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  • derekb

    These cheap screwdrivers aren’t worth much of anything. For relatively little more money you can get a decent tool from a legitimate manufacturer.

    • Mike

      My thoughts exactly. And if you’re even more serious, you go for the “professional” line from a legitimate manufacturer – my dad bought me a blue Bosch cordless drill/screwdriver so I could have something decent for home repairs.

      • derekb

        DeWalt’s 12v lithium line is a godsend. They’re light enough to hang on your belt all day but have plenty of power to drive 3″ screws, and probably 4″, though I haven’t tried.

  • Icchan

    I like to imagine the design committee and the marketing types getting together with a “how could this ever go wrong!?” mindset…

  • Mouse

    Even less reason now to mix beer and power tools.

  • Pietro

    I know gun safety (and safety in general) has to be taken seriously, but I think that a person or child that is accustomed to play with car toys is not more prone to car accidents. And I think the same applys to gun toys (or gun shaped powertools).

    Of course, with an easy access to guns, one could think that a kid could be get confused between a toy/tool and a weapon. But I would say that the safety problem is not generated by the shape of the toy/tool; is generated by the uncontrolled access to the gun, or a by giving a gun to a kid too young to handle it.

    Unfortunately there is little protection against stupidity, and not allowing such a shaped toy/tool would not fix anything, I fear. It would just “make the game” (??) of the anti-gun groups, that instead of banning dangerous toys would support a ban for the real thing.

    • Mouldy Squid

      Toy cars are rarely 1:1 scale. It is clear it is a toy. Gun toys (and crap like this thing) are much much closer to 1:1 scale (if not exactly) and much much easier to confuse for the real thing.

      Besides, when was the last time you let a child play with your car?

      • Pietro

        I see your point but I’m still not convinced.
        Naturally we all agree that, in case of accidents with children and guns (or cars) the blame has to be put on the parents for not having control of their dangerous items and for not having taught responsibility to their children.

        But putting an “accessory blame” on some items or situations that supposedly lead a teenager to be confused between false or true dangers, in some way seems a dangerous idea to me.
        I fear that somebody, starting from that idea, could conclude that realistic replicas of guns are as dangerous as real ones cause people could not understand the difference…

        By the way, when I was a kid I recall my father allowing me to play with his car, but without keys in the ignition; he would have not allowed me to play with a car that I could voluntarily or mistakenly drive.
        At the same time, I remember to have had loads of fun with quite realistic toys that shot very primitive blank cartridges.
        This didn’t lead me to be confused between consequences of misuse of cars or guns.

  • D

    clever use of the cylinders to hold the bits.

  • gunslinger

    meh on this. i’d rather spend money on a decent drill set.

  • Philip

    I love it. It’ll go well with the AR-15 nail gun that came out a while back.

    I won’t get one personally, because my 3-year-old is still fuzzy on the concept of guns and safety, and I don’t want to send mixed signals. But if this thing is around when he’s older…

  • 13

    ” Children might get the wrong idea about guns if they see an adult in the house using a gun-like object in a un-gun-safe manner.”

    If you teach your children the difference between a “gun-like object” and a real gun there is nothing to worry about.

    the same argument has been made countless times by many nanny-staters regarding toy guns and nerf guns.

    • Tim

      C’mon, that’s like teaching them the difference between pretend unicorns & real princesses.

      The things a toy that looks like a gun. It’s one step above the airsoft retards & their replica black guns.

      Bad idea.

      • clayton

        I am glad I am a “retard” because I enjoy playing airsoft as well as my enthusiasm for real steel firearms. Just because you don’t enjoy something doesn’t mean everyone else can’t without being a “retard”. I also enjoy playing Call of Duty, I’m sure you will place me in the same category for that. I am a concealed carry holder, enjoy shooting clays with my shotgun and firing my handgun when I can afford to, and I am about to graduate college with a degree in Fire, Explosion and Arson investigation with a GPA above 3.0. Guess I am still a “retard”.

      • KTK

        Tim, this is a blog for mature and respectable individuals. If you’re going to have an opinion, state it in a manner that doesn’t make you look like scum.

      • Cymond

        If shooting a highly-realistic airsoft at home makes me a “retard”, then I guess I’m glad to be a “retard”, too.

        Living in California, there is an indoor handgun-only range about 15 minutes away. We can only shoot at paper targets, only shoot slow fire, and are restricted in our ammunition choices. There is an outdoor range about an hour away, but it is just as heavily structured as the indoor range. The only advantage is that the outdoor range has less concussion and has a section for rifles. There is absolutely no where that I can go to shoot at multiple targets, reactive targets, or do any kind of ‘tactical’ drills.

        And before you tell me to move to a free state, the only way I can do that within the next 2 years is if I get a divorce first.

  • fred

    “un gun safe”?

    As long as they teach the kid to not point it at anything they don’t want to screw.. or unscrew everything will be fine..


    not a good thing. a gun is a gun and not to be used in this way!

  • Bob Z Moose

    Orange muzzle and half a brain should keep most people (kids included) from thinking that it’s OK to use a 357 to drive nails.

  • Steven J.

    What a “tack driver” 😉