Turkey Captures PKK Anti-Material Rifle

It did not take long for Turkey to capture at least one of the crude anti-material rifles that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) insurgents were showing off in propaganda photos recently.

The ammunition looks to be steel cased. I don’t know of any steel cased .50 BMG ammunition so I believe the rifle must be chambered in either 12.7×108mm or 14.5×114mm.

[ Many thanks to Tarkan for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I have been informed that PKK calls this DIY rifle “Zagros” (the name of a mountain range in Northern Iraq, along the border with Iran) and it is indeed 12.7mm.

  • bbmg

    Also captured with a tactical umbrella, hmmm…

    Not a new ploy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Allerberger

    “During combat, Allerberger was noted for using the Wehrmacht-taught technique of an umbrella with the cloth removed and foliage woven into the arms which he held to his front in order to camouflage himself.[3] This camouflage was quickly assembled and lightweight and adaptable to many circumstances.”

    • gunslinger

      now THATS how to fight! although i had flashbacks to those pictures of guys with life jackets and such fighting in the streets..

  • Alien426

    Today, let me be the party pooper to point out that it should be “anti-materiel rifle” with an “e”.

    It’s okay, I’m German. 😉

    • JonathanF

      Actually, it’s ‘matériel’ with an accent.


  • Lance

    Like it worried about quality. Made in a basement this could blow you up not the Iraqi truck your aiming at. Good idea though.

  • Mike Knox

    I bet this’ll end up monted on some wall in an office somewhere in Turkey like some singing bass or something..

  • Chase

    Ya gotta love Liberia.

    • Chase

      A glitch seems to have occurred, this was supposed to be a reply to Gunslinger’s comment about guys fighting in lifejackets.