Arsenal SLR-106UR 5.56x45mm AK Pistol

The 5.56x45mm chambered SLR-106UR is the latest pistol from Arsenal …

Arsenal, Inc. introduces the all-Bulgarian SLR-106UR Pistol in 5.56x45mm NATO. The SLR-106UR Pistol is manufactured entirely at Arsenal’s factory in Kazanlak, Bulgaria using components specifically engineered for accuracy and reliability in a short-barrel configuration.

The SLR-106UR Pistol includes many features not found on any similar 5.56mm pistol, and is as close to a semi-automatic AKS-74U (or ‘Krinkov’) as American shooters may possess without ATFE approval.

The gun is 19.25″ in length, the barrel is 10″ and it weighs 5.5 lbs. Its MSRP is $909.

Steve Johnson

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  • Garden Hose

    If I weren’t under pistol age, I would buy one of those things.

    • Reverend Clint

      ha wtf is with all the negatives?

  • Robert

    It is a fun shooting gun. Got to Shoot one at Guns and Ammo Garage in Las Vegas, NV full auto SBR fire ball like no other.

  • Pliskin

    I saw one of these with a 16″ barrel and AK100 side folder at one of my local shops. I really wanted to get it, SBR it and make a short .300blk barrel for it. Someone should seriously convert one to .300blk though, it would be awesome! Eventually I may do it myself.

    • Noodles

      They had one on the AAC blog awhile back, then never mentioned it again. Would make a good start for a 300k VSS type clone.

      I suspect the AK action is just too damn loud to work well on a subsonic gun.

      • Clodboy

        Actually, the Russians made a number of AK-derived assault rifles chambered for their 9x39mm subsonic round (OC-12 Tiss, OC-14 Groza, AK-9). Only the OC-14 was actually adopted in limited numbers, though.

  • klyph

    Is there some reason they can’t import an aks74u in pistol format?

    • nobody

      Doing so would result in the classification of some 5.45x39mm surplus (which has a steel core and no lead) as armor piercing and ban the further import of it, and considering people would rather have cheap surplus for their guns that can shoot 5.45x39mm than have one new gun on the market, they won’t sell something like that.

      The law defines armor piercing ammunition as:

      (i) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium; or

      (ii) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.

      • Zach

        I’ve heard this point argued a dozen times on several different forums. So tell me then, why isn’t M855 considered armor piercing pistol ammo?

      • MattCFII

        Because M855 is specifically exempted:×39-not-in-pistols.html?m=1

      • nobody

        M855 is exempt because the core isn’t all steel and contains lead, the steel actually only makes up for 19 grains of the 62 grain weight of the bullet. If you are wondering about any ammunition just look up what the core is made out of and compare it to what the law says, and as long as you have some lead you are ok.

      • Nmate

        You do know that 5.45×39 is under .22 caliber, right? That is why you can have AK-74 pistols and still import 7N6.

      • Dang it, the mobile version’s reply system got me, see in the thread above, just like 7.62×39 actual bullet diameter is .310 (or 7.87 mm), 5.45 is a .221 caliber bullet. I wouldn’t want to give the ATF the opportunity to split hairs and split it the wrong way. Honestly, I’m not really concerned about a few home-built pistols in 5.45×39. But as soon as a licensed SOT1/2 FFL gets a 5.45×39 pistol it opens the doors for them, like the Olympic Arms 7.62×39 AR pistols did to shut off steel core 7N6. Would the ATF do it instantly? I doubt that too but it opens the door and it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie on an oddball caliber that most of the shooting community could care less about.

      • nobody


        Did you not read the federal law that I posted? There is no exemption for allowing steel core ammunition under .22 caliber, only exemption ammunition under .22 caliber gets is for the weight of the jacket isn’t restricted to less than 25% of the weight of the round.

  • Nick Mew

    Meh. I would rather have the stock.

    • MattCFII

      No actual bullet diameter of 5.45×39 is 0.221 inches (5.62 mm) Still over “.22 caliber”

      • Sorry, meant to place this further down.

  • erwos

    Isn’t this the one with a fake flash hider?

    • Noodles

      If that barrel is really 10″, yes, then that is a fake hider.

      • Mike Knox

        It’s a muzzle booster, not a flash hider..

  • Nmate

    I don’t really understand the point to these. Arsenal already sells stocked versions with the requisite barrel extension to make them non-NFA, allowing you to cut the barrel and stamp it if you so choose. With this you’d have to add a stock, which would likely require a good AK smith to fit a new rear trunion (definitely in the case of Russian folders).

    If you live in a state where you can’t have SBRs, I still don’t think a “pistol” like this is worth the effort.

    • DW

      i think it was done to circumvent 922r, so it can be a pure Bulgarian gun

    • ParatrooperJJ

      In a state like Ohio which does not allow for the lawful carry of loaded rifles in vehicles, one can legally carry this pistol in their vehicle.

      • Nmate

        That may be true and all, but no one shoots these things very well. It is like those pistol grip only shotguns, no one shoots them worth a damn.

  • Jeff Smith

    Can anyone tell me what is at rear of the rifle? It looks like there is some type of hinge at the rear trunion. Are these set up so that you can easily attach a stock without machining if you want to make a SBR?

    • Beefalo

      I would imagine “easily converts to SBR” doesn’t settle with the ATF.

  • Fuddle

    That’s very cool, but I’m starting to get more and more confused at the rising price of Kalashnikov pattern weapons. Saigas are still $800, on par with ARs that are inherently built better. Maybe this just confirms that the gun world focuses more on the applications of the weapon in determining price rather than other factors.

    • Clodboy

      Arsenals have milled rather than stamped receivers, so they are among the highest-quality AK’s and thus probably a bit pricier.

      • Poor-guy

        Milled receiver? Not in the picture above! It does have the military dimple though. Still a bit high for the AK market. But Arsenal is high quality, as AK’s go. No, off-center gas blocks on this one for sure.

      • W

        some have milled receivers, though arsenal has many stamped ones as well.

        rising price? the “rise” in prices is due to the devaluation of the US dollar; the product costs the same overall.

      • Anonymoose

        I would think a Vepr would be the absolute best type of semi-auto AK to get since it’s based on the much heavier-duty RPK automatic rifle design instead of the AKM assault rifle design like pretty much every other civilian AK. However Veprs online seem to be over $800 for just a base model in .223, whereas the .308 model is over a grand… D:

      • W

        in my opinion, the overall best type of semi-auto AK to buy is a Valmet. The best semi-automatic Comblock rifle in my opinion though is the Vz58.

  • mechamaster

    the recoil… It’s surely violent..

    • nikonmikon

      shorter barrels mean the gasses have less time to act upon the shooter hitting the back of the bullet driving it forward, as the bullet is gone from the weapon much faster than in a longer barrel.

  • Tim V

    Why is the barrel 3 inches longer than it its supposed to be? oh that’s right they are trying to mislead people, doesnt it extend to the end of the muzzle brake thus rendering it ineffective?

  • Lance

    having a AK pistol is pointless be better to wait and get your SBR tax stamp and get a but stock added on. Overall this is not new Krinkov pistols have been around for awhile in 5.45mm and 5.56mm. Get one is .308 that be something to see. 😉

  • Barack Romney

    I own one o these. The recoils negligible. The quality is amazing. Hinged dust over. Wear it like a damn necklace with a single point. Wa la.