EXCLUSIVE: Civilian AK-12 Coming 2013 in .223 AND 12 Gauge

The hottest gun of 2013 could be the Izhmash AK-12. The company is planning on delivering a semiautomatic version in 2013 chambered for .223 Remington and 12 Gauge. The drawings of the proposed sporting models are below.

This is exciting news. Gun enthusiasts around the world will be lining up to get their hands on the latest AK. In the USA, I am sure companies will be lining up to ink an import agreement (which would probably include some manufacturing stateside to comply with import regulations).

[ Many thanks to Maxim Popenker for sending us the images. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Cybrludite

    Assuming the recently reelected doesn’t put the kibosh on them.

  • That magwell is beautiful! A great addition, I’d say!

  • Avery

    Ooooh, next-generation Saiga.

    • Who is itching to get their hands on this unproven, sure to be overpriced, and “it’ll be here next year” rifle? With the amount of paperwork and red tape Involved it sounds as if they are just seeing how rabid they can get the importers.

      • Esh325

        Every new rifle design is unproven at first.

      • cc19

        Let us know the moment you hear someone will be releasing a battle proven, yet new rifle design whose MSRP rivals a WASR-10.

      • FALster

        I’d love a new combat proven rifle that costs pennies too, but you know what they say; crap in one hand wish in the other and see which one fills up first.

  • crosshairnz

    the 223 is a bit of a lemon as it can’t take AR15 mags.

    Therefore the only thing going for it is the picatiny rail

    but why would you buy that over an AR ? It would cost the same. Probably more like US$900 ex factory

    • Doug

      I suppose the piston driven operation would be a plus for some. I think I’d rather have an AK than an AR.

    • Alex-mac

      AK mags are more rugged than AR mags, so it could be seen as a good thing.

      • Geodkyt

        Rugged AR mags are available that cost less than reliable 5.56x45mm AK mags. Lancer and PMags come to mind — heck, I can get new PMAGs these days for a couple of bucks more than new USGI aluminum or milsurp AKM 7.62x39mm mags!

        Yes, ComBloc milsurp 7.62×39 and 5.45x39mm mags are rock reliable and reasonably inexpensive, but civilian-market former ComBloc made 5.56x45mm mags are expensive and US produced AK mags are either VERY expensive or wholly made of suck and fail.

      • Esh325

        You can’t import a rifle into the country that’s already able to accept 30 standard 30 round AK or AR magazines anyways. Modifications have to be done state side for that happen. With the Saiga, all you had to do was file down the mag catch and install a bullet guide in the rifle and you could use standard magazines then. Converting the rifle too accept standard AR magazines may or may not be feasible.

      • W

        The AK 223 mags are still very reliable and rugged. I havent encountered any lemons.

        I would like to see Magpul get into the AK magazine realm.

      • Komrad

        There are kits that allow the use of AR mags in .223 AKs.
        If current kits are incompatible, it likely wouldn’t take long for someone to start producing compatible kits.

      • Geodkyt

        Komrad, no doubt.

        My comment was solely to refute the idea that 5.56×45 AK mags are so superior to AR mags – something simply not true anymore, with high reliability AR mags available much cheaper than high reliability 5.56×45 AK mags.

        On the other hand, UNLESS you are shooting it as an uber-short SBR, suppressed rifle (any length), or for HIGH volumes of full auto fire, the reliabiity difference between a piston and a gas system are insignificant compared to the superior modularity and ergonomics of the AR.

        The weak spot in the AR design is the spotwelded aluminum mags (which were, after all, originally intended to be disposeable). Modern polymer AR mags sidestep the issue, rendering it null and void.

      • Esh325

        Just because newer AR mags work okay in AR15’s, doesn’t necessarily mean they will work as well in an AK. A lot of NATO rifles opted to use their own magazine design instead. Just a little commentary on 30 round M16 magazines

        “In August 1965 work began on a 30 round magazine. This experienced many difficulties as the deep magazine well required the upper end to be straight and the lower curved; in addition, the rifle’s wells were irregularly dimensioned due to poor quality.”-The M16 By Gordon L.Rottman.

  • Higgs

    ya, how about no. Rather have a Tavor than just “another” AK.

  • James

    Looks like an AK raped an AR, ill stick with my originals in 7.62X39 like they belong. Call me old fashion i guess. I have and AR and an AUG in 5.56 I dont need an AK with an identity crisis.

  • mechamaster

    Izhmazh never dies !

    • Lapkonium

      Either Izhmash dies or Russian firearm industry continues to rot.

      • Komrad

        I’d like to reform that:
        Either old Izhmash dies and reinvents itself or the Russian firearms industry continues to rot.

        Izhmash going under would be bad for everyone. Molot is one of the few other major manufacturers and they’re owned by Izhmash. So if Molot and Izhmash go under, no one could pick up the slack.

        What Izhmash really needs is to pressure the Russian government to decrease export limitations and decrease import restrictions with trading partners (US especially, but any major civilian markets also).

        Izhmash has focused on government contracts for too long and has neglected the domestic and foreign civilian markets available to them.

  • Tim B.

    If they imported one in 7.62×39 I might get excited. .223? Not so much…

  • jack Luz

    Don’t laugh. The drug cartel may actually get their hands on those new AK-12s. They got the money and the *****.

  • JimmyinTEXAS

    Any body here pay attention to the very recent election? And everybody thinks these are gonna be imported here or worse yet be manufactured here…. Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee….

    • Massachusetts AWB

      Ya I paid attention to the election. Maybe you didnt cause I noticed that the guy who has already passed an assault weapons ban lost. Why are you worried about someone who hasn’t.? Actions speak louder than words.

      • Geodkyt

        Except what Romney signed wasn’t an assault weapons ban, despite being portrayed that way in the press. He DID make a stupid signing statement when he signed it. . .

        Go read the GOAL website (GOAL is the most successful and outspoken Massachusetts gun rights organization).

        Massachusetts already HAD a permanent assault weapons ban when Romney took office. One that covered, BUT WAS NOT LIMITED TO, any and all guns banneed by the federal AWB of 1994. Nor were “assault weapons” clearly defined in the law — if the prosecutor claimed it was an “assault weapon”, he could argue the case, REGARDLESS of the configuration.

        What Romney signed was a permanent exemption for any and all guns that were exempted under the 1994 AWB. Something that, previously, had NOT been protected under MA law. . .

        The bill he signed had started OUT as a new gun ban, but had been gutted and turned into a PRO-gun bill by the time it passed the legislature.

        According to the most pro-gun, most successful state level gun rights group in MA, Romeny was a net benefit for gun rights in MA.

        NOT ONCE did Romney sign a bill that banned a SINGLE gun.

        Obama, OTH, was a 100% solid antigun candidate since he entered politics who ALWAYS supported any antigun legistlation that came his way, appointed two antigun SCOTUS justices, OPENLY STATED during teh debates he wants a new AWB, initiated Fast & Furious (the only plausible excuse for the program, given HOW it was run, was to create a justification for more bans), used the false results of the F&F program to justify an ILLEGAL gun registration program in four border states, BANNED the reimportation of firearms which are of EXACTLY the type that CMP was established by Congress to sell to the American people, has had several senior members of his Administration talking about new gun bans since before he took office, and the day after the election restarted the UN gun ban treaty process.

        Look, if you disliked Romney, fine. But fooling yourself about his gun rights position (basically, he doesn’t actually give a damn, one way or the other, as a specific issue) versus the proudly antigun Obama, doesn;t do anyone any favors.

      • W



        “In 2004, in the middle of his single four-year term as governor, Romney signed a permanent ban on assault weapons — reportedly the first such state law in the country. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” the Globe quoted Romney as saying. “They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

        “Despite that provision — usually a deal-breaker for gun-rights groups — the measure received support from pro-gun groups because other provisions lengthened the terms of firearm ID cards and licenses to carry firearms. The Globe reported that during the 2008 campaign, Romney described the bill as a “consensus measure” and a “positive step.”

        Now. not to get into politics, but for fucks sake, ROMNEY SIGNED A AWB BAN!!!

        Lets bin this myth alongside UN arms treaty and other sky is falling taking points. Were gun owners; we already have facts on our side. Lets not ruin that.

      • Geodkyt

        No matter how much profanity you use, it doesn’t change the facts. No matter what you have read from reporters who haven’t read the bill, it doesn’t change the facts.

        Read the ACTUAL bill Romney signed, compare it to the already existing state law that bill modified, and read the FAQ page that GOAL (the MA equivalent to GOA or VCDL) says about the bill.

        The bill Romney signed was originated as a gun ban, but GOAL got the gun ban provisions STRIPPED, and managed to get an actual pro-gun provision inserted. The final bill that Romney signed created an exemption (that did not exist in the already permanent AWB signed by a PREVIOUS governor), and it made that exemption permanent.

        That is the exact OPPOSITE of what the bill was presented as by the gun-banners and the press.

        MA already HAD a permanent AWB in place, which had exactly ZERO specific exemptions. After Romney signed the bill, they still had exactly the same “no sunset” AWB, only now, some guns had specific statutory exemptions that MA had not had.

      • W

        “No matter how much profanity you use, it doesn’t change the facts. No matter what you have read from reporters who haven’t read the bill, it doesn’t change the facts.”

        No matter how many times you deny reality, that doesnt mean it doesn’t exist. I have refuted the “romney didn’t sign a AWB ban” myth. Yet you still keep coming…

        “Read the ACTUAL bill Romney signed, compare it to the already existing state law that bill modified, and read the FAQ page that GOAL (the MA equivalent to GOA or VCDL) says about the bill.”

        Which was addressed in my link if you would have taken more time besides a quick glance (or no glance at all). Dont fret; re-read by previous post on the second quoted paragraph and you will see this.

        “The bill Romney signed was originated as a gun ban, but GOAL got the gun ban provisions STRIPPED, and managed to get an actual pro-gun provision inserted. The final bill that Romney signed created an exemption (that did not exist in the already permanent AWB signed by a PREVIOUS governor), and it made that exemption permanent.”


        Romney’s bill was a extension of a AWB signed by a previous governor, making it PERMANENT. A rather half-assed attempt to steer the ship more in favor of Romney ill say. The irrefutable fact is that Romney was also unfriendly to “assault weapons”. But dont take my word for it, I have provided a link providing the juicy details.

        “In the Hannity and Colmes clip, guest co-host Pat Halpin asked Romney about the existing federal assault weapons ban, which was then on a path to expiring due to intentional Republican inaction. “So are you in favor of that ban being extended or do you want to see it lapse?”

        “Romney responded, “I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal. … In my state I just signed a piece of legislation extending the ban on certain assault weapons in our state.”

        “Halpin continued to prod. “Governor, would you like to see that extended again on the federal level, as well?” she asked.”

        “Romney replied, “It very well may be. In our state what we did is we got both sides of this issue to come together, because we relaxed a number of things, allowing people who hadn’t been able to get weapons in the past to be able to purchase those. … There are hunters in the NRA and the gun owners’ action league (who) backed the legislation that said, ‘Look, let’s protect our citizens from dangerous assault weapons, but let’s also make … regular weapons more available to our citizens.’ And we made a compromise that works.”

        “Our takeaway is that Romney, at that moment, was arguing that ordinary Americans have the right to bear some types of arms but not assault weapons. He said it “very well may be necessary” to extend the federal assault-weapons ban, while adding that he acted on the state ban because it also included expansions on other types of gun ownership rules.”


        “That is the exact OPPOSITE of what the bill was presented as by the gun-banners and the press.”

        apparently not.

        “MA already HAD a permanent AWB in place,”

        No. No it didnt. The existing ban was not permanent, as, alongside the federal assault weapons ban, was set to expire.

        “which had exactly ZERO specific exemptions. After Romney signed the bill, they still had exactly the same “no sunset” AWB, only now, some guns had specific statutory exemptions that MA had not had.””

        i think somebody’s behind dishonest here. http://www.goal.org/Documents/law_faq_pdfs/awtimeline.pdf

        From your own renowned GOAL albeit. here’s one from massachusetts http://www.malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXX/Chapter140/Section121

        Sorry. Romney signed the ban, making it permanent (despite the federal assault weapons ban being set to expire). It doens’t matter if there was a existing ban or not. Romney’s position on guns (particularly semi-automatics) before NRA endorsement left gun owners plenty of reasons to be concerned during the 2012 elections.

        Here’s a final stake in the heart of this mythical beast http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/mitt-romney-has-complex-history-on-guns

  • DashVT

    No 5.45x39mm ???

  • gunslinger

    .223? why not just get a piston AR? especially if new mags are required.

    i am interested in the shotgun though.

    • SlavHipster

      People want to be different at the gun range and show off on internet forums.

      (not saying that this is a terrible rifle)

    • jeh

      arsenal slr-106 > piston AR

  • Michael Pham

    You know Izhmash, there are Americans (quite a lot of them) who do quite like 5.45 and 7.62 x 39.

    In fact, for some strange reason, they tend to associate the AK platform above any other weapon with those calibres, and do not necessarily prefer everything to be in .223.

    • Geodkyt

      Yeah, and there is already the Galil for people you want a Kalashnikov in 5.56x45mm, with more ergonomic controls.

  • Nmate

    That doesn’t look like an AK-12 to me, it looks like they manged an AR lower into fitting underneath it.

    I also don’t find AKs in 5.56×45 to be particularly appealing. 5.45×39? Absolutely, but not 5.56.

    • Erwos

      That’s an AK-12. You can tell because of the missing huge safety lever.

  • Broadkil

    Well lets see here, longer sight radius, rails, speculation of it taking ar-15 mags, quality Russian built (I mean lets be honest, a Saiga is still better than most WASR-10’s), looks like better ergonomics in the grip lay out as well as the safety, left side charging handle (and no more of the right side knob)

    What in the hell are you guy griping about!
    I mean you never hear that crap about the Sig 556 and it is still an AK at heart! I mean just LOOK at the d@mn bolt!!
    Oh right, its made in Switzerland …. OH NO ITS NOT, how we forget that. Also how is SIG’s reputation these days since they have been making guns in the US? 😉

    I would gladly sink 1000 into one of the AK 12’s over a Sig 556, Top of that I would rather sink 1000 in to a SIG 556 before I would drop that on a AR-15.

    Note…. I BLOODY LOVE THE SIG 556!! (well the older ones anyway, really would like the DMR but thats a rant for another day)

    • RickH

      Just a note: the Sig M400 is an excellent AR platform. I have one, now with a little over 7000 rds through it. Fit, finish, quality is great.

      • milo

        ps. the 516 isn’t half bad too!

  • Bill

    Dear Santa

    I will forgo any gifts this year and promise to be good, well better, next year if you bring me an AK-12 in 12 ga with all the tacticool accessories I can hang off it.

    PS don’t forget the mags.

  • Alex-mac

    Now that’s what I call a comeback.

  • george

    Yeah, imma need one of those.

  • TangledThorns

    I just bought a LWRC M6A2 this year so AK shotgun definitely has my interest, as long as its affordable that is.

  • Andrew

    5.45X45 would’ve been nice. Oh well.

    • milo

      you mean 5.45×39 like how the ak-74 uses? or 5.56×45 nato? anyways that new cartridge 5.45×45 sounds intresting

      • Andrew

        Oh geez I hate it when I make a mistake like that. I meant 5.45X39. I’m surprised no one has comment lynched me yet. Good lord how embarrassing.

        But yes, 5.45X39 that accepts AK74 mags would be really nice.

    • milo

      happens to all of us, i kinda wonder if it’ll have bayonet lugs like my SGL31?

  • Esh325

    The AK-12 isn’t going to be completed until some time in Summer 2013 where they wrap up state testing, and then mass produce the rifle. I don’t think Izmash will be able to complete the AK-12 if their financial situation is not squared away. If it is completed, there is always the risk of new firearms laws that prevent their importation.

  • Esh325

    I definetely will be the first to get one if and when they are imported. Just because they don’t have other calibers listed doesn’t mean they aren’t making them.

    • milo

      i sure as heck wish they will have it in 5.45 and maybe even 6.5 grendel.

  • klip

    I wonder how well it’ll do. I think Izmash made a misstep on this one because the AK-12 now essentially has identical ergonomics to the AR so AK fans may be put off. I feel like instead of solving the problems with the AK, they just took the easy path and went with a design proven over 50 years ago.

    The “problems” of the AK I think are the following:
    – lack of ambidextrous handling (in addition to the obvious, all the manipulations have to occur with one hand)
    – non-ideal optics mounting
    – weight
    – handguard heat transfer

    I like this new gun but at this point I’d rather stick with an AR and an AK74.

    • -V-

      So…you’re complaining that they fixed all your complaints?

      -Lack of ambi handling? Left and right fire selector, charging handle can be switched from left to the right side. Also the rifle has a bolt hold open and I think both left and right side bolt release.

      -Weight? No idea on this one, honestly. Probably more then a plane jane AK, but less then one with a rail system on it.

      -Non-ideal mounting options? Has a railed top cover that returns to zero.

      – Handguard heat transfer? Only if you use a metal one with no heat shielding. That said, my AR’s have the exact same problem with railed handguards. Stock plastic with heat shields, no problems. Not sure if the new AK uses an all metal or a railed plastic fore-end.

      • klip

        I think I was misunderstood.

        I’m not complaining about the AK12 – just saying what I would have like to see which is a modernized AK rather than an Izmash AR. The AK12 to me seems more like an AR, rather than an improved AK. If pictured magwell is the final product then you’ll have to insert the mag straight on like an AR which is fine, except that it’s not like a traditional AK. The thumb operated safety/selector is also similar to an AR. Weight, handguard thing, top rail, are obviously all part of the AK12 so I guess I didn’t need to say that again.

        But anyway, my point was that I would have preferred they kept the AK manual of arms while making them operable from both sides. As it is now, users of the AK12 look like they’ll have to use AR MoA – which is fine, unless you wanted an AK. Obviously the charging handle is different, and I’m not sure if/where the bolt catch is, but the misstep was in changing the reload and safety operation which is going to be happening the most. Ambi charging, optics mounting, adjustable stock are all big improvements in my opinion.

    • Esh325

      Your complaints aren’t really valid because some of the features on the AK-12 have already been tried before on AK style rifles like (ambi thumb safeties) bigger pistol grips,collapsible stocks, etc and nobody complained about these changes. And some of the supposedly “Ar ergonomic” features were done before the AR even existed. The charging handle of the AK-12 is still roughly in the same position, and not like the AR. And the AK-12 addresses nearly all those complaints you listed. The AK-74,AK-74M, and AK-12 are not really much heavier than most modern assault rifles. Some of those complaints you listed have also been addressed with the existing AK with aftermarket modifications.

    • Lemming

      The AK-12 weighs 3.3 kilograms empty, which is about the same as the AK-74M.


    • Gabe

      From an outsider’s perspective (Canada) it seems like there’s a lot of doom and gloom speak going around, rather unnecessarily IMHO. You have a pro-gun house that will make ramming an AWB through difficult, and honestly I would think Obama has better things to do than to waste his time getting into a massive sh*t storm with the 50 million plus gun owning households in your country. At least you guys *have* a party which is pro gun, the best we have are the semi-ambivalent Conservatives who couldn’t really care less about gun rights but want votes from Canadian gun owners.
      But that being said, I would think that it would not be impossible for the anti-gunners to push some sort of import restriction through that would make getting ‘scary’ guns difficult.

      • Gabe

        Meant to reply to Lance’s post

        Sorry, Lemming looks similar to Lance, and scotch is my excuse.

      • Lance

        I agree been to Canada where you can buy a Norinco M-4 copy for alot ALOT cheaper than the rip offs US sellers are doing here, $500 CDs vs $1200 USD. People ail and I repeat fil to look at the first AWB history. it barley passed a all Democratic House and Senate with a Democratic president. Only 1 vote in the House passed it in 94, That’s when the Dems had 60 seat advantage over the GOP.After November that year it was eviscerated and GOP took the House 1st time in 50 years. NOT that way now the GOP has firm control over the House. There are Blue Dog Dems too who oppose any new or reinstated AWB thats more added to our ranks.

        NRA President said on NRA new last week ”We do have a firewall in the House”.

        I find it funny Canada you can own a AR and even SBRed w/o NFA tax like here. Only down side is 5rd mags only.

        Thank you Gabe im so tired of doom crap people which I think alot are coming from anti-gunners or gun sales men who want to stick it to new buyers. David Kopel and other true experts still also agree its not passing the House so dont let gun sellers scare you into buying a AR over 10 time the price. Instead of wasting money on a gun you may not need now (later yes). Time to call and wright your GOP and progun congressmen and Senators tell them we are united against any AWB BIG or reinstated small.

  • Patrick

    I like have one but if this happen I doubt I well be able owen one. Dianne Feinstein is apparently introducing a new semi-automatic firearms ban, one which is vastly farther-reaching and more draconian than the one Bill Clinton ramrodded through and forced us to live with for a decade. This one will have no sunset clause. You won’t be able to sell the guns you own which “fit the (ridiculous) profile” of what will be forbidden…which very likely means you won’t be able to bequeath those guns to your children.

    • Lance

      Wont happen Patrick. GOP has the House over 200+ progrun votes on GOP side. NRA A rated senators is 51-3 so another firewall. Obama can however stop imported firearms. But a permanent ban not happening dont be so pessimistic.


      • Bryan S.

        NRA ratings are easy to gamble, because you can vote yes on things you know hoave no hope of passing… and get a good grade. Then your other words and actions are anti-2A… and we get screwed by people looking at an NRA rating guide as their big foray into researching candidates.

    • Lance

      The NRA is reliable on this you never get the main issue they press is a firewall against a AWB. You fail to see that a 200+ republican controlled House will not pass a AWB. It be political suicide to do that for the GOP. You fail to see that a President has some EO power but not enough to ban firearms w/o congress.

      • Anonymoose

        While the NRA would throw a shitfit over any suggestion of an AWB, they would overwhelmingly support a total import ban. The big name American gun companies have them in their pocket, after all.

        • Shawn Schaitel

          not only that the NRA has done more to destroy the 2nd amendment than any “progun” group in history

  • Brandon

    I do find this exciting, not just that the Ak-12 is coming to the US, but it bodes well for the future of Izhmash. The Russian gov’t can’t keep them afloat, but if they can figure out what US consumers want and partner with another company to comply with import restrictions they might have a chance.

  • W

    Im immensely excited about this. I have more 5.56mm ammunition than I do 5.45 and 7.62×39, so this will suit me just perfectly (Im assume it will take the 223 arsenal-type AK mags).

    Ill also buy the 12 gauge version. 😀

  • Lance

    Overall this is what the AK-12 design may come to since the Russian Army is staying with the AK-74M.

    On other front here on comments all the doom because of Obama’s win last week is alot overblown. 3 BIG reason 1 US House is GOP even BIGGER NRA A rated house majority, when Blue Dog Dems are added. 2nd Despite Dianne Hagstine working on here ban 51-53 members of the Senate are still NRA A rated and wont let another even worse AWB come. 3rd Obama has alot to do on his agenda where gun are a long way down and if so he hasn’t have the votes to pass it in the House alone. The UN gun ban is a bigger threat than all the hype over another AWB.

  • Mike Knox

    And I’m pretty sure it’s still a long way from getting into non-russian civilian hands..

    • Mike

      Oh, don’t you worry. If that doesn’t work out, the new Polish rifle (MSBS) is supposed to be out on civilian market shortly after the military version. It’s like a Magpul rifle, you know, but it works.

      • Mike Knox

        Well, there’s still the black market..

  • Kalashnikat

    Hey, folks, Bambi is already ignoring Congress and working his agenda by Executive Order and the bureaucratic fiats of his regulatory departments…
    Remember, the House can impeach, as they did with Clinton, but do you really think the Senate would try “The Won To the Second Power?”
    He’s playing a “catch me if you can, and whatever I can screw up, I will.
    Look for regulations on imported guns and ammo first, and ammo being regulated by EPA as a toxic lead stream, OSHA ammo storage regulations being applied to WalMart’s shelves, Firearm safety becoming a Consumer Product Safety Commission issue, and executive orders being used in novel ways….
    I wouldn’t put it past this crowd to say that the Arms treaty is “deemed” passed because “2/3 of the Senators PRESENT” voted for it during some hastily called midnight Senate session the Republicans weren’t told about……that’s the actual wording on ratification of treaties…we’d have to insure that these evil buggers don’t “deem” that a quorum is not even required, or make sure we have a procedural basis to halt these perversions of the Senate procedures and the Constitution.

    • Lance

      if your saying He will ban all semi auto by EO, too far fetched. 1st he has no power to stop people from owning ARs and can only try a registration scheme with EO. Try history Bill Clinton could have banned all post ban ARs he wanted in his 2nd term he couldn’t. Any attempt would have the House blocking his orders since it involves interstate commerce. We must be vigilant but all this doom and buy now or your out gloom is a waste and wrong thing for gun owners to do.

    • Brandon

      I liked this blog better when people stuck to the no politics rule

  • John Doe

    Does it come with free lessons from Sonny Puzikas?


  • Kyle

    I wonder if they 5.56 rifle will take STANAG Mags…

  • Jesse

    If this will work with PMAGs I will buy it the second it comes out.

    • Risky

      From the sketches, it looks like the magwell/trigger guards might be swappable. If that’s the case, I guarantee there will be a STANAG compatible version. Even if the Russians don’t offer it, someone here will make it.

  • Masoo2

    :/ I doubt that we will be able to buy this rifle, :/

  • fred

    MMM yeah looks like a good rifle.
    I will wait for the reviews.
    Not sure folks will be “lining up” to buy them..
    Wait until you see the price tag..

    • Ivan

      Knowing Izhmash it should be less than $1000 for sure. So not bad at all.

      • Jake

        Izhmash can make reasonably priced stuff, but due to the appeal, the importer(s) will love marking this baby up like crazy because of its appeal as the newest Kalashnikov and the “Obama gon’ take all your guns and ban ‘salt rifles” buying frenzy going on.

  • Scott P

    I really hope they offer versions in 7.62×39 and 5.45. I hope they don’t pull a Valmet and only import rifle versions in .223 with expensive, low-in-supply-but-high-in-demand, proprietary mags.

  • NI Shooter

    Still waiting on that civvie AK-107/8, Izhmash… 😉

    • Nick Mew

      Same here, but I have California to deal with. A Gun Loving Liberal.

    • Esh325

      Most likely not, the AK-12 will probably takes the place of the 107.

      • Anonymoose

        I have never heard anything about the AK-107/8 other than on wiki, world guns, and that one article here a couple months back. :\

    • W

      Me too. Supposedly the improvements to the muzzle brake and the gas system will give it superior controllability that is apparently characteristic of the more mechanically complex AK107. One can only speculate since neither of them are in the states yet.

      • Nick Mew

        Maybe but a .308 varient would benefit well from the BARS system.

      • Esh325

        That’s what the designer of the AK-12, Vladimir Zloblin says, but we’ll have to see whether he’s blowing smoke or not.

  • Fyoung

    Well, I doubt it will ever be imported before the new ban take place.

    • Lance

      There are VERY VERY BIGGER chance a Ban will die in congress quit being so pessimistic.

      • Geodkyt

        You really think President Executive Order will really let an inconvienient lack of a statute stop him?

        He banned the importation of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines, despite the fact that Congress SPECIFICALLY established the CMP to sell THOSE models (among others) to US civilians.

        He proceeded with his plan to create a long gun registration in four states, despite it not only being AGAINST laws already in effect, but alsothe fact that Congress made it clear they felt it was against the law , and even after the fact that they were going to defund any attempt to implement it. (Note that the excuse given for the program was the [proven] false allegation that Mexican drug lords get most of their guns via strawman purchases from unethical FFLs. Fast & Furious was a program whose ONLY plausible goal was to “validate” this allegation, given there ZERO effort placed into law enforcement goals, like any realistic attempt to actually track the guns or even the simplest coordination with Mexican law enforcement.)

        His EPA declared that carbon dioxide is hazardous pollution.

        The guns are unimportable under existing law. The barrels are unimportable under existing administrative rules made by the Executive Branch. It wouldn’t be difficult to keep US companies from being able to produce 922(r) compliant guns, by hammering them with petty adim regulatory “violations” if they tried.

        With the Senate in Democrat hands, and Harry Reid already announcing he is going to eliminate the fillibuster (go read the trial balloons of what changes are being proposed) with a simple majority vote, there is exactly ZERO chance Congress would be able to stop Obama from implementing a de facto ban be administrative fiat, even if his allies didn’t manage to slide a new AWB ban (probably by delegation) through.

        If he can’t get an AWB directly, he can ignore the law, and get it under, say, product safety, or claims that the “volume of fire” and lack of “sporting suitability” allow regulation under the Clean Water Act. This president has absolutely no respect for the rule of law, and Congressional Republicans have no chance of getting the support from Senate (possibly even House) Democrats to check the most aggregious faults.

        That’s not paranoia – that is called “paying attention” to how this Administration has ACTUALLY operated since January 2009, and how Congressional Democrats have ACTUALLY reacted to his actions.

      • W

        yet despite the fear mongering, president obama has done nothing to enact another firearms ban or push for more gun control in general.

        President Obama has its faults (and i can name them a mile long from documents ive compiled over four years), though I think the fear of him POSSIBLY enacting more gun legislation is unfounded and pessimistic. Facts will do nothing to tame the irrational gun buying and ammunition panic purchases, and they adversely affect more novice shooters than they do experienced ones (which is why they are bad).

        The current bonanza is a perfect example of why we, as gun owners, need to be proactive and buy things while we can buy them and they are still comparatively inexpensive. Being a armed citizen is a lifestyle and self-preservation a colossal responsibility. Part of that responsibility is being proactive rather than reactive.

      • @geodyk

        at 134 so far Obama’s executive order rate is perfectly in line with previous two term presidents rate of between 350 and 400


        Also the EPA was forced to regulate C02 under the Clean Air Act by the Supreme Court


    • Ryan

      it will be imported they will just put sight stock barrel length mag cappasity restrictions and make it so you have to use a screw driver to drop the mag CALIFORNIA already dose that.

  • dan

    No way will we see these stateside. Another nice toy for the the euro market.

  • Charlie

    It’s a world record, plain and simple. Shooter unknown.

  • redbadger

    About time Russia puts rails on…only took them like 20 years.

    1. Why the hell isn’t the handguard extended out to the gas block?
    2. That cheek riser better actually rise up to be level with the sight rail
    3. Why are they still using open sights?

    • Esh325

      Perhaps the reason why is because the Russian military had no urgent need to throw rails on the rifle? It would add more weight if they had the rail extend to the gas block I imagine. You have to remember that the rifle still isn’t completed yet. The AK-12 won’t be done until some time in summer 2013. I believe they are using peepsights on the AK-12 now. If they are using open sights still, I don’t see a big issue with that. I’m sure it will rise up to the level of the sight rail.

    • Parakitteh

      They’ve had rails in widespread use since 1991, since they introduced the AK-74M.
      They’ve also had rails in limited use since the /fifties/ with the AKML and AKMSN rifles.

      The second two are really, really fucking pointless comments.

    • Garrot

      Some people hate closed sights, like me. I prefer an open one as it gives me a better view of my surroundings.

    • Abraham Collins

      1. The gas block is vented and can singe your hand, it’s back there for good reason.
      2. it’s replaceable.
      3. Because they’re Russians. Why aren’t we using the metric system? 😉

  • Anonymoose

    I can fap to this.

  • Nate

    There’s no option for Russian caliber ammo? 5.45 or 7.62? This rifle is designed to use Russian steel case ammo. Giving the option for an American caliber is great as it is a civilian version being sold to the United States, but it’s a Russian gun first and most people would want to use the proper ammo intended during design. Plus, surplus 5.45 is still really cheap.

  • I guess I will get this instead of the saiga-12.

    • Ryan

      good choice!

  • Ryan

    i am so buying this its the gratest gun in world history any jenuine (RUSSIAN) Kalishnicov rifle is unbeatable!

  • So… No 7.62×39… No 5.45? I don’t even want it if I can’t have it in a proper caliber.

    • Dimitri

      .223 Remington and .223 wylde r the civilian version of the 5.56 NATO
      It’s kinda complicated to explain, so Wikipedia it

      • Frank

        IDIOT… he is saying he wants it in a proper AK caliber. I’m sure he knows what .223 is. I also do NOT want the AK-12 if i cannot get it in 5.45×39.

        • dubbs

          Frank, why call a fellow poster an “idiot?” Fwiw, Izmash is actually smart to make an americanized version in .223 – its an American round and you’ll probably be able be able to find the round a lot easier than the often imported tula or wolf ammo. Despite what’s been pushed around the net as true, the 7.62 x 39 and the weaker, but flatter shooting 5.45 do not dominate the 5.56x 45 or the civie .223( read up on Dr. Facklers testing info and you’ll see)

          As for the Ak 12 being the ultimate? Just like the SCAR and the ACR aren’t replacing the M4, I don’t thinkthe AK 12 will be so great as to make the russkies forget about the battle PROVEN AK 74 or their stockpiles of older AKMs…

    • 1911a145acp

      True the TRADITIONAL calibers would be desirable- but it doesn’t make any sense to partially manufacture an AK in the US and chamber it for cheap ammunition that is built half way around the world that had been banned from importation by illegal Presidential executive order.Stay calm- it appears the Russians have figured out a way to get Tula ammo imported by way of Italy. I am sure if demand is there for them, then the traditional calibers will come.

  • US wont import this 🙁

    • Christian Merose

      How do you know?

  • Watch for our Congress to outlaw it’s importation on non-sporting use grounds…

  • adverse

    No politics here.

  • Opinion#23

    Guess you have to have a grip of some sort on there…the grip area looks smaller and closer to the charging handle, meaning if you have your fingers there-they’re gonna get broken off when that handle reciprocates. Same problem as the SCAR.