“Democrats, Republicans and Independents will all be shot”

A shooting range in Bountiful, Utah has found a good use for campaign signs. KSL.com reports

After a long, arduous and often contentious election season, many are more than willing to see campaign signs disappear.

But instead of tossing them in the trash, a Bountiful shooting range is providing a way to put them to good use and help charity at the same time.

“We would be more than happy to take the campaign sings up here,” said Bountiful Lions Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Range officer Mitch Dalby. “We could then utilize them and wouldn’t have to buy them.”

At about 85 cents per target, that cost adds up. The Bountiful Lions organization raises money and donates around $25,000 to various local organizations to aid those with vision problems. Each donated campaign sign means they don’t have to buy as many new ones.

Steve Johnson

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  • What a good idea

  • Jay

    I’d imagine both Democrat and Republican campaign signs would be snapped up by angry voters.

  • TangledThorns

    I can’t believe how many gun owners voted Obama. Talking about the chicken voting for the alligator.

    • Karina

      Firearms not Politics.

    • lolinski

      I dont want to dabble in politics but Romney isn’t pro-gun either IIRC he signed the AWB in Massachussets.

      On topic: I find it nice to use political propaganda for something useful such as helping people who cant see or have weak vision.

  • Michael Pham

    Gotta say, the fact that the money is going to fight sightlessness is poetic.

  • gunslinger

    buddy of mine i used to work with said he took those signs for target holders. the public ranges in SC were nice, but hyou had to bring your own target holders. these signs made perfect backers to place targets.

    now do these guys take up the old signs and “resell” them to the ranges and donate that money? or do you have to “pay” to donate the sign?

  • RocketScientist

    My uncle is big into remote-control airplanes (probably has about a dozen of them currently) and he LOVES the post-election season. Apparently the corrugated plastic material those political signs are made from (he and his RC friends refer to it as corr-plast) is an ideal material for homemade aircraft. It’s light, stiff, easily worked, and pretty smooth. He has maybe 4-5 planes made from corr-plast, fiberglass rods, and hot-melt glue. The best part is if he loses one in a tree, to a rough landing, or by flying too far out over the everglades, he’s only out a few bucks, and the cost of the motor/RC/controls system, if that’s un recoverable.

    • W

      remote airplanes…my other dirty little secret.

      and if you were in front if me, i would hug you for such a brilliant idea that I didn’t even think of. Well, im off today. There’s several areas in town with stacked campaign signs and its up to me to go collect them. thank you rocket scientist!

  • socialimpotence

    This is interesting, in my early adult years I re-purposed the signs as well, from our own front yard. The sheriff put me in the back of his vehicle because shooting campaign signs is a “direct thought to assassinate a government official”. I guess an hour drive up north would have made it legal.

    • Karina

      Haha, wow. That sheriff has issues. This is the kind that’d claim shooting people in a video game is a “direct thought to commit mass murder”, or something equally silly.

  • Lance

    Gun owners unleash there fury at a campaign!!

  • David/Sharpie

    Really? You’re just doing this now?

    My range has been doing this for YEARS.

    • Mike Knox

      My uncle did this too at his back yard with obama bobble heads..

      • RickH

        I used to do something like that with rotten muskmelons and Nixon halloween masks.

      • David/Sharpie

        In Canada shooting at a target that is clearly representing someone (Like a picture, or a bobblehead) would count as a death threat…

      • Mike Knox

        Must have made some realistic splatter effects..

        Don’t worry, that happens all the time. The White House gets at least two thousand death threats (mostly for the president) every day. Most of the time they’re dismissed like junk mail. So if that’s the case why not have fun doing it..

      • Komrad

        You could still do it. A little spray paint, marker, sharpie (sorry), tape etc can fix that. Hell, if you put a target over it, you could probably protect yourself.

        Then there is the issue of someone caring enough to report you and an officer caring enough to arrest you, and a DA caring enough to charge you. Unlikely, especially if it’s only a holder.

        Plus, there are signs that only have names with no pictures.

      • David/Sharpie


        Yeah I know, the ones at my range are just the names. Painting would be easiest and fastest.

  • Todd S

    In Ohio, political signs have to be removed withing 72 hours of the election. I get 20-30 every year. Starting tomorrow I’m guessing that I’ll get a buch on the way to the range.

  • Komrad

    Me and my grandpa used to use campaign signs as target hangers all the time. They’re cheap/free and hold up well in inclement weather, plus, you can use the letters (especially letters that have closed areas) as targets themselves.

    IIRC, Aurora Sportsmans Club in Waterman IL used campaign signs while I was a member there a couple years back. JR Shooting Sports in Aurora uses holders made of the same material although they don’t appear to be old campaign signs.

    I suppose it’s a fairly common practice.

  • Out of curiosity, what do Americans call the corrugated plastic material from which these signs are invariably made? We Australians call it corflute, though that’s a trademark.

    • I’m Canadian, but we just call it corrugated plastic.