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  • Reverend Clint

    my friend used an OC can on the back of my other friend head inside my house

  • D

    Gotta think, nailing someone in the eyes with this would be more likely to just upset them rather then seriously deter them.

  • Bull it could be possible to make something even hotter than ordinary pepper spray actually … 🙂

  • Jeff Smith

    I’ve heard that rubbing alcohol mixed with salt works pretty well. A friend and I made a batch when we were younger for a lady friend that was having trouble with handsy guy.

    I’ve also heard that wasp killer (the kind with the 20 foot reach) can be rather effective. I wouldn’t want to get that in my eyes…

  • Mr Evilwrench

    I had some carburetor cleaner blow back on me once; I was seriously good for nothing for several minutes. Got one grain of black pepper in my eye one time, and it ruined my evening. Forget salt. Get the wrong stuff in your eyes and it will put you out of action. I have the equipment to extract the real stuff, though.

  • Mitch

    You know, I, like many others, underestimated the power of OC. Taking a couple of security classes while enlisted, I had to be sprayed, and my ENTIRE outlook on OC changed in an instant. Before anyone goes and says “that would just make someone really angry”, they ought to take a shot from ear to ear. I assure you, your position will quickly change as well. It is far, far more powerful than I (and many others) could have imagined. Respect’ da OC, for it can bring the pain like few can imagine.

  • Gadfly

    As a cop and trainer, I have been sprayed many, many times. OC SUCKS! I say if you have doubts, get sprayed, then let me know how “ineffective” it was… If you shoot someone, they cannot be “un-shot”. If you hit someone with a baton, you cannot un-break a bone. But you can spray the hell out of someone with OC, and they will be fine in an hour. When in doubt, the OC comes out… Just remember, it takes 5 to 10 seconds for the OC to really kick in once it is sprayed. It is a delayed reaction. But once it takes hold, OUCH!

  • BarryB

    The following site has some nifty OC “surprises” to protect one’s home and belongings. Triggered via pull wire or by your alarm system. Not home made but I like the idea!

  • Using anything that is not in use by the po-po as a les-lethal or non-lethal may wind up with you being arrested for using a “dangerous” weapon (misdemeanor) of maybe even a “deadly” weapon (misdemeanor, can be a felony).

    If you “brew your own”, you don’t have access to shelves full of studies showing it’s “less-lethality” like the rozzers or the dot-mil do.

    BTW, do use some launcher which is PROVEN not to make a mist, but a direct stream. If you have a sprayer, you WILL get backblast most of the time, and if your homebrew is any good, you may have done the bad guy a huge favor and put yourself at his mercy. He will get a huge chuckle out of that as he uses your cash or credit card to get his next jolly.

    BTW, I checked on wasp-spray. In my jurisdiction, Portland, OR, it would be considered a felony to douse someone with it, because it has as it’s carrier a volatile petroleum product, and the key ingredient is meant to KILL wasps, not disable them.

    Using it on wasps, you gun the nest, then knock it down, then set it on fire for good measure. Of course you wouldn’t do that to a human…