Turnbull TAR-10 Rifle: Western-Style AR-10

Turnbull has taken the original Black Rifle and given it a Western make over. The rifle features premium American walnut stock, forend and pistol grip. The upper and lower receiver are both made from color case hardened steel.

The rifle is chambered in .308 Win. The barrel is 16″ 4150 chrome moly-vanadium.

If you want one for Christmas you had better start saving. They are selling for $4,995.

Steve Johnson

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  • 6677

    A thing of beauty

    • Jeff

      Well, they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. About now I wish I was blind!

  • Nick Pacific

    I still want to know where they are sourcing their receivers, or if they’re making them in house.

  • Joseph

    Quoting the Turnbull site regarding the TAR-10…

    “Carbine gas system for smoother recoil”

    My response: Okay, so, that makes no sense. It’s the shortest gas tube length you can give me. . .

    “Turnbull Mfg. Co. uses DPMS & Bushmaster barrels and other components in this AR.”

    My response: Okay, so it’s cheap generally low quality parts you’re using. What gives?

    ( Source: http://www.turnbullmfg.com/store.asp?pid=36767 )

    • Trev

      The people who disliked your comment have no idea what quality AR parts are.

  • Michael

    That is one abortion of a rifle.

  • bbmg
  • Reverend Clint

    the upper is dpms style but steel

  • Clutch

    Overpriced junky parts. Sad to see a great gun company drop their quality to make a buck. Doug must be watching to much Sons of Guns or American Guns. It’s a $1000 rifle at best, so he thinks his finish and stock at worth $4000??????

  • CUrob

    I’m just waiting to see what movie this shows up in the next year or so, there by starting a new AR craze… Cowboy styling…

    With in two years the it over takes the “cult” bracket of the market… “zombie stuff is so last year”…. wooden accessories flood the market, china begins importing cheap knockoff’s with hand carved silhouettes of John Wayne… mexican cartels take note and begin tricking out all their guns “south western” style…. mainstream media finally takes notice and quickly links the trend to a sudden shocking increase in train/bank robberies and horseback getaways…Congress calls for the immediate regulation of all “western firearms” and votes to add the 1872 and other lever actions to the assault weapons ban…

    😉 i’m just saying… with the way things are going…

  • chucky

    Those who buy this also has wood panel on the sides of therr car.

  • MrMaigo

    Nope. Stock delta ring and government profile barrel

  • Ryan

    Turnbull does some amazing work, and their color case hardening has no equal, but an AR manufacturer they are not. No better proof could back that statement up better than this rifle and their choice of features for it(or lack thereof).

  • Mu

    I don’t like the carbine fore shaft, but otherwise I think it’s a very straight look. Don’t know where you get the Western style from, I thought classic German hunting rifle.

  • Komrad

    I’m not normally a fan of color case hardening, but that looks amazing.

  • Lex

    those are some beautiful parts put together to make a ridiculous looking gun
    AR aesthetics are surprisingly dependent on having a long barrel shroud

  • Nathaniel

    It would look better with a rifle-length forend and more traditional front furniture, instead of the modern D-ring/gas block retained forend.

  • james

    It looks like it could be the foundation of a good fancy rifle. Replace the trigger components and the barrel with something with a rifle length gas system.

    I have no idea what the cost of producing a steel color case hardened receiver set would be (don’t even know the chemistry involved), but I doubt quality trigger components and a decent barrel would add too much to the cost of this rifle. Another 300-500 bucks?

    I kind of doubt it’s intended market is going to be running it through carbine classes though, so maybe it isn’t worth the effort.

  • Modern junk gun design with great styling is still a junk gun. Why no put all that beauty on a design that deserves it?


    • 032125

      Thanks for the unbiased enlightenment.

    • mosinman

      because putting all that on an Ak is like putting $300 dollar lipstick on a pig. (yes i am aware of the AK’s virtues… and beauty isnt one of them)

    • Lol, that went over well with you folks…. tough crowd.

    • W

      i wouldnt call bushmaster or DPMS parts “junk”. Not everybody needs nor desires the holy water blessed “mil spec” parts. for most applications besides prolonged firing under battlefield conditions, these parts are more than acceptable.

      • Cymond

        Yes, DPMS and Bushmaster are fine for most uses. On the other hand, most people expect better than DPMS or Bushmaster on a $5,000 rifle.

  • DAve

    How retarded is it that they went out of their way to put the cut in the barrel for a grenade launcher???

    • Anonymoose

      I think it’s worse that they used a 16″ barrel and a carbine-length gas system instead of a 20″ (at least) barrel with a rifle-length gas system, especially when they used a fixed buttstock. Rifles with barely-legal barrel-lengths and fixed buttstocks just don’t look right…like it would make the weapon unbalanced…

  • Komrad

    All this needs is some brass or bronze to transform it from cowboy to steampunk.

  • Vhyrus

    Looks like something from firefly

    • Paul


  • Ben

    Mehh I like it.

  • Cymond

    What were they thinking? The color case hardening is neat, and wooden ARs are sometimes nice, but why use a carbine length upper with an A2 stock? It looks bizarre. An A1 style upper (20″ barrel, iron sights) would go with the retro look much better.

  • Tinkerer

    The concept of building a western-themed AR-10 is intriguing. However, I miss a couple of things, like:

    -a crescent metal buttplate

    -a Peacemaker or Bisley-style pistol grip

    -a longer handguard, that also houses a faux-tubular magazine (which can house cleaning tools, too)

    -drop the rail and put one of those old Winchester folding peep hole sights, alongside a matching front sight.

    • omologato

      You just might be on to something there..

  • Nater

    Ugly as hell and built with cheap parts. This thing is as hideous as that Mossberg lever action with the rails and collapsible stock.

  • Anonymous synonomous

    How in the world did they get a case-hardened look on aluminum parts? I thought case hardening happened when there were multiple oxidation states of the metal being used, resulting in a wavy pattern after heat treatment. Aluminum has one oxidation state. Did they really make an all steel AR? They seems like unnecessary weight and difficulty machining than if they just gave something like a brushed nickel or brass finish for an old west style gun.

  • Fallout: New Vegas-ish, much?

    • 6677

      Kinda what I thought, although the service rifle in NV is closer to an AR15 (with a freakishly narrow reciever)

      • And that God-awful side-mounted charging handle >.<

  • Victor

    That thing has the looks only a mother could love.

  • Martin M

    I’d buy one if it came as a set with a Glock that had a case hardened finish, silver inlay, with pearl hand-grips. They should both be shipped in a red velvet lined buffalo hide case, complete with silver conchos and liberal amounts of fringe!

    Sarcasm aside, I’m glad they made the attempt, but it doesn’t work for me.

  • W

    I seem to remember a post on TFB showing a cowboy on a horse shooting a AK. I would like to see this rifle substituted 😀

  • chanman

    Given that the AR-10 was designed for aluminum, and as described, this is steel… how much does it weigh?

  • Chris B

    There was mob – Cherokee (? ) stocks i think that use to make magnificent exhibition grade stocks for semi’s. 1 good thing – its not black, second is its steel ! I still would prefer a 20-22″ barrel and long exhibition grade handguard