industry! Rifle is awesome.