Daniel Defense EZ CAR Rail 9.0

Daniel Defense has updated their EZ CAR rail system. The price for the 9.0 version remains the same at $200.

The EZ CAR™ 9.0 is precision machined from Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, and finished with Military Specification Type III Hardcoat Anodizing. The EZ CAR™ 9.0 is 9.2” in length, 2.4” wide, has an inner diameter of 1.38”, and weighs in at just 12.4 ounces. Ounces quickly add up to pounds, so Daniel Defense strives to keep weight to a minimum.

Steve Johnson

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  • Pepin the Short

    With an air of curiosity much more so than criticism, I was wondering if anyone could explain where in the manufacturing process it is that this product that the price jumps to $200?

    • 6677

      Well having worked on CNC machines before I can tell you that to manufacture that particular piece would not be simple. Your looking at machining a bit, taking it out, sticking it in a different mounting block holding it in a new position, machining some more, taking it out etc. And unless they cast it in a weird shaped bar (entirely plausible though) there would be alot of materials wastage although some of that can often be recycled.

  • Jake Barnes

    I think (Having looked closely at one of these) that they’re made from extruded billet. Then profile machined on the outside. Extruding isn’t expensive in their defence though, tooling for extrusion is expensive.