FAMAE SAF Being Exported To Canda

Those lucky Canadians get all sorts of nifty guns (for a price). The FAMAE SAF I blogged about earlier this week will soon go on sale in Canada later this month. Canadian firm Tactical Imports are bringing in civilian-legal semi-automatic models.


The FAMAE SAF and FAMAE Mini SAF will sell for $2000 CAD and the FAMAE SAF-200 for $2200 CAD.

[ Many thanks to Nick for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Anthony

    Wait a second… the Canucks got it before us?!

    • Spade

      If you replace “before us” with “and we never will” you have it right 🙁

      • Whitepaw

        We should count our blessings though. We can own just about any pistol that we could dream of, and in a decent handful of states we can own SBRs, suppressors (and other fun Class 3 devices), “hi-cap” mags, and can shoot pretty much wherever we want. (Within reason, of course)

      • Tyler

        Yup you guys are the lucky ones. I could have a silencer, if I wanted to be someone’s girlfriend in Kingston Penn, or wherever they will send us now that they are closing that. No the only way I could legally own any of the fun guns is if I were to immigrate down south and become a US citizen.

      • Paul

        Well come on down, we’ve got our problems in this country, but it’s really not all that bad. If you’re willing to plunk down the money for tax stamps and make it to a state like Kentucky, there really isn’t much limit to what firearms you can own: SBR, SBS, AOW, DD, pre-ban MG… wish there were more states with such open regulations.

    • David / Sharpie

      Tyler, the lucky SOBs that have P licenses have it easy, Probih firearms are dirt cheap.

      I was trolling around a website that sells full auto, clicked the M1928 Thompson………….$795 Canadian…..

      I’ve seen Baby Brownings go for $70 too.

      • Tyler

        I know I dated a girl whose grandfather had the P guess I should have held on to that one eh? Haha

      • David / Sharpie

        …….my grandmother let hers expire…..I COULD have gotten mine….BUT NOOOOOO!!

  • Tyler

    You guys are way more luckier than us you guys can have AK’s… I would give anything for an AK!

  • mkings01

    Very heavily inspired by the HK PDW and MP5, it seems.

    • bob


      The FAMAE Mini SAF has no functional resemblance to the HK MP5(roller locked closed bolt design). The FAMAE Mini is based on the SiG550 series of rifles who operate on a modified ak-47 type piston design. Comparing the two is more like apples to oranges.

  • 15yroldgunman

    Restricted or not???

    • Aaron

      All restricted, unfortunately.

    • Rob

      most likely restricted…

      • 15yroldgunman

        Yah thought so still find it interesting how the tar-21 and kriss vector are not though

      • Tyler

        The Kriss comes with a factory barrel of 18.5″ and same with the Tavor and with an overall length of probably just barely over 26″ they are good to go, as should be the law with AR’s in our fine country but alas it is not.

      • David / Sharpie

        15, the Kriss with the 18 inch “silenced” barrel is NR, the one with the Short…..8 inch (I think…not sure actually) is restricted.

        • Phil White


          The Kriss select fire has a 5.5 inch barrel which is also threaded for a suppressor. KRISS also sells their own branded suppressors. The standard semi-auto I wrote a review on has the longer barrel with a barrel shroud made to appear as though it was suppressed. The KRISS review is on TFB.

  • MrSatyre

    “Canda”, eh? 😉

  • Mabey

    All military Styled firearms are classed as prohibited in Canada. In the crimamal code it lists all AKs all ARs, the Thompson, and any auto can not have more than 5 round capacity except the M1 Grand thous are just a few rules. So getting any cool rifle is awesome.

    • Gabe

      We can get ARs, they’re restricted, not prohib (ie, classed as a handgun, not a rifle)
      And while we can’t get AKs we can get CZ 858s, which although not all that similar do share a cosmetic semblance to the AK
      No military style rifles? The Tavor TAR21 comes to mind, and hell, thats NON-restricted.
      But ya, some rifles like the FAL are illegal here, while other rifles with similar operating systems like the M14 are A.OK to own.

      • Tyler

        Our laws make no sense sometimes.

    • David / Sharpie

      Wrong, there are 3 AK variants that are NR, ARs are Restricted.

      Please research our laws better……………

      • Tyler

        what AK variants are you talking about? I know of one variant if you consider a valmet a variant and those non restricted ones are few and far between

      • David / Sharpie

        All are Valmet.

        The Hunter, Hunter Auto, and the M78 If I recall correctly.

        Last I heard they were mostly owned by the Inuit up north.

      • chris

        Yes, the good old Valmets, and do they ever command a premium when they come up for sale!!!

  • bob

    My hunch is these will be soon imported to the U.S. as pistols without the stocks, thereby making them fully legal for import. Once their here pay the $200 tax stamp, add a stock some 922r parts and there you have it, providing your in a state that allows SBR’s.

  • Anthony

    So wait, they’re not going to make a legal length barrel version for us that we can SBR, or have a stock-less pistol version?!

  • Trev

    I wouldn’t trade any of our US gun rights for the few cool things you can not import into the US.

    • chris

      Absolutely!!! Up here we really are limited by our draconian laws. However when we can enjoy something we do so, such as SBR and SBS. I have a Henry Mares Leg with full stock, Ruger 10/22 with a 9″ barrel, and a Rem 870 (clone) with a 12″ barrel. But would gladly give them up for the right to CCW and take my AR-15 varmint hunting.

  • Munkfish

    Are there no SBR laws in Canada?

    • Tyler

      This is what is classified as a restricted. You have to get a special license to own a restricted and you basically can’t take it anywhere without getting approval from the local RCMP. You can’t shoot it anywhere but a registered range of which you are a member, unless of course you have 100 acres of back woods then you are ok.

      • David / Sharpie

        It would be approval from the RCMP, I live in Calgary, there is no “local” jackboot I answer to.

    • David / Sharpie

      Not really, its the same class as a handgun, it’ll be a range puppy.

      No tax stamp though, which is good.

  • tovic

    what does this lovely piece fire. 7.62 or 5.56. Its quite a style for its size and easy carriage but its easy concealment is my fear for its future use.

    • Tyler

      9mm. The FAMAE 542 fires the 7.62 and the swiss arms PE 90 fires the 5.56 this thing is their little brother.

    • Scorpy

      It’s a 9 mm SMG based on a SIG action (FAMAE licenses SIG rifles) – similar to H&K MP5 in relation to the G3. If you want a 5.56 model, get a SIG553.

      Atleast for me it shows a few FAMAE articles on the “related” bit.

  • walter

    Can anyone identify the magnifier in the last pic?

    • Joe Schmoe

      It’s not a magnifier.

      It’s an ITL Mini N/SEAS night vision monocular mounted behind an ITL MARS sight.

  • alannon

    I will be unsurprised when the SAF-200 ends up in a sci-fi flick.

    Wouldn’t mind adding one, of any of the shown models, to my collection.

  • Hami

    There are a few HK G36s (not SL8 conversions) and MP7s avaliable for civilian ownership in Canada also. Lucky bastards!

    • David / Sharpie

      I’ve never seen Semi-Auto MP7s in Canada.

      • David / Sharpie

        Also, I’m pretty sure the Semi auto G36 you’re talking about would be classed as a “Converted Auto” and therefore Prhibited? HK built them on real G36 receivers, so I’ve heard.

      • Mike Knox

        There’s the MP7-A1 SP. A lot of Police units already have those around. Not for garden variety civilians though..

      • Hami

        Believe it or not there are a couple out there with semi auto trigger packs. One of the MP7s went for over 10k and i think i even remember someone saying it was restricted to 5 round mags. Gun laws are funny sometimes! Here are some pics of an HKpro member’s semi auto G36.


      • Kaj

        There’s a handful of semi-auto (authentic) G36 in Canada, but they sell for around $10k and you don’t see them selling very often because of the rarity. The G36E is non-restricted, while the G36K and G36C are restricted due to barrel length. Obviously these will only have semi-auto trigger groups, not being converted autos.

    • W

      they should sell MP7 “pistols” in america. take off the stock or sell a “rifle” with a 16″ barrel (like the FN PS90). The PS90 is awesome coyote gun!

      • Spade

        I’d buy a semi MP7 the day it came out.

  • Mike Knox

    2000 for one of an SAF? I’ll stick to an MP-5..

  • David / Sharpie

    Eh, for $2000 I’d rather get an ACR or XCR.

    Hell, spend $1000 more and even get the Swiss Arms Classic CQB.

  • Seamus

    i just got done working a fishing job in canada for the summer and i can comfortably say that the canadian people are not at all that lucky with firearms. americans have it better. im on a train back to philly and throwing back the whiskey kindof hard so im not going to get all into my explanation but all im gonna say is most folks up there own hunting rifles; handguns and assault rifles require a special permit similar to that which an american may possess who owns a suppressor. so yea dont envy our northern brothers when it comes to weapons. they crack down hard.

    • David/Sharpie

      The Restricted license is not at all similar as the ability to own silencers…………….

      The only “assault rifle” that is restricted (Other than short rifles) is the AR-15, the ACR/XCR/CZ 858 etc are all non restricted.