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  • Trev

    The No.1 Mk III is one of the sweetest 30 cal bolt actions out there IMO. Cocking the bolt on close rather than opening; Genius idea.

    • Marc

      Early Mausers like the m96 and the Mauser Argentino cocked on closing, too. If it were such an ingenious feature as Enfield afficinados always claim we’d still see them being made, but all contemporary bolt actions cock on opening.

      • david

        I think the main reason you may find that to be the case is the purpose behind the design of all modern bolt actions: hunting. And for hunting you need a scope. Especially with a large scope, as is popular now, cocking on close is more awkward, leading to scraped knuckles.
        In fact, a common conversion in sporterizing M1917 ‘Enfields’ was to convert the bolt to cock on opening. It is not in question that cock on close is faster, especially with a well-shaped, well-located bolt such as that on the Lee Enfield.

      • Marc

        Search youtube for “stangskyting” to see how fast cock on open bolt action rifles can be cycled (spoiler: very fast).

  • Broadkil

    I wonder how long before these get imported 😀

  • Lance

    If only I could see that many M-1903s.

  • Doug

    I hope that blessing them includes oiling them down every once in a while.

    • Scathsealgaire

      No doubt he whispers the correct rites to the Machine Spirit and applies Holy Oil. He’s no heretic after all.

    • jdun1911

      Or you can bless the Enfields with DampRid ™. You can get it at any hardware store.

  • Zee

    Is blessing it necessary? It’s already God’s gift to bolt action firearms.

    • Michael

      I bless mine 9 Enfields every day. The best bolt gun out.
      Lets have a new gun in 303 British

  • If they still field those guns, it says a lot about the state of the military.

    • Mabey

      Its a good milita rifle its still used by parts of the Canadian military ie the rangers. And that .303 british will drop an elefent.

    • Anonymoose
      The Home Guard not part of the Indian military, and they’re not the ones who have been fighting the Pakistanis and the Red Chinese for the last 50+ years. The actual regular police and military in India are armed at least as well as the Chinese or most (former) Combloc countries’ militaries.

  • Chase

    I wouldn’t mind hearing what he’s saying. It sounds like it’d be interesting.

  • Michael

    The were quick enough to convince the German Army they were facing machine guns