I may have been the last person on the internet to watch this video, but it made my day. It is hilarious.

In the video he keeps refering to “midcaps” which was a term I needed to google. Apparently it is an airsoft term for magazines with a 100 – 200 round capacity. “Hicaps” can have many times that capacity.

[ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for emailing me the info. ]

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  • Nathaniel

    Imagine the weight if those were real USGI mags…

    • Garrett

      They actually have mags that are weighted the same as if they are full of 30 rounds of 5.56. They can get expensive though (I believe $50+ per, which is a lot for an airsoft player). They used plastic mags, which are a fraction of the weight in the video (cost between $8-$10 each). Still, quite a bit of bulk though.

      This is actually an old video, still hilarious to watch though. For those that are interested, airsoft magazines have a few different terms to describe capacity. “Real cap” is between 20-30 rounds (stands for real capacity, obviously), “Low cap” is between 45-60, “Mid caps” are between 100-150, “Hi Cap” are 190-5,000. Hi caps do not use a standard spring to push the BBs in though, they require a wheel at the bottom to be wound to feed rounds up to the follower (similar to a clock spring mechanism). Some of the larger ones (1,000+, which can range dual mags that looked taped together but actually feed from one side to the other all the way to the double drum Beta mags and “box” mags) can be motorized using sound detection or a standard push button.

      I apologize for the brain dump of information.

  • Kendu

    So, is that what I look like in MW3 when I have 600 rounds for my M4A1?

    • bob

      In reality carrying 600 rounds of 5.56 will slow you down to walking speed even if your running unless your in top tier physical condition. Shot em’ up video games get the visuals right but they don’t match up to reality like dealing with weight, fatigue, stress, adrenaline, extreme life-threatening fear, weapons malfunctions, recoil, death/injury and the psychological impact of being exposed to humans suffering around you (which will make an even deeper impact the longer you are exposed to it). The biggest folly is for people to confuse video games for what happens in reality on a battlefield which we see all to often on the internet not specifically on this blog or by its posters.

      • W

        I used to carry 20 magazines of 5.56 during raids in Iraq. You take your two triple mag shingles (which hold three magazine) with three double mag pouches attached in front of them and that gives you 12 magazines on your plate carrier or IBA/IOTV. then you grab that bandoleer that everybody has a propensity of just shoving in one of their duffle bags and load those with six mags, which gives you 18 (it has the added benefit of facilitating ammunition distribution to other members of your fire team if necessary). then there’s the two cinched mags for your rifle 😀

        yes its a heavy bitch. For a typical raid, adding up all of the equipment, it is over 200 pounds. I cannot give you a exact number because I honestly do not know. Then of course, there’s the bolt cutters or breaching ram, or a M500 and ITS ammunition, grenades, MBITR, and god knows what else. Consider Im not short of stature and was in my physical peak at the time. Believe me, if i were to do that now, i would probably kill over and die.

        Now for patrolling or OPs, in Iraq and ESPECIALLY in Afghanistan, I carried no more than 10 5.56 magazines. It is physically neigh impossible to be loaded for a raid and hike up and down those mountains. Some units tried it, which demonstrated the absolute most disgusting example of command failure that i care not to get into right now.

        This is also not considering carrying 7.62. Anything over ten mags is a encumbrance.

  • Netforce

    Haha, this is awesome. Supposedly if the guy falls down, can he even stand up? Good video though.

  • schizuki

    After watching that, I’ve got that “just came back from the gun show” feeling.

  • bikemancs

    For Airsoft a Standard or low cap is less than 100 rounds, usually 68 for a AR series.

    Mid Caps run 100-200

    Hi-caps are 200+ Usually in the 300 or 400 range.

    Hi caps are identifiable in some movies by the Edge of a wheel that sticks out from the bottom so you can ‘wind’ the magazine to push BBs from the large reservoir into the feed ‘tube’.

  • Jacen

    I need 6 minutes of my life back. With Epic Meal time, at least I feel hungry when I’m done. this is just…stupid

  • JAFO

    Wow, thought this was a firearm blog, not a toy blog…

    • Trev

      No I agree. It’s a firearms blog. I’m tired of air soft stuff coming up when I’m googling a real firearm.

      Seriously, try googling Beretta Elite II, image filter or no image filter.

      The amount of dislikes you received tells me a lot about the age demographic of this blog.

      Flame away.

      • Chucky

        Nah, those dislikes are from his lack of sense of humor.

      • david

        downvoted to oblivion….

    • Chucky

      Really? Complaining about toy guns? How about shooters treating real guns like toys?

    • West

      Its Friday, dude.
      Take a deep breath and try to laugh once in a while.

  • Hi-caps are the most common. They have a well and feed system, but bassically it means the BBs aren’t stacked in a tube with a spring. They rattle around and make noise like crazy which is far from tacticool.

    Most players with a bit more money, slightly more skill, the midcaps are better just to not deal with the malfunctions of the winding mechanism and rattling preventing you from sneaking up to opponents.

    • bima86

      I love when people bring their tactical maracas (hi-cap mags) into battle.. you can hear them a mile away and be ready for them.

  • steve

    NutNFancy could learn a lot from this duo.

  • gunslinger

    while not directly firearms related, i find this kind of funny. i mean, sure, why not put 100 mags on a belt?

    i liked the video game reference. this is what my player looks like…

    i wonder what Freeman from half life would look like…

  • Kinda surprised that they didn’t put a ludicrous amount of accessories on the rifle as well. What good is an insane amount of magazines if you don’t have a tacticool gun to go with?

    • Avery

      That’s the other video.

  • Mike Knox

    Arisoft, whenever you need a lol..

  • mosinman

    this looks like my setup, except the last accesory is a lifealert necklace , for when ive fallen and cant get up!

  • Isaac

    I loved the vid. Anybody who doesn’t like it, can spend the $2,500 simoleons on a new sense of humor.

  • mosinman

    if a mall ninja falls in the forest….. can he get up?

  • Dom

    I would rather just downvote on account of a shitty company.