Nifty Bullpup AK

This image of a DIY AK bullpup conversion has been making the rounds online for years but I had not seen it until a reader email it to me. I cannot identify the 7.62mm AK (or derivative) it was built on. Does anyone know? Some have suggested the VEPR Hunter, but the hinged receiver cover, rear sight and funky gas block do not match.

UPDATE: It is a 7.62×51mm NATO Valmet Rifle. I should have known that!

[Hat Tip: Cerebral Zero]

[ Many thanks to Nic for the tip. ]

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  • akim

    valmet 7.62×51 nato

  • Just googled “valmet 7.62×51 nato” and found some interesting variants of the AK design. Check out this page and scroll down to the Valmet M82.
    It’s got a unique set of “dioptical iron sights.”

  • @James and @akim, you are correct! Thanks. I should have known that.

  • Giolli Joker

    I wonder how does the other side of the gun look…
    There should be somewhere a bar/lever connecting the trigger group to the bolt area… but I see nothing on this side and I doubt it can be inside the frame that looks unmodified.

  • ¤

    Valmet ;_; That feeling knowing I will never hold that glorious Finnish engineering of SAKO RK 62 or 95

    • denny

      Valmet has been cheap and dirty, military style guns and it worked for that purpose well. It certainly does not represent Finnish best. If I was to pick it would be Tikka.

      • ¤

        I like the military style guns, would be another AK in the collection to be proud of.

  • This custom version of “Vepr 308 Super” , not fuckin valmet

  • History how this bullpup was made.

  • gunslinger

    nifty looking design.

  • A friend of mine had one of the uber-rare Valmet Hunters chambered in .30-06. When he was having trouble selling it, he mulled over the possibility of converting it into a bullpup. It would have been interesting to see if M1918 BAR magazines could have been altered to work with it.

  • It looks like a more elegant EM 2.

  • denny

    Not bad, however, I do not understand why makers (for better term) do not pay more attention to transition between receiver and butt plate. This can be done by half a dozen of ways and look good. Most of them look amateurish. What a shame, this could be otherwise professionaly looking gun.

  • Lolinski

    I always thought that a bullpup 308( or similar) caliber rifle would be the best shtf weapon since it could be long range and close range. Here in Norway a g3(civilian version) would be best because of common Parts.

  • Valmet did build both a bull-pup rifle (the M82, not very popular, except for Jagged Alliance v1.13 gamers) and rifles in 7.62×51 – but I do not see any mention of a 7.62×51 bull-pup. And the M82 corpus is distinctly different from what we see here.

    The magazine looks pretty much like on my .308 VEPR Hunter, as does the combination of the gas tube, block and the front sight (which differs from other wooden stocked Veprs). There is a small lighter pixel on the front of the barrel which might hint at the “compensator” (not really) slices that the Vepr Hunter uses, too.

    Now take in consideration that the wood looks pretty much like the beautiful Turkish walnut one used on the Hunter, the small cutout beginning at the end of the stock (which the Hunter has to make room for a slightly higher side scope rail) and the pistol grip is not made from one piece, this hints at the Hunter stock being cut up to make the front part – and the fact the the remaining stock would not be enough to cover the rear part explains why the rear looks… different, to be polite.

    The “hinged receiver cover” thing is not really one. The receiver cover is in the back (remember, bull-pup). That one looks quite normal. The hinged thing is a clamped rail that goes from the former rear sight block forwards. That might be custom or built from a modern G3 clamp.

    TL;DR: Looks more like a Vepr Hunter conversion than a Valmet rifle.

  • Mike Knox

    I remember looking for one of these. But I was like, ‘meh’ when the Kel-tec RFB came out..

    • TED

      Actually, I’m pretty sure that it is not a Valmet but rather a Super VEPR.

      • Mike Knox

        I started looking after I read about a bullpup AK in 7.62x51mm NATO. I wasn’t sure though that th picture I saw was the same as this one or a Valmet. One thing I noticed was this one’s peculiar gas port and stock..

  • Lance

    Nice conversion job. Kudos for the gunsmith!!!

  • John Doe

    America needs more bullpup .308s.

  • dan

    Definitely super vepr . Dead giveaway is the scope mount, although its on backwards. Not to mention the stock or magazine.

  • Don & Nicole Bingham

    This is a Super VEPR. I’ve owned 2 of them, and currently have a VEPR Hunter in .308 for my deer rifle… Someone’s just cut up a Super VEPR, stained it, carved free and relocated the pistol grip from the thumbhole stock (which likely cracked – no doubt sparking a desire to reinvent this beastie!).
    I wonder how the trigger on this is! The great trigger on the Super VEPR’s are a big part of their appeal.
    And, as for Finnish rifles, I REALLY like my M595 Tikka Master Sporter .308 – now that is a shooter.