Burris Eliminator II & III

Earlier this year Burris announced two new Eliminator scope models and updated the original Eliminator. The Eliminator scopes feature a laser rangefinder which automatically adjusts a 1/3 MOA illuminated aiming dot based on the cartridge load programmed into it. The laser rangefinding on the Eliminator I only works at the maximum zoom, but can be used at any zoom on the new Eliminator II & III

Eliminator III reticle with crosswind adjustment dots

From the press release …

The sleek, new design of the Eliminator III mirrors the form of a traditional riflescope, yet there is nothing traditional about this flagship scope. Designed for centerfire rifles, the Eliminator III 4x-16x-50mm laserscope features enhanced ballistic programming where the shooter enters not only the amount of bullet drop at 750 yards for load he is shooting, but the ballistic coefficient (BC) for his specific cartridge. The new X96 reticle provides a convenient and accurate method to manually compensate for wind. The digital readout displays a 10 MPH Wind Value as a “Dot Value” for the shooter’s specific cartridge at the indicated range. All these elements have been perfected and are available at the touch of a button. Suggested retail price is $1,499.

The new Eliminator II, a 4x-12x-42mm laserscope with the X38 reticle accurately calculates the distance out to 999 yards at any magnification, and it can also be programmed for any gun and any load. This new addition to the family of Eliminator scopes comes standard with inclination/declination compensation, making up hill and downhill shots incredibly accurate. For maximum efficiency and fingertip control, the Eliminator II comes equipped with a remote activation switch that can be attached to the firearm’s forearm or the scope’s objective bell. Suggested retail price is $999.

The new Eliminator 3.5x-10x-40mm is similar in design to the original Eliminator. The 3.5x-10x-40mm provides accurate ranging out to 800 yards, and it can be programmed to work with any gun and any load. The 3.5x-10x-40mm must be set to 10x magnification when ranging targets or trophies. For the shooter or hunter who only needs basic laser rangefinding capabilities, this scope is the perfect choice. Suggested retail price is $799.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    So it’s like a poor-man’s B.0.R.S system? 😉

    • Anon

      Except that the BORS doesn’t tell you the range…which means it’s open to user error in range estimation or correction adjustment.

      • tom

        Yes it does, but you have to know how to push the buttons (buy one).

    • BORS is a previous-generation technology. The Eliminator and the military equivalents don’t require an additional screen.

      The only problem with the Eliminator is weight. A scope without all the electronics, batteries etc. is always going to be smaller and lighter.

      • matt

        Is 8oz really going to ruin your gun?

      • Reverend Clint

        matt its actually 26oz

    • matt

      I don’t know how Barret can justify their price. BORS costs as much as this entire optic. And weights half of what the eliminator does.

  • derekb

    Holy crap. I had never heard of this line of scopes. If the optics are decent and the electronics work as claimed, these are very cool. Any word on how these bad boys do?

  • Julio

    I used the Eliminator I last year, and it’s a neat enough system on deer-sized targets, but on the original model you can only use the reticle holdover indicator at X10, which made it less precise than it might otherwise have been at ranges where the bullet is really showing drop. Also, you still had to figure out your windage the regular way. The new versions go some way to fixing the magnification limitations and resolving the windage issue. Nevertheless, I think Burris should be thinking about making a version for the millions of small game and varmint hunters who hunt with rimfires and air rifles since, for them, almost every shot involves a significant drop and windage adjustment. Current Eliminator scopes don’t model the low BCs, low velocities or short ranges involved, however, but it surely wouldn’t take major re-engineering to accommodate them.

  • gunslinger

    how does one enter the bullet information? is there a usb keypad? or is there a rotary switch and an “enter” button, so that you get into a menu..turn the knob to the setting you wish to change, hit a button, then turn the knob again to set the value?

    just curious.

    • matt

      USB port connected to a PC

      • matt

        On second thought, i’m not 100% sure about that, I saw it mentioned at SilencerTalk that it has USB, but the v1 manual shows there are several buttons for setting it up. The manuals for v2/v3 dont appear to be online.

    • Reverend Clint

      it has a pad on the side with buttons and the display inside the scope is used to calibrate

  • Brandon

    That seems surprisingly affordable. I hope you guys get your hands on one and review it for us.

  • when they put a wind function on it I’ll check it out.

  • I just purchased a “Burris Eliminator II this week (8-20-2012) and I’m very disappointed with the electronic button set up system and the ability of the scope to range and acquire its target. Also maintaining accuracy after a tiresum sight-in process. My scope does not function in setup mode as the directions describe and will not maintain its accuracy. I have made sure that all mechanical pieces were torqued and the scope did not loosen during fireing and again went through the unreliable bottom pushing set-up process 4 times now and it will be accurate for only 2-3 shots before it goes completely bizerk!! I’m deffinatly upset and disappointed with this scopes functionability and accuracy. I’m thinking about trying the latest model (Eliminator 3) if Burris will allow my return for exchange to the newer model. Burris has always made a reliable scope and I may have gotten a lemon so I’m willing to pay the extra and see if they have gotten the bugs out. I’ll let you know the outcome!

    • Dave Schultz

      Did you purchase Steel or aluminum mounts?. Did you use lock tite? The mounting hardware included with the scope is not up to large bore capabilities, however go steel and lock tite and all is well. I use a 270 win mag and can reach out to 1000 yards!

    • Bryan

      I’m having the same problem it will stay sighted in for 3 shots and then be off again I’m pissed

  • Rene

    when is it going to be shipped to the dealers by burris ?

  • Leonard

    I got an Eliminator II for Christmas, 2 yrs ago. I put it on my Bushmaster AR10. I put in the numbers to set up the program,…didn’t have any problems with that. 4 shots and it was sighted in. 30 mins later, I was putting rounds 400 yd down range in a 4×4 inch steel target. At that point, I was sold on it.

  • At what range will the 1200yd scope give you a reading of a deer? At what range will the 999yd scope give you a reading of a deer? At what range will the 800yd scope give you a reading of a deer? I have had 4 different range finders and one was a 400yd finder that would only go out to 250yd to a deer. I went to a higher finder 1000yd and would only give me a 600yd read on a deer size animal. I now have a 1200yd bushnell rangefinder but have not had a chance to check out the max distance i can range a deer at with it. I was tolk by a person that on a brite sunny day your scope did not do to well. I told him that all rangefinders have the same problems and it was not the Eliminator laser scope. What range can i exspect to range a deer with the 1200yd Eliminator Scope?

  • Lew

    There are “electronic” scopes by Zeiss that do all everthing but clean out the animal for you. This is a new-wave of scopes desidned for us to leave bulky equipment at home..problem with the Eliminator scope is operatig temperature..it cannot handle extreme cold weather according to the countless writr-ups I have read. If you need a good range finder that will do everything this scope does….try the G7 BR2 ( Nightforce)….another great product. Technology is finally getting to the long-range shooter.

  • Zeek Jones

    does anyone know if you can use the eliminator ll as video recording device as it has a plug that looks like a hook up to camera underneath the battery..if anyone has a clue about this feature or has had this question please advise