FN FN2000 Make An Appearance In Gaza

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades in Gaza has acquired a number of FN FN2000 rifles complete with grenade launchers. Given the relatively few potential sources of these rifles, the most obvious explination is that former Libyan rebels are exporting the weapons they captured during the civil war.

I am willing to bet they were not able to procure 40x46mm grenades for those launchers.

[Hat Tip: Rouge Adventurer ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    From Libya with hate. Joke

    Sad to say Europe has given high tech weapons to murdering jihadists. Lucky Israel has good M-4 and Tavors to counter this.

    • Clodboy

      Actually, those rifles were sold to Quadaffi back in 2009. Europe does do questionable business deals with the Middle Eastern regimes we claim to despise (and if there’s an embargo, we’ll just find another nation as a straw buyer) – but giving brand-new guns away for free to jihadists, now that would just be bad business.

      • bbmg
      • Denny

        No business is questionable if it pays. This looks like classical ‘blowback’; over and over…… to the last day.

      • FailBlog

        Blowback for what? We’ve essentially served as modern day janissaries for the muslim world for decades, fighting their wars for them, allowing them to mass immigrate here, buying their oil, sending them foreign aid and helping islamic fundamentalists come to power. The real blowback was from 9/11 when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan… Radicalization is a two-way street.

      • W

        “We’ve essentially served as modern day janissaries for the muslim world for decades”

        More like pawns for the oligarchy that is hellbent on scapegoating the muslim world to implement their own sadistic, control-freak plans.

        The “global caliphate” makes for a good boogeyman though.

      • Denny

        For what? For you existence and your actions. Take your courage and dig deeper my fried; it may take couple of years, but you will get there!

      • Bryan S.


        Yeah, those pesky jihadits and their ever talk about a global caliphate for hundreds of years… One that they almost had a few times. BUt sure, its just the neocons and the illuminatti.

      • W

        “Yeah, those pesky jihadits and their ever talk about a global caliphate for hundreds of years… One that they almost had a few times. BUt sure, its just the neocons and the illuminatti.”

        more spoon fed bullshit to encourage those to chase the boogeyman. I suggest you do some light reading about the Muslim “barbarians” in “Islam The Misunderstood Religion” By Danial bin Zainal Abidin and “What If?” by Stephen Ambrose.

        People actually believe the negative propaganda abut Islam, which really demonstrates how far the corporate media brainwashing has infiltrated the spirit. Trust me, you have more to fear from kleptocrats inside our own financial system and government than you do Muslims.

      • Beefalo

        “more spoon fed bullshit to encourage those to chase the boogeyman.”
        Yeah….Charles Martel was definitely chasing that boogeyman…out of Europe, that is.

      • W

        oh you mean the same boogeyman that did this? http://insct.syr.edu/uploadedFiles/insct/uploadedfiles/PDFs/Aboul-Enein.Zuhur.Islamic%20Rulings%20on%20Warfare%281%29.pdf

        But lets stick to modern times. Comparing modern fundamentalist Islam to the progressive Islam during the Dark Ages that was a shining beacon of civilization is a folly.

        Such a comparison would be like comparing modern, sensible christians to the crusaders that cooked and cannibalized during the Siege of Ma’arra.

      • bbmg

        What of the progressive Islam during the Dark Ages? Why did the renaissance allow Europe to start snapping out of its stone age fairytales, while the Arab world persists in a relative backwater aside from those countries whose natural resources are valuable to the West?

      • W

        “while the Arab world persists in a relative backwater aside from those countries whose natural resources are valuable to the West?”

        Due in no part thanks to Genghis Khan and the sacking of Baghdad.

        No offense to anybody, but this stuff is middle school world history.

  • akim

    how much do you want to bet it is not mars and the idf use 40×46 so $100

    • Cameron

      Agreed. Of course the Palestinians have 40mm rounds.

  • Icchan

    “slide your grenade launchers open, everyone, it makes them look bigger”

  • bbmg

    *gasp* never thought this would happen!

    Given the proliferation of 40x46mm grenade launchers for over 4 decades, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would find ammunition relatively easy to obtain.

  • Jeff

    What the heck is that guy doing…

  • So?

    You’re in my world now, Israel!


  • bbmg

    The original article indicates they have newly manufactured AKs too. Still, I doubt the IDF is too worried by such a development. When Hamas start smuggling AH-64s across the border, that’s when they will show concern. An Apache helicopter has machine guns AND missiles. It is an unbelievably impressive complement of weaponry, an absolute death machine.

    • srsanbo

      Interesting thought, though they would likely never be able to fly or maintain them…much like they won’t be doing much maintenance on the FN’s. That’s why AK’s work for that region. Not much in the way of spare parts or skilled armorers to make sure your gear is tip-top. I am more worried about them getting fissionable material.

      • bbmg

        Naturally, if that FN was equipped with a computerized sight it’s probably already not functioning.

  • Jeff Smith

    No matter how you feel about this picture, it’s always nice to see a straight trigger finger.

    • animalmenace

      In this case, I would prefer to see no trigger finger at all.

  • Anthony H.

    How much you want to bet that everyone else in the picture is waiting for him to die so they can take his shiny, new rifle? πŸ˜›

    • jim

      Haha. Agree. I see something like this going on in the near future:
      Hey Ali, go around the corner and start shooting at that evil zionist checkpoint.
      F’ you. Send Achmed with that cool new rifle of his.
      You are right. Achmed, you are the chosen one. Good luck.
      ….l hope they don’t damage that rifle when they shoot Achmed. It cost us. Lot of goats.

      • mosinman

        they will just do what the russians did in the scene from enemy at the gates πŸ˜€

    • Fredrik

      It is a clever plot by Mossad! they send a very modern and sophisticated weapon to gaza and then wait while in envy and greed, militants kill each other off to get their hand on the weapon πŸ˜‰

  • Denny

    Artfull looking gun, huh? I personally think it is over-the-top. How made it to Gaza…? Oh well, agressive marketing, perhaps. Millions spent on R&D and only full military user so far is tiny Slovenia. That must be upsetting….

    • jim

      Danny, you are thick. This rifle is part of a contract FN sold to Qadafi when Libya was considered friendly even by USA. After the mess in Libya, with jihadists swarming everywhere, it’s not that hard to understand how that rifle got to Gaza.

      • Denny

        Thick? Maybe…., with irony. Looks that you did not get it. Read me more carefully next time (wink).

        And on subject of rifle: this was from start intended as a commercial item, with no concrete customer on mind. That’s why it is so “gadget-rich” (and thick at its waist). Speaking of ‘customer’ – now it has one :- )))))))

      • FourString

        It was built as a military rifle from its inception. You’re wrong on all counts lmao

        Civilians don’t need “gadgets” like a computerized grenade launcher -_-

  • FailBlog

    Just goes to show the suicidal stupidity of non-muslims in Europe and North America assisting these islamic fundamentalists in coming to power.

    As a neocon, I’m willing to admit that we were wrong about pushing democracy in the muslim world. Every single time its resulted in the election of “islamists” like hamas, the muslim brotherhood, etc.

    We’re essentially on the side of al qaeda and the taliban now.

    Mark my words, the same thing will happen in Syria. As it will any time we back the will of the “arab street” who want to destroy Israel, implement strict sharia in their own countries and wage jihad abroad to spread islam over every single man, woman and child on this planet.

    • Denny

      Tovarich Lenin is on record with: “….. and you’ll give us rope on which we’ll hang you!”. Pretty timely, huh?

    • W

      more hubris.

      I think we have more to fear from corrupt tyrants in our own government than we should ever fear from muslims.

      man, they really hoodwinked you.

      • bbmg

        If western democracy is a corrupt tyranny, then I much prefer tyranny to an Islamic regime.

      • lolinski

        Then enjoy our tyranny while we in Afghanistan enjoy lax gun laws compared to the oppressive gun laws in the US.

      • W

        “If western democracy is a corrupt tyranny, then I much prefer tyranny to an Islamic regime.”

        I prefer government compliance with our constitution rather than either one of those things. Here’s the kicker: we have a choice.

        And how does my previous post conclude that “western democracy is a corrupt tyranny”? It doesnt. Hubris often interferes with logical thinking and reading comprehension though.

      • bbmg

        You implied that our own government is more threatening than an exterior menace. I will grant you that successive governments have hyped up the fear of terrorism and militant Islam in order to exercise more control over a worried population, however to believe that the spread of certain religious values is not a threat to the freedoms we enjoy is rather naive.

      • W

        “however to believe that the spread of certain religious values is not a threat to the freedoms we enjoy is rather naive.”

        And you are simply putting words in my mouth. Nowhere did I say “certain religious values” (youre implying Islam) are “not a threat”. I wouldnt agree to such stupidity due to my personal opinions in the subject of religion and logic (which im withholding since i can guarantee they will rub people raw; not that i care what others think, it just wouldnt be appropriate since the line has been crossed again by venturing into politics).

    • tincankilla

      One of the few credible and endlessly tested findings to come out of political science research over the past century is what is called the “democratic peace.” Simply put, democracies do not fight wars against each other, even though they are much more likely to fight wars against autocracies. When the public has a say over war fighting, the public will not support a war against a fellow democracy. That was the premise behind forcing democracy on Iraq, even if the process and execution was bungled due to ignorance and idealism.

      Democratic transitions are also messy and need time, just like in the early US. Parties form, election standards are decided, militants are suppressed (think Whiskey Rebellion), society learns what “democracy” means in a literal sense, and things settle down with time. As long as democratic elections are held, the premise of the democratic peace still holds.

      The process may be messy, but you just need to pull up your britches and show some courage and patience.

  • West

    Is it just me or does that thing look really bulky and awkward to carry/fire, especially prone?
    I’ve never even been in the same room as one of those rifles so I could be full of it but that stock looks massive unless that is a really small guy.

    I like the slim, compact design of the M-4 style rifle.

    • Jeff

      Fondled one at a gun show once. Its not THAT big. Certainly not a M4 style minimalist stock, but not oversized either. Its about as big as an A2 stock if you could make that comparison

      • West

        Yeah, maybe it’s just the perspective of the photograph that makes it look bulky.
        Still, with rifles being tasked with so many secondary functions and loaded up with so many accessories I like the simplicity of an M-4 with just a suppressor and scope.

      • Icchan

        It’s the perspective, and the fact that he has his g…renade launcher hanging out. They’re a little thick in the buttstock for my taste, but you get lots of cheek weld so it’s not entirely a bad thing – and I’m a tubby one anyway. The ergonomics are pretty nice, and the grip feels fine.

        Comparison photo, sans GL:
        You can see that it’s not THAT big.

  • Jon

    The FN2000 is such an awesome looking gun.

    • Not Your Mother

      Not so much THAT ONE, but yes. I’m no fan of the built-in sight molded into the stock, nor the goofy grenade launcher which negates the benefits of the compact bullpup.

      The models with the monolithic rail on top … those are different looking (like a sci-fi gun), but very cool.

      • Not cool enough for school

        The launcher is open in the picture, when closed its not much longer than the standard rifle.

      • Anonymoose

        The integral red dot has settings for the 5.56 barrel and GL1 iirc, so you don’t have to use a separate sight for grenades.

  • jim

    UYou guys have a short memory. Bush declared Qadafi a friend, when he decided to go after the jihadists, gave up the nuclear program and invited the western oil companies to make money in Libya.
    Most of the restrictions that were part of the embargo were lifted back then. US even signed some contracts to sell Quadafi some Bradley IFVs. That’s when this F2000s got to Libya.

    • jim

      How that rifle got to Gaza, after the mess in Libya it’s not rocket science.

      • Icchan

        “A real short trip on a real big road.”

  • Gumby

    Politics not firearms.

  • Joe

    @Bbmg. I like what u did there with the Ted reference

    • bbmg

      Glad someone picked up on it πŸ™‚

  • Rjp

    If you can buy reloading kits for 40mm i’m nearly positive they can figure out how to produce their own.

  • John Doe

    I would love an FN F2000 if it took non-GI mags.

    • bbmg

      …. or if they scaled up the P90 magazine, 50-60 rounds without an extra wide magazine hanging down would be impressive.

      • John Doe

        That would be the the epitome of 5.56 magazine design. I would pay good bucks for what’s essentially a big 5.56 P90.

      • damien

        You’d really want your magazine with the 5.56 bullets pointing down, like a side-on P90 magazine. More like the way the G11 works.

      • Karina

        I have only one word to say: BRILLIANT.

  • jeh

    the israelis will have possession of that rifle soon enough……

  • Nerf declares jihad.

  • Zermoid

    Is it me or does it look alot like the laser tag rifles from the 80’s painted black?

  • I am actually pretty much sure Palestinians have 40x46mm-SR grenades in great quantities.

    And besides I see there is too much “Politics” over “Firearms” in this thread. Care to intervene, anybody?

  • Riot

    The most likely source is the well over 50 thousand sold to the Saudi king’s personal army (think SS instead of wehrmarcht), Rather than the few hundred sold to gaddafi

    • Gidge

      There’s a scary thought. Unlike most of Israel’s enemies, Saudi Arabia are very well equipped with expensive modern weaponry.

      A conflict between Israel and Saudi Arabia would get ugly real fast.

  • Nicks87
    • Mike Knox

      Read again..

  • Mike Knox

    I remember someone saying bullpups aren’t catching up nowadays..

  • Karina

    I remember a report about France giving F2000s to Libyan rebels… why am I not surprised to see them here?

  • mosinman

    now, my brothers… this is the f2000, a modern assault rifle, which we sorely needed, take great care not to lose it because these are 200 goat rifles!!!

  • NickB

    I think this qoute is very relevant.
    Officer #2: [handing out rifles] One out of two gets rifle.
    Officer #1: The one without, follows him! When the one with the rifle gets killed, the one who is following picks up the rifle and shoots!