New Archangel Adjustable AK-47 Stock

Archangel Manufacturing has adapted their Sparta Mini-14 stock to the AK platform. The four position adjustable stock features a seven position adjustable cheek rest and a recoil pad.

The company has not yet announced pricing for this product.

UPDATE: Video was removed from YouTube.

[ Many thanks to Doug for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    looks good… cant wait for the ak fanboys to complain

    • AK Fanboy

      Looks good to me 😀

      Wish it folded though!

      • Got to agree. If it folded, I’d be buying one as soon as they released it.

      • Reverend Clint

        i dont think any of thier other stocks fold so who knows if they will or if it would turn out any good.

      • Handle one before you pass judgement. With optics installed and the cheek riser adjusted to match, the rifle points and shoots wonderfully… You can adjust the cheek and length for the iron sights too. Nothing like throwing the rifle up to your cheek and getting a great sight picture right off the bat…

    • Esh325

      No complaints from me. It looks like a really well designed stock.

  • DougE (formerly just Doug)

    Any word on if it differs in LOP from standard wood stocks? I can’t quite gauge it from the video. I prefer short stocks. Otherwise it looks pretty good and solid. I’ve got a slant cut receiver though so it’d probably be a hassle to make it fit (especially dependant on price 🙂 )

    • David Pyzik

      Depending on how similar it is to their Mini-14 stock it should be quite adjustable and likely will fit what you are looking for.

    • The stock (with the recoil pad attached) adjusts to four positions. The shortest being exactly Warsaw Pact length, and fully extended exactly NATO length.

  • Mike Knox

    Wow, an adjustable stock just for one rifle? The colt carbine collapsible stock is already on a lot of rifles, H&Ks, FNs, and other brands, like AKs..

    • Esh325

      Not everybody wants to go out and buy an adapter for their AK to use an AR stock. I personally prefer a stock that’s made for an AK.

  • hikerguy

    Looks to be well designed and functional. Rifle Dynamics will probably make a folding version eventually and address the slant receivers as well. In the meantime I’m sure it will bring a smile on the face of many AK owners.

    • Erwos

      Rifle Dynamics doesn’t make this stock. Archangel Manufacturing / ProMag does. I would not hold that against it too much; I used to run an AM furniture set on my 10/22, and other than never being able to remove it for cleaning, it was pretty usable, if not a bit cheesy.

      This is definitely a nice design for a polymer stock, though I’m not sure how realistic making it into a folder is going to be. Also not sure why folding is such a must-have for some people… makes transport easier, but that’s about it.

      • David Pyzik

        I am in a unique situation (not unique to other Michiganders). Here in MI an AK with a 16″ barrel and folding stock had to be registered as a pistol (thus, if you have a Concealed Pistol License this meant you can now transport the rifle as is, no need to lock it in a case, in the trunk and unloaded). I say had because new law takes affect Jan 01, 2013 doing away with this “loop hole” however previous “rifle pistols” like mine will be grandfathered.
        So, to retain my “pistol” status I need a folding stock. If this comes out as a folder it WILL have my attention.

  • BLG

    Nice. That’s exactly what I’m looking for for one of my rifles. Hopefully a folding version will come out for another one of mine.

  • Bryan S.

    Can an M70 get some of this lovin?

  • Lance

    Apart from being short the AK stock doesn’t really need that much adjustment. In the end another tacti cool add on to AK lovers (not a bad thing) just isnt that new of news.

    • Esh325

      Not everybody will have a need for this type of stock, but if you want to accommodate different shooters of different sizes and various apparel they might be wearing, a collapsible stock is an attractive option. Very tall people might have a problem with the regular AK stock. I’m only 5’9 so I don’t find much wrong with the regular AK stock. The cheek riser alone might make it worthwhile for some people. A lot of AK scope mounting solutions (not all of them) can provide a relatively high cheek weld which is uncomfortable.

  • mike clark

    It look like that the ACR folding stock and the magpul ctr had an baby !

    I like that so far and as the others say, i wish it was folding.

  • Despite the deceptive video above this is not a Rifle Dynamics product, we have never seen one of them, don’t know nothing about them and are not connected with them in any way.
    Jim Fuller
    Rifle Dynamics

  • kzrkp

    Why are people shitting on this? It’s a slick looking purpose-built AK stock, probably the nicest adjustable AK stock I’ve seen. Much nicer than silly AK-to-AR stock conversion kits. I’d totally put that on an AK.

  • castanagajt

    As mentioned before from Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics; Pro Mag or Archangel Manufacturing in general nor is the stock or the pistol grip, and any kind of Pro Mag magazine has not been endorsed or even tried in the shop. Those items has not been in the shop or even mentioned in the shop for testing of any kind.

  • First and introduction:

    Hello! I’m Mike from Archangel Manufacturing. I have a long history of creating products in the firearms industry. I’ve worked extensively for Hogue, Knoxx Industries, and many other firearms related companies over the last 20 years. I’ve been blessed to fall into the area of Research & Development. Every day I get to do what I love. I’ve created many successful products, and I believe I will create quite a few more… God willing. I’m married and have 4 wonderful children. I was Chairman of ICORE for four years, and just love firearms, shooting, and the shooting sports. In fact, my whole family does. I’ve raised my kids as shooters and conservative Americans.

    I was offered a job at Blackhawk, but I turned it down due to a much better offer from ProMag. I started work for ProMag Industries about 5 years ago. I was given the oportunity to create new products without any control but my own. Literally a clean slate of paper for everything. So Archangel was created and a new division was born. I started making products that I would want for myself.. My personal philosophy is there should not be one Archangel product that goes out the door that I wouldn’t install on my own weapon, for my own use. Ultimately, I want to make a difference for people of all walks… Soldiers, law enforcement, or civilians alike. The only criteria, is it has to perform 100%, look good, and feel good doing it. While building the entity and identity of Archangel, I’ve had the chance to influence ProMag by introducing new materials, processes, quality control methods, laser marking identification, and new testing/evaluation processes. For people that have a negative image of ProMag, I kindly ask that you try a new product from them when you get a chance. ProMag is a totaly different company than the one that I came into 5 years ago. As a firearms accessory manufacturer, ProMag takes their work seriously strive for excellence every day. Together, we are determined to make the very finest products available today.

    Now. To set the record straight from our side of the story.
    When this video was shot, we (Archangel/ProMag) were out shooting some video for our new booth (#14810) at the 2013 SHOT Show. As a courtesy to firearms manufacturers and weapons builders, we generally state the weapon type and manufacturer of it when we are showing off our new products. We do stringent testing when creating any new product, and this video was the fruits of our labor. We knew we had a winning product. Is’s made of high quality materials, and definitely improves the ergonomics of the weapon in several ways. It’s also made in USA. Everyone who tested the combination had nothing but praise in regards to the fit, ergonomics, and high quality feel. I hope you will have a chance to try the new stock set soon. I’m confident you will love it as much as I do.

    An independent video blogger (Mixflip) came out to shoot some non-biased video review of his own while we were shooting our promotional video. I knew he lived in Las Vegas, and thought he would have a good time at the range with us, and that his viewers would probably get a kick out of the festivities. We, as a company have not published ANY of our promotional footage at all at this time. The only video posted anywhere was from the independant video blogger. As a free American and an independent media type, you would think he could post whatever he wanted… He was not trying to “deceptively” do anything. He was simply posting video of the combination of parts being fired that day for the enjoyment of the shooting community. The only reason we were using the rifle from the company in question was because it was offered for our use by the owner of the weapon. Until this ordeal, we were very fond of their build quality, reliability and finish. We will not be promoting this manufacturer of AK weapons in any way by this AK manufacturing company owners request. We usually state the hardware we are using with the idea that promoting other American companies is a good thing. In this case, we will be using different companies when we are performing testing and evaluation in the future. The new Archangel buttstock, forend, and grip can be put onto virtually any AKM rifle. (with the exception of some variants with longer hand guards such as the Yugos) While it’s designed to be a drop in fit, some fitting may be required as tollerances are known to be sloppy sometimes dependant on the particular rifle you’re working with. While the new videos currently being produced are intended for The SHOT Show, we will be posting the videos to YouTube for the enjoyment of the shooting community as they become available. We will be featuring the new stock on many exotic weapons including a nice full auto, and a very nice short barreled Saiga-12.

    This product is literally brand new, so I definitely appreciate the support, AND the criticism. After all, I want to benefit the end users most of all. From the comments I have seen on the web, most view the new furniture favorably. Some have mentioned they would like it better as a folder. I’m not a fan of folders, but I do appreciate their merits. I just prefer a solid stock for a more solid feel. Maybe I’ll do another folder someday, but for now, this is what I got. And for the comments that there was a jam in the previously posted and removed video, I tell you honestly that it was indeed a misfire and not caused by the ProMag. We collected a number of un-fired rounds with dented primers that day. Once we switched back to Russian ammo, that problem went away.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Ballard
    Director of Research & Development
    Archangel Manufacturing

    • Mike you were dupped by someone claiming to be a spokesman, you never had us there in official compacity yet the now gone video with what was sapposed to be our people shooting/praising the product was deceptive enough that we recieved a lot of calls about it and had to speak up.
      Thanks for thoughts on the issue and thank you for resolving problem, We wish you the best with your product line.
      Jim Fuller

  • Mike

    Will this stock be available for AK variants with milled receivers?

  • Jim

    This looks like a great stock. I love the telescoping features and the slim profile. Archangel makes some great stock sets. Big fan of their 10/22 kits. My favorite AK-47 adjustable stock is definitely the MAKO folding adjustable stock. I included it in a write up I did a while back on some great AK-47 upgrades titled Check it out, hope it helps. There is also some great information on upgrades and accessories for AR-15’s.