BCM Haley Strategic Jack Carbine

Bravo Company USA and Haley Strategic have teamed up to produce the Jack Carbine, a high-end AR-15 carbine. There is a lot of attention to detail on this carbine, its not just a bunch of components slapped together. The Jack features the B5 Systems stock, the Geissele Super Modular Rail, a ALG Defense ACT Trigger, Haley Strategic Thorntail Offset Light Mount with Inforce WML-HSP flashlight, BCMGUNFIGHTER compensator/flash suppressor and “Disruptive Grey” cerakote finish. The MSRP is $2145. Enjoy the photos below …

Steve Johnson

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  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    The title of this post should be ‘A grey AR-15’

    • An overpriced grey AR-15

      • Nmate

        Build one yourself with those components and it won’t be dramatically cheaper. If it even is cheaper.

      • W

        then buy a del-ton…

  • “its not just a bunch of components slapped together”

    Its not? $2500 for an AR-15 with no optics…This is stupid, and the worst part is, stupid people will buy it…

    • Squirrel Nut

      The have to recoup the glossy marketing costs somehow. Besides, it’s a damn cool rifle.

    • KC

      I priced the components on their own and came to a build price of about $1900-$2000 depending on where you bought the parts and if you wanted to build it yourself, you’ll save a whopping $200-$300 on it.

      This isn’t even including a the finish.

      Also realize the difference between getting support for a full rifle vs individual components from individual manufacturers.

      • AaronY

        Not to mention you get a $200 certificate for training with HSP. You look at it, this gun is worth it.

  • RDW

    I can’t believe they used Geissele, but excluded one of their triggers. I personally have never tried an ALG, but that was a WTF moment for me when I read the specs. Also BCM logos to death their products! TOO MUCH BCM! Great products, but over done on the branding. The color looks good though and I like the rail.

    • RDW

      Doh…just watched the video…the ALG is Geissele. My bad.

      I think even though it has a high price building the same yourself would save you little if any. I’m sure they will sell well.

      • FormerSFMedic

        @RDW- ALG stands for Amy Lynn Geiselle. That’s Bill’s wife. She started her own company with the full support of Geiselle Automatics. The triggers that ALG produces are all Milspec triggers that aimed at those agencies and units that can’t use match triggers in their issued guns but still want a clean crisp trigger.

  • Esh325

    I’m sure it’s a good rifle, but it doesen’t really have many new things that make it stand out in the market place.

  • Twinkie

    “[I]ts (sic) not just a bunch of components slapped together…”

    Now, have a list of components BCM slapped together.

  • This gun makes Pat Roger’s out-dated BCM EAG Tactical Carbine look like a fat old chump! Pat’s BCM video has wanna-be operators shooting on a square range or walking through a railroad tie house, while Haley’s video has wannna-be operators doing real-life Black Ops video game stuff!

    Amusing how Haley’s carbine carefully avoids using any Magpul products. Makes you wonder how tactically-necessary any of it actually is.

    • KC

      he teamed up with BCM to make it. No surprise that there’s BCM accessories all over it.

  • Sian

    This makes me want to ceracote my DDM4. Love the color.

  • Vitor

    So according to the video, the gun is great when you need to kidnap someone wearing middle-easterns clothing.

    • Cymond

      Kidnap? He was in a car trunk. Seems more like a rescue.

  • TBiK

    looks heavy

    • Noodles

      Under 7lbs.

    • Noodles

      Or just under 7# 11oz or something, I can’t remember, point is, not heavy.

  • Nathaniel

    I guess it’s cool, but what does it do that my Colt LE6920 doesn’t (aside from having a better trigger)?

    • Noodles

      Modular rail, better trigger, better charging handle, better grip, …it’s gray…., mid-length, then preferences like the stock, compensator…

      There is NOTHING wrong with a 6920, but by the time some people wind up with the “jack” configuration they’ve already spend more than 2k.

      • Nathaniel

        No, I don’t mean “how is it different?”, I mean exactly what I said.

        My Colt shoots 5.56 ammunition downrange reliably and accurately from a lightweight package. So does this rifle, but it’s twice as expensive.

        Twice as expensive for maybe a little better in the details? Um, OK.

    • W

      nathaniel, in the ranges you would employ these weapons, there is probably minimal differences in ballistic performance.

      its just that some folks like the bells and whistles. they’re ultimately both 5.56mm carbines limited by the effectiveness of that cartridge.

  • Dale

    The platform alone isn’t something incredibly revolutionary for those of us who build their own ARs, but for the general population, this is very cool, and a way of getting a properly spec’ed custom gun built by a production shop. A lot of the parts being used are pretty innovative; the handgrip’s angle alone is a nice change, and the updated SOPMOD stock is a great addition for anyone who has experienced “beard bite” with a VLTOR Imod or Emod. As a streamlined rifle, this platform really looks like it can perform, and using a Geissle rail system definitely keeps the weight down, and a tuned single stage trigger will vastly improve accuracy and split times compared to the grittiness and springyness of most factory triggers. I also like how little BS is on the rifle to get caught or cluttered up; it’s a working gun, and I’m sure that it will perform fantastically for its’ intended purposes. That being said, naming this rifle the ‘Jack’ in reference to “Jack of all trades” reminds me of the second part of that saying; “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

    • Noodles

      Agreed mostly except that the Geissle rail system is pretty heavy actually.

      • Mike M

        People keep saying the Geissele Rail is heavy. I haven’t read the specs of this rifle but it looks to have Geissele’s 10′ rail, which I have but in black, and I can tell you all of the felt weight is in the barrel nut.

  • nice rifle… dumb name

  • Nicks87

    $2145 is not bad for a pre decked-out rifle but isnt part of the fun customizing it yourself?

  • Axel

    I actually like that they are not using some silly acronym for the rifle. Nothing wrong with actually using a real product name instead of a random collection of letters and numbers.

  • Supersonic

    I think this is the NGA X7 reincarnated. Plus enhancements. Looking forward to an independent review.

  • Blackburn

    Great looking rifle, but above 2K, I’m going with the latest version of the Robinson Arms XCR.

    • Nmate

      You’d be a lot better off with this than an XCR. Out of the acronym rifles, only the SCAR is worth the money. I’d say the ACR would be if someone other than Bushmaster was putting them together, but sadly this isn’t the case.

  • gunslinger

    i was going to say overpriced ar15.

    but it looks like as a production rifle, it’s the best of all the “upgraded” components w/o the hassle of building it yourself. and as mentioned, you have the backing of a factory, compared to buying a lower from PSA, then some stuff from Midway, then going all out and about.

    so i guess the next question is where is this actually marketed? how much of the ar market will this take up?

  • Lolinski

    I would prefer a overbarrel suppressor for the standard AR most folks have.

  • I’ve actually owned a BCM (Mid-16, Mod 0), and can speak to the quality and attention to details they put in even a “stock” rifle. I suspect this rifle will be dead-reliable, which is what you expect from BCM.

    It would have been nice to see some sort of specs regarding the expected accuracy of the rifle, but as everything else is designed to be enhanced mil-spec, it seems we’re to expect mil-spec accuracy which is fine; this isn’t built to be a DMR.

    Considering the features, yeah, I think $2,100 is reasonable for this rifle and it’s intended purpose. My other AR a Templar Custom MCWS in DMR trim in 223 Wylde (18″ barrel)/6.5 Grendel (18″ barrel)/300 Blackout (16″ barrel) is sub-MOA in the 223 and 6.5 (haven’t shot the 300 barrel yet), and you’re going to pay for that level of performance.

    The only problem I have is in reading the name. My mind keeps wanting to read “Straight Jacket.” Yeah, I’m probably the only one.

  • He has goggle tan-lines….how tactical.

  • I just love the idea of designer rifles. I mean why not put some engraved pieces on a rifle? “Way cool engraved charging handle dude.” Add some flair to a rifle and charge big bucks. It’s those little engraved symbols and nuisances that add quality and make the rifle what it is after all. It’s top tier, A #1. It’s upgraded man! Don’t you get it?

    • Noodles

      I dislike the silly numbers on the side of the gun that don’t mean anything but instead just coming off looking Call Of Duty-ish.

      But don’t knock that charging handle, the BCM/Vltor gunfighter is the best charging handle out there.

  • Lance

    Yet another overpriced FF barrel AR. Again not new. Major AR maker made them for a long time add HK MR556 then you got a added piston to this. Just isnt BIG news.

    • W

      sorry, but this rifle is not “overpriced” folks

      I can always tell by the comments those who have actually built ARs and those that havent.

      If you look at the features of this rifle and calculate the price of all of the accessories, taxes, and shipping costs, you will find that it is about the 2000 grand range…similar to the MSRP.

      You want a 800 dollar AR? go look somewhere else. you are getting among the best quality names put into this rifle for a very reasonable price.

      The only criticism i have is the color. I wonder if they will have a FDE variant?

      • gunslinger

        Well if its worth that I should buy all I can and resell. 2000 grand is two thousand thousand or… 2 million!!!!! Its a heck of a steal at only two thousand msrp!

        Sorry. Had to do it

      • FormerSFMedic

        Thank you W! I have been sitting here biting my tongue as I read the comments. I too calculated the cost of the rifle with add ons and I got about $2400. That’s with various discounted accessories. One thing I dint add to my number is the $200 off certificate for ANY Haley Strategic course you would like to take. With all that said, BCM is selling the Jack for $1999 right now. So in actuality, your keeping $600 in your pocket as well as getting BCM (and others) support if something goes down. I would say that’s worth the money.

        It is hard to sit here and read some of the comments. If people don’t like this gun, then they don’t have to buy it. Plain and simple. We should all be happy that guys like Travis, Paul, Bill, Earl, and Matthew are getting together to provide another production option to the market. Is this a super special gun? No. But it is an AR15 built to the highest standards and featuring the best accessories on the market. This gun was built to be a high end, hard use defensive carbine ready to go out of the box. This gun was not meant to be a bargain! This gun is also not a collectors piece or special run. The rifle has no distinct serial number and does not have Travis’ name on it. The Jack is a full production model that will be stocked as fast as they can keep up.

        On another note. W, you may not like the aesthetics of the color but it’s been proven to be extremely effective as a transitional color. It’s better than FDE in urban environments and has been shown to be just as effective as a crossover color for concealment. The dark grey is new on guns to a lot of people but it’s the FDE of the future.

      • W

        I didn’t know that about dark grey. interesting. learn something new every day.

        I mentioned FDE because it is a good base color for where i live (maybe factually gray is better 😀 ) and im sick to fucking death of black as gun colors. black is so…1960s.

      • AnoSymun

        So you’re basically telling me that the colour the Germans chose to be the best “universal” concealment colour almost exactly 100 years ago has finally been discovered to be a good transitional concealment colour?

    • Lance

      If you guys want to fight over you want to bay thousands for a $500 doollare gun fine waste your money all you want.

      • Nmate

        Where are you buying AR-15s for $500? Any good AR will set you back a grand give or take a hundred. Maybe you could get a ratty, used DPMS for that kind of money. Anyone who thinks this thing is overpriced has clearly never looked into building a rifle from similar components.

      • W

        you can find 500-600 dollar ARs. They’re usually DPMS, bushmaster, or olympic arms or some other company. for plinking or even hunting, they work just fine. For serious shooting and tactical training? dont even think about it.

        many moons ago i planned on building a 500 dollar AR. Never got around to it.

      • The difference between a $500 and $2000 AR makes the difference between a rifle you try to get the best out of and a rifle that seeks to get the best out of you. I have well over $2000 in my AR, not including optics, and I strive to be good enough to reach the level that I know my rifle can attain. Those serious about their ARs know the difference, and accept that you get what you pay for, and pay for what you get.

  • Mike Knox

    As far as it goes, only the Barrel Assembly’s worth noting. Sure as hell they didn’t come up with the Bolt Lug Barrel Screw Grooves by themselves..

  • Bob

    Nope, sorry, I’m sticking with my OBR.

  • Squirrel Nut

    Head to head competitor with the KAC SR-15.

  • Looks great, looks well setup, has all good quality brands of components…I mean there’s not really anything bad you can say about this gun. It’s pretty fairly priced for what it is too. That being said, the feeling that springs to mind lately is “it’s whatever”. I mean, another $2k+ AR15. Ok. That doesn’t really excite me at all.

    The more I learn, the more professional training I do, the more I feel that $2k+ AR’s just do nothing for me, and there are more cost effective ways of becoming a better shooter. The “just because” factor is perfectly fine, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That being said, most shooters can still push their fundamentals much farther than they currently are, with their $500 Glocks (or M&P/XD/insert your favorite here), and $1k AR’s. It’s like $2k+ race gun 1911’s. Most shooters can’t even extract all the accuracy out of their $500 guns, so what’s the point? Nothing about any of this is revolutionary or filling any gaps.

  • Joseph

    It’s squared away and not over-priced for what standards and principals it is built to. I think to dislike this carbine because of other options is to be insecure in what works best for you personally as well as the concepts behind what makes you run your primary the way you do. In the end, get what works for you. This setup really makes it easy to get something you may already want straight away with a nice training course coupon. Good deal.

  • Jeremy

    I think a lot of people just don’t get it. That’s fine leave it for those that do. It is the same as someone mentioned earlier with the KAC SR15, price out the components and build it yourself for cheaper (you can’t). If you are happy with your $1000 bushmaster, then good

  • Garrett

    I always liked Haley more so than Costa, and their new “special edition” rifles reflect that. I know each of them has a unique style, but I seem to click more so to Travis’s techniques more so than Costa. Nothing against Costa at all, as he is one of the best tactical instructors and shooters around, but this rifle is something I would be willing to buy over the LaRue Costa Ludus piece even if they were the same price.

  • FailBlog

    I hate the text and star logos it has on it. Looks very tacky. If those were gone, it would look great.