Shuff’s Parkerizing Mini-G M1 Garand

Tim Shufflin of Shuff’s Parkerizing does a nifty M1 Garand conversion called the Mini-G. He cuts the barrel down, modifies the op-rod, installs an adjustable gas plug and parkerizes the receiver, barrel and a number of other parts. The .30-06 barrel optionally can be replaced with a .308 Win. barrel or .35 Whelen barrel (a more powerful necked up .30-06 cartridge). Tim can even convert the rifle to use M14 magazines, turning it into a M1/M14 hybrid.

Former TFB guest blogged Chris Baker of Double Aught Media made this video about the Mini-G …

Magazine fed M1 Garand

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  • Reverend Clint

    ok thats awesome

  • L.Jefe

    Something just happened in my pants.

  • Lemming

    The finish on the wood is absolutely stunning!

  • Slim

    Half of me died a little when I hear M1 Garand conversion….. Oh the horror done to a masterpiece of an original….. HOWEVER the other half of me is screaming “I WANT! I WANT!”.

    Personally I dont see the point in going the full monty and converting all the way to accept M14 magazines (being there are already short and modified M14’s out there without the need modify original M1 parts). However I do like the size of the ones on top and the fact they can be chambered in .308 with what I imagine is an en bloc clip. I imagine this will may give a second life to some of those old and beat up M1’s you see with horrible barrels but acceptable actions.

  • Janis Petke

    Normally I’d say leave it as it is but this is done in good taste. Totally awesome.

  • GORGEOUS! I’m highly reminded of the Beretta BM59.

  • Elijah

    Oh that’s just heartbreakingly purty.

  • peter

    Looks good, but I bet you can buy a new Socom 16 for less.

    • Nick Pacific

      That fact may appeal to the purists. Still, for someone who already owns a garland the price may seem reasonable.

    • Anonymoose

      Actually, you can get a SOCOM 16 for about $1900 brand new from the factory (or ~$1400 used), while buying a Garand (>$750 at the very least) and sending it in to be converted ($1100 for mag-fed Mini-G conversion; not sure if that price includes the scout rail, but that might be another $195) will run you AT LEAST $1850 if you’re lucky, but if you already have a Garand and want a SOCOM 16-style .308 carbine, this is a really nice deal.

  • P7dosso

    So… basically it’s a Beretta FAL?

    • Lance

      Italy never used FALs they followed the US somewhat to make a 7.62mm NATO rifle from the M-1 action which M-1s where given in large numbers in the late 40s for Italy’s service rifle. They stuck to the M-1 (TANKER) while wholeheartedly while we modified everything on it for the M-14.

      • FAL is the Italian army designation of the BM59. It means Fucile Automatico Leggero ( Light Automatic Rifle, same as the FN Fusil Automatique Léger). Beretta devised a way to modify existing M1 (given almost for free to Italy by the US after WW2) into a detachable magazine weapon. The barrel was shortened and they added all the gimmicks (stripper clip guide, the “tricompensatore” (muzzle brake, flash hider and rifle grenade guide all in one!) and a bipod).

        Fun PS: It was soon to be renamed by the soldiers FAP ( Pesante => Heavy)

    • Lance

      Um sorry the BM-59 is the Italian M-1 that shoots 7.62 NATO from a mag. The FAL was never used by Italian forces.

      FALs a good weapon but not all nations used them

      • Thrust me. I’m italian. They were called FAL, at least in Italy. They are nowhere like the FN fal, yet they share the name. And the caliber. And nothing else.

      • Lance

        Ok sorry language barrier I thought you said Italy used FAL from FN no M-1s. sorry

      • * trust me.

  • Anonymoose

    I like the idea of the .308 and .35 Whelen barrels (I would also like to see a .338-06 barrel made for the Garand), but the idea of putting rails and removable mags on a Garand to turn it into a pseudo-M1A makes me want to puke.

    • Anonymoose

      Also, with only a 16.1″ barrel, you’re better off having it converted to .308 as .30-06 is going to be more expensive for the same effectiveness and accuracy (if you were using a full-length 22-24″ rifle barrel the .30-06 would definitely outshine the .308, but since a 16.1″ carbine barrel won’t even burn all the powder in a .308, assuming you’re using the same powder in both cartridges, the .30-06’s power will be totally wasted in a carbine that short).

  • I agree with the first poster – this is an Italian BM59 (in spirit) isn’t it? Absolutely nothing wrong with that – and the photos are beautiful.

    Interesting calibres as well.

    As too the ‘Masterpiece’ of the original – I know you Americans hold the M1 in the same esteem that we Brits hold the Lee Enfield, but of all things surely the magazine (or rather the clip feed of the original) was the biggest flaw in the original. I’m sure WW2 GIs would have loved the idea of the magazine had they been given the choice?

    (Opps – have I just crossed a line! Sorry!) 😉

    • Burst

      As an American, I acknowledge the Garand as a quantum leap in weapons tech, but I still think the SMLE is the better rifle.

      With a modern rail, box magazine, and more efficient cartridge, It becomes a much closer battle. This is a quality conversion, not a hack-job.

    • W

      the biggest flaw of the M1 in my opinion, and in the opinions of many others, is that it was not fielded in its originally intended cartridge: the 276 pedersen.

      Boy how that would have changed everything for the better. Perhaps we wouldnt be having the 5.56 vs 7.62 flame wars nor would there be white-hot temper complaints about using varmint cartridges to kill two legged predators.

      A detachable magazine would have been awesome. Or at least lengthening the original magazine size.

      • Surculus

        The original .276 Pederson test model designed by Garand had a 10rd clip [made possible by the smaller base dia. of the .276Ped round and a slightly larger clip than the enbloc for the caliber .30 M1 rifle. To fit 10rds into the current 8rd clip, you’d need to convert it to shoot 5.45×39 Soviet. DAMHIK.]

        • Earl Wyss

          I concur a .276 Pedersen M-1 feeding from a 20 round box magazine would have been great going into WW-II. We can thank Army Chief Of Staff Douglas MacArthur for the overly powerful.30-06 M-1. As the story goes he said that we did not want to be changing rifle cartridges in the middle of a war, in 1936. I have also heard that we had large stocks of .30-06 left over from the WW-I and needed to be able to get rid of it all, like our large stocks of John M. Browning designed belt fed water cooled M-1917, magazine fed air cooled M-1918, and the belt fed air cooled M-1919 machine guns could not eat it up at a rate of over 500 rounds a minute each.

          • Earl Wyss

            It should b e noted that for a century now it has been known that the average infantry man does not engage beyond 300 yards/meters, and having a infantry rifle capable of 1000 yards/meters is a complete waste of ammunition.

  • m1thumb

    Does the CMP still sell m1 receivers? Could be a good home for one.

  • f smith

    Why in the world would you want to ruin a good rifle and turn it into a M14 Springfield M1 clone? With good Garands getting harder and harder to find,we need not butcher the ones that are left. If you want big magazines with rails on the forend and all the other mall ninja tacticool crap on your rifle, go buy an AR15!!

    • Bryan S.

      Yes, so hard to find when the CMP has warehouses full of the things, and still more to come back.

      What is getting harder to find is proper M2 ball for them, at a reasonable price. .308 will be around for some time.

      And dont worry, it means one less gun to make your M1 that much more valuable!

  • gunslinger

    a mag? i thought the thing for the M1 was the “twang” when the en bloc clip ejected?

    but it does look like a nice conversion

  • CABaker79

    A well done, albeit somewhat unnecessary, conversion. I don’t really know how hard it is to find BM-59s as I haven’t ever looked, but I assume that carbine length M1As and M14s are easier to find and less expensive? I think offering the caliber conversions is a great idea however, it would be awesome to have the tried and true Garand action mated to a larger variety of calibers.

  • derfel cadarn

    That is what I call a rifle. Short ,concise and powerful,no more needs be said.

  • elleerre

    A BM59… 50 years after Beretta…. great.

  • 35 Whelen M1 Garand? My life has new meaning!

  • Esh325

    I’m not really too crazy about tearing up a classic surplus rifle that isn’t widely available as it use to be. It would be pretty frustrating for the next generation to have to sort through “bubba’d” rifles to get unsullied Garands.

    • The standard Mini-G actually does not involve any modification to the original receiver. With a new barrel and a couple of other parts, it could be completely returned to it’s original configuration.

      The magazine-fed model does require irreversible modification to the receiver. Though I would not refer to Tim Shufflin’s expert customization as “bubbafication”, if that’s not your thing, of the 6 million Garands that were originally produced, at most a few thousand are likely to ever be modified in this way. Garands are far from rare, and won’t be rare for a while, so there should be plenty of M1s around for future generations.

      I would be more concerned about the price of quality ammo becoming out of reach of the average shooter before the supply of original M1s dries up.

  • John Doe

    Technically not too much different from an M14, but this just has a certain beauty to it. I want a mini M1 Garand.

  • Lance

    That’s NOT a M-1 that’s a Beretta BM-59 in those bottom pics. Basically Italy’s M-14. BM-59 mags where similar to the M-14s but a bit different. however you can modify a BM-59 to take M-14 mags a gunsmith could easily do this. Only down side to the BM-59 it lacks scope and accessories the M-14 dose, that give the M-14 modern value.

    Overall the M-1 tanker model modified to use 7.62mm NATO caliber mags and shorter stock is a BM-59 that’s the same thing Beretta made for Italy.

    I like the video of a true M-1 in tanker model using 7.62 NATO ammo.

    • Hey Lance. I made the above video for Shuff’s Parkerizing. Glad you like it. The rifle in the bottom pictures started life as a standard M1 Garand. It’s been modified using BM-59 parts and uses M14 magazines. It’s not for everyone, but if you want an M14/BM-59 style rifle using an original GI forged receiver, it’s one of the more readily available options.

    • That rifle is an M14 fed Mini-G and was never a BM59. You can give this rifle modern optics very easily, I’ve used this company on numerous occasions and find the setup very very good.

      If you have a true BM59 cut receiver, you cannot make it take M14 magazines because the front support shelf would be missing. Now, you can make a hybrid that would do both but it would not look BM59 at all and not properly use the BM59 magazine side catches.

      • Lance

        Strange heard about modify ones that can.

      • Lance, some BM59 receivers can take M14 mags BUT those receiver are not truly to BM59 spec. If you remove the front mag shelf, like a real BM59 has done, you have nothing to support the M14 mag from rising up through the receiver. Before anyone else gives me a negative vote for stating this, I would suggest you try it. I have two real BM59 spec receivers, an M14 mag will not work in them. I also have a quasi BM59 receiver that is a hack job, it will take both BM59 and M14 mags by just swapping mag catches and trigger groups.

        Again, if you have a real BM59 receiver, give it a whirl.

  • Todd S

    THE PAIN!!!

    Now that I feel better, how could someone do that to a Garand? I feel soiled just looking at it. 😉

  • Nicks87

    Nice, I’m all about bringing back the classic battle rifles.

  • The lower rifle is a Mini-G with drop down gas cylinder, reproduction BM59 type from Standard Parts, magazine fed with M14 Mags and my own mag catches and bolt stop. The BM59 mod, which I do do, has a space between the rear handguard and gas cylinder while also using the BM59 magazine and much more intricate BM59 mag catches. I make that lower rifle with a standard Garand gas cylinder as well.

  • Punch the Clown

    I own a Shuff’s BM59. The fit, finish and function can’t be beat. The Italians did a beautiful job over-engineering the design but just change mags and cycle the action a few times and you’ll appreciate the quality. Plus it is a big attention getter at the range.

  • NickB

    Right now someone named rick at a place called Gunsmoke Guns saw this and peed his pants in fury that someone else had the nerve to steal his idea to ruin guns

  • Craig

    blasphemous, just pure blasphemous.
    i very much love the M1 Garand, and i very much love the 30-06……… if you’re gonna butcher the M1, why not convert it to accept B.A.R. magazines? i’d love the concept of having 20-30 rounds of pure 30-06 fury.

    • Lance

      Springfield Armory tried that i the late 40s with a prototype but it was just too heavy for a infantry rifle at the time. Well they thought. Cool idea for a gun to buy though.

      • Waffleking

        Many people have tried to convert the M1 Garand to accept BAR magazines and as far as I know almost none of the conversions function. They usually require extensive machining of the receiver and if done wrong can severely weaken the receiver. I’d much rather have a magazine fed .308 that’s functional than a .30-06 time bomb.

      • Me

        Shuff does the BAR conversion too.

        • guest

          The Ordnance Bureau investigated converting Garands to accept BAR mags during the war. Their conclusion was that, barring radical changes to the magazine OR radical changes to the rifle, in either case so radical as to make it a new design for all practical purposes, it could not be made to work reliably, not if it had to be mass produced by the millions, with mags that had to be interchangeable and not hand-fitted to the individual rifle.

          I am told that the specific problem is that the Garand’s bolt does not move forward with sufficient force to strip the rounds out of the BAR mag reliably, and opening up the gas port and dropping in a heavier op rod spring beats the bejesus out of the gun without helping reliability very much. If the bolt and op rod moved further to the rear, they could pick up greater force by the time the bolt reached the top cartridge–but that requires a redesign of the bolt, the op rod, and the receiver. Or you could change the BAR mag’s springs, feed lips, and followers to the point where they no longer work in a BAR.

    • wally

      holy @%.* a bar magazine for a m-1?!what a good idea,which i thought of that

  • Mike Knox


  • 6677

    Certainly a lovely gun but I would rather a company manufactured them in this setup in the first place rather than modifying an old garand. They probably do although whether or not it maintains the same beauty is another matter.

  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    Two words, hog rifle.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I’m loving this. It puts the Garand on par with a modern semi auto in terms of a bug out gun and makes a nice, snappy close in hunting rifle.

    To everyone who is upset about the “butchering”: come on, guys. This is what has been happening for years with mil-surp guns. There’s a ton of Garand parts (new and surp) that can be put back on the gun to make it “original” again. But really, isn’t setting up a gun for your particular tastes what Americans do?

  • Ben G

    Cough, cough, M1A

    Yes its tasteful and looks nice but, why you would chop and molest a piece of American history like that when (see above) is available, WTF

    Help save a Garand, buy a walnut stocked Scout Sqaud.

  • Fish

    I have. Mini g 308 it’s a great 50 state legal gu

  • Beautiful, just beautiful. I’m a big fan of the M1 Garand, and this parkerized version is just gorgeous. I do wonder how much effect the shortened barrel has on accuracy though, and whether it is worth the trade off to have a more compact rifle.

  • Might have been better to make the .308 version accept FAL magazines, as they’re a sight cheaper & more available than those for the M14.

  • Cuban Pete

    The gun that should’ve replaced the Garand. We blew millions of $$ and came up with the M14. The Belgiums blew slightly less than that and came up with the FAL.

    The Italians just modified the M1 and came up with the BM59.

    If I had the $$ I would pull the trigger on this baby in a NY minute.

  • Ryan Jennings

    thats one of the coolest gun mods I’ve seen in a while. been wanting a garand and m14 for quite a long time but never been at the top of my list looks like the best of both worlds. how much did the mag fed m1 with short barrel mods cost ?