High Speed Video 40mm Grenades Being Fired

These videos show the new Madritsch ML40AUS 40mm grenade launcher, mounted on Thales Australia EF88 Assault Rifle, being fired with a M583A1 White Star Parachute illumination round (top video) and a M433 HEDP (bottom video).

The Madritsch ML40AUS was designed for use on the EF88 rifle. Its trigger sits within the EF88 trigger guard allowing the operator to fire it without taking their hand off the rifle’s pistol grip.

[Hat Tip: Rogue Adventurer]

Steve Johnson

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  • D

    It’s interesting how the flare round starts to yaw almost instantly from leaving the barrel.

    Not sure how i feel about having two triggers in one trigger guard; i wonder if it would make accidents more likely, or harder to use gloves with it? Wuuld be alot easier to aim, though.

    • Pepin the Short

      The trigger guard on the EF88 is more of a handguard. It’s got plenty of room, and the grenade launcher trigger is directly underneath the rifle’s trigger, in such a way that one could operate both triggers like the keys of an accordion.
      Like so:

      It’s definitely friendlier ergonomics than whatever attempt would be made for a similar arrangement on an AR-15 platform.

    • MrSatyre

      Man, your first sentence took the words right out of my mouth! That really surprised me.

  • noob

    BIG improvement over the wombat grenade launcher.