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  • DeadPool

    Living in Sweden, so I haven’t got a chance to buy any firearms :l
    I also don’t know what black Friday is, due to being Swedish.

    • DT

      Its basically when retailers attempt to put sells on crappy items on the day after thanksgiving to get people to go out and spend money they dont have on items they dont need. Also its a pickpocket/snatch and grab artist/mugger/theif’s favorite day/night of the year.

      • KC

        wallet -> front pocket
        keys -> top “change” pocket above wallet to make it harder to get to.

    • Zermoid

      The term “Black Friday” came from retailers in the US having a large sales volume on the day after our Thanksgiving holiday.
      It’s considered the “official” start of the Christmas shopping season here, the retailers would make so much money that day that they said it “put them in the black” for the year, an accounting term, as opposed to being “in the red” or operating at a loss for the year.

    • gunslinger

      Black Friday is “the biggest shopping day of the year” in the US. I was always told that this is the day when the books for retailers go from “red” to “black”. Red meaning red ink was used to denote they were in debt (paying for rent, merchandise, payroll, etc…) being in “the black” meant that black ink was used to denote they were out of debt and pulling in profits (extra money after paying all the bills).

      The shopping aspect was that many people took this friday off, after thanksgiving and therefore had time to go shopping, and start the christmas buying.

      How much truth is in this history, i’m not sure. but it is a great little story.

      it has evolved to a commercial cuthroat event to bribe shoppers to shop at your store and not your competitiors. So the promise of early morning deals would bring people in. And well I can go on and on about this…

    • Gum Boocho

      Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, which always comes on a Thursday. It is called “Black” from the expressions “blank ink” and “red ink.” In accounting if your assets are negative, you are in the red ink (in the red). If you owe more money than you have, that is “being in the red,” as if you wrote that debt in red ink in your account book.

      On the other hand, “being in the black” means you are coming out ahead, having more money than debt. So shop owners & merchants rely on the Friday after Thanksgiving to make them be in the black for the year. Black Friday is traditionally the biggest buying day of the year for consumers. So merchants have sales on that day to attract customers & thus come out in the black.

  • Jeff

    Ammo, black friday free shipping and ORM-D go together really well

  • Sean

    I plan to sleep and watch football. Perhaps an adult beverage or three. THat is it. No shopping.

  • Chris P

    We’re going shooting instead of shopping. I may need to order more ammo later in the evening.

  • my range has a deal on a few guns, may pick one of them up.

  • Steve

    I only buy things online that day. I dislike going to virtually any store during this time of year.

  • Zermoid

    I didn’t wait for black Friday to buy ammo.


    And I wish I had the money for a new gun……..

  • gunslinger

    I wish I were. but a baby on the way, and building a house…not much spare money floating around. although i do have a stash for building an AR. Maybe PSA might have some good online deals?

    When I lived in SC, they had a “2A Tax Holiday”, sponsored by state government. the state suspended sales tax on qualifiyng firearms purchaes. all rifle, shotgun and hand guns did not have sales tax. maybe some accessories or ammo, but i’m not sure. SC has since suspended the practice. but said lgs is offering to pay tax out of their pockets on those items.

    It’s a neat deal. but not here in pa

  • RML

    I’m going trout fishing on the San Juan River in north central New Mexico with my son and brother on Black Friday. Good holiday wishes to all.

  • HSR47

    If all goes well, I’ll be picking up the TSD Glock I ordered Sunday…

  • george

    I will be spending time with family I haven’t seen in a while. I won’t be engaging in mindless consumerism. It gets crazier every year, people out at midnight fighting strangers for $20 off a video game or something. No thanks.

  • KC

    I’m broke, and I value my time a bit more than ~$30 or so in savings.

    Plus most of the deals on ammo and guns locally are typically gunshow prices ($10 box of 9mm, $160 for 500 rounds of .223). The only true deal I saw was for a 10/22 takedown for $260. I haven’t really even seen them locally anywhere.