Sig Sauer 1911 and P238 Zombie Edition

Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd., a full-line distributor for the hunting and shooting-sports industry, is proud to exclusively offer the Zombie Edition of Sig Sauer’s popular 1911 and P238 pistol.

Both Zombie Edition pistols have attention-grabbing enhancements, including green Hogue Extreme Series aluminum grips, complete with the Biohazard symbol. The guns also feature green “Z” etching on the slide side, and a Biohazard symbol etched on the blackened stainless steel slide on top in front of the rear sight.

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Steve Johnson

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  • cthadrian


  • Darkness


  • Marc

    Remember when SIG Sauer just made no-frills, quality pistols?

    • Brandon

      I’m only 26….so no.

    • W


      ah, nostalgia.

  • Máté

    There better be a zombie apocalypse with so many zombie related products on the market now.
    On a serious note they could at least put some effort into these, not just rely solely on the word “zombie”.

    • David/Sharpie

      What would you do with a pistol?

      I would just make it in a common calibre and that’s really it. I do like the grips on these though.

  • S.

    What’s next? My Little Pony edition rifles and pistols?

    • KC

      I could go for six of those.

    • Sean

      You mean like this?

      • gunslinger

        those look “bubba’d” not an “official” release from a mfg.

      • Chucky

        An official product licensed by Hasbro will never happen. But there are few well made examples done by fans.

      • Burst

        Particularly useful on a machine gun, as the barrel would be 20% cooler.

      • S.

        Way to ruin an Enfield. Now I know why other countries hate us.

      • Chucky

        If by ruin you mean he totally missed Rainbow Dash’s shade of sky blue, yes, it’s ruined.

  • Nicks87

    Yet another zombie item to make firearms enthusiasts look like they live in fantasy land.

    Why not make predator vs alien themed firearms or underworld replicas?

    • Máté

      You mean like this:
      And while Underworld didn’t really have special things in it, there are Resident Evil weapons:

      • sdog


      • W

        sweet baby moses…

        I always knew the “M41 pulse rifle” was a thompson SMG with a 870 covered with a SPAS12 heat guard, but I didnt think those could fire live ammunition…

        I wonder if the “smartgun” can fire live ammunition too…somebody please, for the love of christ, find a video. my youtube skills lack.

        • Máté

          Actually in the video that wa a conversion kit to an M11.

      • BoneOboe

        For “W”
        In the “Alien” movies boxed set, each film has one or two discs of extras. The smart gun if I recall was an MG42 (or 5.56 clone) on a steadi-cam armature. The short belt of ammo was contained in a small drum attached to all the rest of the foo-fer-ah.
        I scanned through this, I’m not sure they get to the guns in this. But it’s interesting in any case:

      • W


        thanks for the link. I watched the whole thing last night and realized I need to get my sci-fi on again 😀

        Yes, that was a MG42 with the drum magazine. It also incorporated fucking motor cycle handles!!! I recall in Aliens that the gun was rendered safe and unsafe with a electronic connector devise, which the characters turned in to the NCO during the scene where they couldnt fire their main weapons in the confined corridors.

        too cool!

    • David/Sharpie

      Hey man, if you can’t have fun with your guns, what’s the point in owning any?


    Hate to break it to all of you but they really dont care. Does it make them more money? Yes!!! It opened them up to a ton of new customers than just gun enthusiasts. So till they start hating money you can look forward to more of this just wait till a new movie comes and gives them new ideas.

    • Marc

      I’d prefer a company that’s more concerned about the quaity of its product rather than a current fad. I wouldn’t mind both quality and fad, but Exeter apparently traded one for the other.

    • Phil White

      Very true as long as it sells they will sure make it whether it’s ammo, guns or whatever can be thought of.

      Obviously there is a market for these so:-)

      Granted I like watching “Walking Dead” but I’m not going to be buying any green guns.

      • W

        its kind of self defeating anyways (and “colorfully” ironic), because no self respecting zombie flick will ever have one of these green zombie guns in them…not one. Never has been, never will be.

  • sdog

    i am not an anti zombie theme minded person, but who decided that the default “zombie” color is florescent green? i’ll pass, but i do love all my sig’s.

    • David/Sharpie

      That’s a very good question, I have no idea why.

  • gunslinger

    that green is from the toxic waste that’s green..that causes zombies..

    ok, w/e. it’s a fad and as long as companies can make money, they’ll do it.

    would a company sell one $1200 1911 that’s high quality, or 500 $600 “themed, crappy” 1911s? i’m not a math wiz…but

    so until the “fad” stuff isn’t as profitable cmpared to the quality stuff, watch out. there may be a My Little Pony theme too…

    • Máté

      I thought recently zombies were caused by viruses (or TV).

    • W

      thank you for confusing me more than i already am 😉

      According to Max Brooks’ work, zombies are caused by a virus.

      not that specifics matter because the question i have is WTF does the color green have to do with zombies?

      • gunslinger


        toxic waste mutates virus? resident evil the anti-virus is green. so i guess you could say green “kills” zombies?

        but i guess that fluorescent green was always used to denote something “unnatural” so i can see the jump to zombies because…well they are unnatural.

  • Middle Man

    Look for these two items to be heavily discounted and for sale in CDNN’s flyer before the end of 2013.

  • Andy from West Haven

    As a big fan of zombie movies, I still have to say, “Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!”

    Ugh. Enough already!

  • 15yroldgunman

    Why not sell the grip as an accesory and not exclusivley

  • West

    Seems like “Hicks & Co” would be busy developing a pulse rifle with caseless armor piercing ammo.

    • Beefalo

      You mean 10mm explosive tipped caseless, I assume?

    • schizuki

      Yeah, but I like to keep _this_ handy for close encounters [chk, chk!]

  • Frost

    Can someone please slap the designer of those gun themes? he/she must be mental….

  • Murph

    The target customer has the same mental capacity as the proposed target.

  • Bryan S.

    Buy it, strip it, park it… be done. That is, after it is on clearance or you win it at a gun bash.

    • fred johnson

      A really big one.


      • fred johnson

        Crap, replied to wrong post. 🙁

  • lolinski

    It should come with a throw-up-bag.

  • schizuki

    Awesome… more catering to mall ninja mass-murder fantasies.

    “It’s OK… they’re ZOMBIES!”

  • Dean

    Just a few more companies to come full circle….

  • Anonymoose

    >using .380 and single-stack pistols to fight zombies

    Oh, wow.

    • David/Sharpie

      If you need headshots, .380 is fine.

      Yup, single stacks suck, that’s why the Marine Corps just replaced all their single stacks, with more newer single stacks……………….

  • Mike Knox

    Oh GOD! SIG TOO!?!? You’re dead to me SIG! DEAD!!!

    • Azzy

      Meh, quality has been iffy for years anyhow, this is just kicking a corpse. No pun intended.

  • Ivan

    So SIG is offically out of ideas.

    • W

      right and here’s the funny thing: there are still not any respectable quantities of the 550 series of rifle being sold here in the US; certainly not any that are competitive in pricing.

      makes me want to induce a *facepalm.

  • John Doe

    Make the horror stop.

  • sergio

    hola . los zombies que catalogacion tendran ! , como personas , como alimañas , y los androides ? se regulara su exterminio con algun tipo de licencia ? , imagina que tienen abogados ,. no veo nada claro el tema

  • robert

    What’s with the extra long front sight on the 238? Fiber optic?

    • jim

      the long fiber optic front sight, and the odd forward shifted rear sight seems as if it has really shortened the sight radius.. i could be wrong, but the P238 already has a short sight radius, shortening it even more would make it harder to get a steady sight picture IMO…

      • Trev

        Long sight radius is way over hyped. Plenty of people can practically target shoot with J frames. Doesn’t get much shorter than that.

  • Robert

    Also. Puketastic.

  • Trev

    This is like watching a train wreck.

  • W

    color me confused, but according to zombie movies, they need to be killed by a shot to the head.

    well, if a 9mm does the job (or smaller), then why would somebody carry a 45 ACP 1911 with a seven round magazine!?!?!?

    You want a zombie gun? get a glock 17 with the 17 rounds plus 2 floor plates. Problem solved. or a ruger 10/22 with a bunch of large capacity magazines.

    I think the zombie craze is pretty funny. They market hollowpoints when zombies would be killed just as effectively with a FMJ 😀

    • Nicks87

      Why would anyone carry a 1911 at all.

      7 rnd mags? You might as well carry a revolver. At least you know the revolver will go bang when you pull the trigger.

      • Phil White


        My turn:-) Cause they are great pistols with superior knockdown power, great trigger and they work very well. Just not with green grips and a big green “Z” on the side.

      • VMax

        So much for, “I’m done arguing with pro 1911 guys on this board.”

      • Nicks87

        No arguements just a bold but true statement. 🙂

    • mosinman

      maybe some shoot better with the 1911? and i think if all you need is a headshot then a .22 would be the unltimate zombie gun, tons of ammo, high capacity, low recoil…..

      • W

        my point exactly 😀

      • mosinman


    • David/Sharpie

      Actually I’ve been thinking of “building” a “zombie gun” by taking a 1022, putting a 12.5 inch bull barrel on it, a Tapco “Tactical trainer” stock, some sort of red dot sight and stenciling the word “Zombie” on the cheekweld of the stock.

      I have up to 32 round mags too.

  • darrel

    The sad part is, I’ve actually seen gear queers with crap like this at ranges all over the place. This is the equivalent of buying a “Chuck Norris Special Edition Peacemaker”….

  • bob

    My experience with limited production guns is that they become collectable within 5-10 years time. Taurus, S&W and Hk have had limited production/discontinued guns in the last 5 years that have gone up in value significantly with some rare models going for almost triple the money that they originally sold for in almost new condition.

    And what’s with all the bashing of people who purchase zombie stuff with their hard earned money if that’s what they are into and gets more people into guns that would be a good thing in my book.

    Shouldn’t we act more civil towards one another in stead of turning every thread on this blog into either some specific gun-owner group or gun-maker bashing slug fest(I’m guilty of both offenses too).

    • Máté

      Actually this is against effortless “design”, not against zombie fans.

  • Paranormal

    Several hundred years from now archeologists and historians are going to dig up a range of this zombie rubbish. Just imagine the interesting theories they’ll come up with to explain what caused this madness.

    • David/Sharpie

      No, we have awesome records keeping these days. They will know that Zombies were “IN” during this time.

  • Netforce

    The grip looks okay but that “Z” on the slide must go.

  • nate

    ok so i could see this gun with a biohazard on it with out the slick green grip i was with my father and we are big gun fans i prefer sig and 1911 because thy are a good sport gun but i would rather sig take the green grip off it and maybe put the biohazard sign on it and not relate it to zombies my dad made fun of me because i wanted it i didnt realize it was even related to the zombie BS until my dad seen the amm box kinda dissapointing.

  • derfel cadarn

    Doesn’t anyone realize how ridiculous this kind of stuff makes the pro-gun people look ? What’s next Buffy the Vampire Slayer ARs and silver bullet ammo ? We are poised at a crisis in America and we treat it like it is a game. It is bad enough that there are people out there looking to by this bullshit ,but it completely irresponsible for manufactures to being delivering it. If we cannot act seriously how can we expect to be taken seriously ? It seems my people (the gun crowd) needs to do some growing up.

    • gunslinger

      i don’t think it’s the mfg’s fault. they have a responsibility to the owners of the company (shareholders or private owners). and if there is a legitimate market to make money on, it would be irresponsible to NOT to go after that. so as i said before, if the gun community wants this and will pay for it.. you’ll keep seeing this stuff

    • David/Sharpie

      Who cares what people think? It’s your money, buy what you want. Anti’s hate us anyways, no matter if you’re holding your gramps hunting shotgun of one of these.

      If you can’t have fun with your guns, what’s the point in owning any?

    • Chris Bayman “A Real Shooter”

      Your people? HA, FUCK YOU. Im in the “gun crowd” and theres no way that me or any other enthusist would be your people. Your an ignorant fuck! Theres no growing up that needs to be had. What, you have a .22 and think you know everything? Are you old and decrepit? Whatever the case may be, you could never be part of the “gun crowd”. Everyone that I know that is an avid shooter are a HELLUVA LOT more open minded than you. Your a fucking idiot.

    • Heidi L. Baumoh

      Holy shit, that’s a good idea

    • CMFINC

      and I guess a pink or purple gun is a pile of junk as well right?? ambush makes a pink camo AR-15 and it must be junk.. its pink.. even tho ambush is denial defense

  • ZdSurvival

    I Actually enjoy these guns, I didn’t really get into guns until after the zombie stuff (not because of the zombie stuff) so i’ve constantly seen these things on the market. I sell firearms at Gander Mtn. and we have a whole slew of these things and I think i’m the only person interested in it. Mainly cause my name is Zack, it has the z on the side and the biohazard symbol on the top etched in, I would probably be replacing the grips with the Equinox wood instead of keeping these on. Everybody likes to look at these guns, but soon these mfg’s will realize that thats all people are doing, is looking. As many have stated on this forum, Most people that are actually Prepping are going to be interested in more efficient firearms.

  • lasercad

    Get off your high horse. If a buyer likes the look of the gun, that’s his business. Sig makes a quality piece… graphics don’t cause the bullet to come out any different. The more armed Americans, the better. Quitcherbitchin.

  • Patti the zombie slayer

    Awe come on guys, what’s the harm? Does everything have to scrutinized and dissected? I’m a girl and I bought this gun! I love the way it looks,especially the green “Z”!

    • CMFINC

      id buy one if I could find one.

  • Jer

    I own this gun and it’s awesome. It is precise and well made. I bought it because it was cool looking and I love Sig anyway. Shoots awesome. If there ever are Zomies, I will shoot them proudly in the head with this gun, along with my many others.

  • Steve Gwilt

    At some point in the future, I can see this gun either becoming very collectible or confiscated by liberal “gun collectors”. Let’s pray for the prior.