Magpul Pink MOE Furniture


Better late than never, Magpul has finally produced pink accessories. The MOE Carbine Stock, MOE Grip and MOE Carbine Handguard are now available in pink.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    C’mon guys, Stop laughing, I’m supporting breast cancer research! 😉

    • Bob Z Moose

      Don’t sweat it, man. Haters gonna hate. 😛

    • Bryan S.

      So my FDE furniture is supporting colon cancer research?

    • What color supports testicular cancer research?

      • I’ve seen both yellow and lavender (purple) for testicular cancer awareness ribbons.

      • waterhead

        why not do one in Blue? you know for testicular awareness…..

  • Reverend Clint

    not the worse ting in the world. Im surprised they dont do orange for hunters.

  • tudza
  • Bob Z Moose

    Dear Santa…

  • gunslinger

    save the ta-tas.

    as for the hunters, how many states allow semi-auto? when i lived in SC, i believe they allowed it. Here in PA they don’t.

  • Lance

    A new camo and furniture for the new post dont ask dont tell army LOL!

  • Mike Knox

    First they didn’t get the grey tone right earlier, now they didn’t do the Pink Panther tone right as well. Magpul’s starting to lose their touch..

  • John Doe

    Yet still no camo print MOE furniture? Or Multicam?

  • Taxman0911

    You have to be a little light in the loafers or one of the baddest people on earth to pull that off.

  • meh. too close to the pepto end of the pink spectrum. i want more magenta offerings. come on, people…get on this.