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  • bbmg

    Amazing how quickly the bullet decelerates, makes supercavitating ammunition seem all the more effective.

    Speaking of which, this photo appeared in TFB some time ago in a post about the ASh-12 50 cal assault rifle:

    Far right column, fourth cartridge from the top, marked “4.5x19mm pistol cartridge *something*”, can’t make out the last word. Are the Russians developing supercavitating pistol ammunition?

  • Nicks87

    What is the point of this? Is it just “gee-wizz” info or is there some kind of meaning to it? Are you trying to show us how ineffective pistols are underwater? I think thats been common knowledge for about the past 100 years or so. Maybe Andrew just needs more expended bullets for his jewelry collection?

    There is a youtube video where a guy does the same thing (with an explanation of why) here:

    • Griffin


      I know I always look for deep meaning in all the posts of the gun blogs I follow.

      High speed good looking video of a firearm being shot in unusual conditions? I’ll pass, it’s been done before. It has to be 100% completely original in concept or relay a deep significant meaning to be worth my time. If it doesn’t meet that criteria I will post a comment letting them know I don’t see the point.

  • gunslinger

    the people that hate this are probably the same ones who like any new video on youtube shooting a gun. oh? an ar-15 at a steel plate? never done before. AK against a cinder block wall? never…tracers…tanneraite…etc?

    cool looking stuff is cool.

  • Zermoid

    I knew bullets didn’t go far in water, but damn, the bullet hardly went farther than the ejecting empty!

  • Bryan S.

    I think these vids are more telling of the gas expansion that takes place, than the motion of the bullet. We know bullets go forward, at speed.

    I sill want to see this with a suppressor… and I think it would be excellent to see thermal high speed imagery of standard and suppressed firearms.

  • Karina

    Attack of the Underwater Ice Cream Cone, Episode II: Glocks under Attack.
    I watch these videos because they’re pretty entertaining to look at… not because I’m searching for a deep, detailed, fully-explained meaning. I believe some people out there hate because they don’t know how to have fun.

  • HalP

    Fun Fact: Frogmen in the Pacific during WW2 would sometimes get shot at while they were swimming near beaches during their job. They would just dive under the surface a little and were able to catch bullets with their hands underwater to keep as souvenirs.