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  • Trev

    That is nice of them. I’m sure the Greeks could use all the military aid they can get considering the state of their economy.

  • Kav

    That is a very classy way of saying thanks. It’s like how the Soviets did it, minus the terrible grade of weapons.

    Is that the Hellenic Coast Guard logo on the grip?

    • Hikerguy

      I believe it’s the IWI trademark (Israeli War Industries) or whatever they call themselves now.

    • Not cool enough for school

      Oh you.

    • Kav

      Lol, my eyes are worse than I thought.

  • Finn

    The greeks just bought a crapload of heavy weaponry (tanks etc) with the money they loaned without any intent of ever paying back.

  • 15yroldgunman

    Another way to aggravate turkey maybe

    • Hikerguy

      I didn’t think about it at first, but you may just have a point there.

    • Samopal

      Everything aggravates Turkey.

      • 15yroldgunman

        Next thing u know those tar 21s will be headed for Armenia and not Azerbaijan

  • Matt in AZ

    I have always been a big fan of the CZ-75 design and the Jericho is about the finest example to be had. I have never understood much about politics, yet it seems like an appropriate gift of thanks. Many may scoff at the idea of a pistol as a primary weapon, but a pistol isn’t a bad choice when the mission is boarding a vessel at night.

    • Kendall

      As far as politics goes, it isn’t the content of the gift that’s the issue. It’s that Israel is using gifts like this to corral neighbouring states into indirectly helping the occupation and oppression of Palestinians and their global support. Similar to the US’s practice of giving an unreasonable amount of guns, armour, and training to any shady bunch of guys willing to kill Communists.

      • Gosu

        Kendall – don’t post online if you’ve forgotten to take your prolixin.

        That is all.

      • Justin

        Yeah, cause unless you agree with everything israel does, you’re crazy

    • Komrad

      Jerhicos/Uzi Eagles/Baby Desert Eagles are pretty slick. I’d still give the cake to Sphinx of Switzerland for nicest, although Tanfoglio and CZ’s own custom shop are great too.

  • Hikerguy

    Make that IMI. Israeli Military Industries.

  • TangledThorns

    The all-steel Jericho 941S with rail is my first pistol. Too heavy for conceal carry however it is my main home defender, very reliable.

  • Kyle

    A gift in the form of guns. A good gesture until you realize that they will now have to buy parts from israel now. Unless they make them in house.

    • Jimbo

      In all likelihood, being an oddity, they’ll either be cosmolined up and left indefinitely in some arsenal or used until they break by reserve/police forces.

      500 is a small amount in the grand scheme of things; not at all enough to officially adopt.

      • Flounder

        cosmolined! HMMMMM Does that mean the 20 years from now i’ll be able to buy a jericho for 100$? 😀

  • asdf

    This happened back in March…

  • Samopal

    That was nice of them, I’m sure my countrymen appreciate it. They could use all the help they can get nowadays.

  • Lance

    While the pistol is free. I bet the replacement parts are not so IMI makes a profit.

    • Samopal

      As Jimbo said, these probably won’t be maintained very well. They’ll either be stored away or used until they break.

      Greece has a pretty good supply of USPs, 1911, P7s and other handguns to distribute amongst its military and police forces. They also have production licenses with HK for the aforementioned USP and P7. There’s no reason they’d bother buying new parts to maintain these non-standard Jerichos when they can just make more USPs and keep the money in country.

      • JMD

        They’ll probably just sell them to the first reasonable bidder, and end up taking indirect payment for services rendered to the Israelis. I’ll bet a pile of them just “get lost”. We’re talking about Greece, afterall. They’re pretty much having an economic apocalypse, and I’m sure they’ll take every penny they can get right now.

  • Elkbeer

    How would you guys rate this gun? Would it be a good first pistol? It is in my list along with Springfield XD, Glock 17, S&W M&P, and Sig 2022.

    Most of my experience is with hunting rifles centerfirer and rimfirer.

    • Jeff

      Nothing wrong except for having a poor/nonexistent warranty, as other people have pointed out already. Once the pistol breaks, it’s in your hands to fix it (which shouldn’t be that hard if it only involves replacing small parts)

      Springfield Armory, and S&W generally have good warranties… Sig has a one year warranty. Glock, Ruger, and Taurus are companies that will stand behind their product (provided you didnt blow it up with reloads, or do anything stupid) regardless of owner.

      As for CZ clones, I’d stay away from Tanfoglio/EAA, lots of frame cracks in its past that haven’t been resolved yet.

      And a word of advice – keep your receipt in a safe place!!!

      • Komrad

        The issues with cracking only apply to non-competition 10mm models and to a lesser extent .45 ACP models. Match and better have no issues if you use the appropriate recoil spring instead of the stock 14lb one.

    • Brandon

      Did a little research into them since one of my friends wants one.
      Extra magazines are expensive and hard to find, and it’s almost impossible to find a decent holster for it. It’s also a fairly heavy pistol.

      For concealed carry, no. For range gun, yes.

      • crkt dylan

        i know from personal experiance that 9mm jerichos work 100% with cz 75 magazines providing they are cz or mec gar mags. if you are willing to go for a soft sided universal tasmanian tiger’s leg holster serves me extremely well for range carry but ive yet to find something that will work for open or concealed

    • Jefe

      Your choice of pistol should really depend on what you intend to use the pistol for. With that said, these are pretty nice. A Baby Eagle .45 was the first handgun I ever fired, and it just felt good to shoot. As somebody else said, it’s fairly heavy, but it feels solid and fills the hand well. I imagine one in 9mm would feel much the same with less recoil.

  • Tony

    There is nothing wrong with receiving free pistols + ammo.

  • W

    my friend has a jericho 9mm and that is a neat pistol. certainly rugged and reliable.

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, I remember losing a Jericho 941 9mm to apartment clutter..

  • Cuban Pete

    You take care of Israel, they take care of you. Israel takes care of you, you take care of them. The old back-scratching at work. Ever since the Turks got all uppity about supporting the PLO/Hamas blockade runners (Turkey likes to talk a tough talk, but can’t back it up worth crap), Israel has strengthened its military/political ties to both Greece and Cyprus.

    A win-win for both the Greeks and Israel, and just another dumb blunder in the long history of dumb Turkish blunders.

  • Squirrel Nut

    These comments kill me lol

  • abprosper

    Clever gift. It isn’t too expensive, is gracious and gets the IMI brand out there.

  • mike

    Jericho 941 best gun made