ATI FX45 Titan Lightweight and Fatboy Lightweight

American Tactical Imports is importing two new 1911 pistols, the ATI FX45 Titan Lightweight and Fatboy Lightweight …

ATI FX45 Fatboy Lightweight
ATI FX45 Titan Lightweight

From the press release …

The American Tactical Imports .45 ACP Titan Lightweight, by Shooters Arms Manufacturing Inc., is a durable alloy pistol based on our standard 1911 FX Titan model. It has an overall length of 6 ¾” and a 5” height. The Titan Lightweight weighs only 27.9 oz. unloaded. It has an ambidextrous manual safety, grip safety, locked breech.

The Fatboy Lightweight, also by Shooters Arms Manufacturing, Inc., is an improvement on the original Fatboy model. It has a 5” height and overall length of 6 ¾.” It weighs 27 oz. unloaded and includes the same safety features as the Titan Lightweight.

MSRP for the Titan Lightweight is $598, MSRP for the Fatboy Lightweight is $700.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    Another 1911? Yuck.

    Short barreled 1911? Double yuck.

  • Mike Knox

    Can anyone make these pistols lighter and smaller that CCW peeps forget they’re packing?..

  • Anonymoose


  • John Doe

    More 1911s! I’ve been waiting all year!

  • Esh325

    The 1911 market is saturated, but they wouldn’t be coming out with new 1911’s every year if nobody was buying them.

  • gunslinger

    hum.. it’s not an ar.. great
    oh it’s a 1911…it’s been done.

    where’s the innovation?
    (oh yeah, we want 1911s and ars)

    i guess we’ll never be happy.

    i just want a nice 5″ regular old 1911

  • Netforce

    Fatboy Lightweight? Who on earth would name the gun “Fatboy”?

  • TZH

    I handled this thing before. felt nice. looked OK.

    I think it would live in my man-purse or my drawer.

  • El Duderino

    So…the Fatboy is a 10 shot double stack? It’s hard to tell.

    • dlhvac

      12 and one in chamber

  • John Smith

    The Fatboy is pretty neat – proprietary double stack 12 round magazine. I have owned the original fatboy (non lightweight) for about 6 months. Having read a ton of negative feedback on various forums about both double stack and short slide 1911s before purchasing, I’ve been incredibly surprised with *my* gun’s reliability. Granted I’ve only put a couple hundred rounds (including cheap Tula crap) through the thing, but still – it has yet to malfunction.