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  • Lemming

    Jeez, That thing’s gorgeous!

  • Julio

    A lovely piece of work. I’m not familiar with rile of this type, but is the detachable powder flask (?) a typical feature of Virginia guns? I’m puzzled too by the retaining stud (?) for the flask, which breaks the smooth curve of the butt plate and looks like it would be uncomfortable when shooting.

    • T.G.

      I think the trap door in the butt sock is a patch box not a powder flask.

      • MrR2009

        I believe that is where you keep the paper useful when loading. Also black powder has very light recoil, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

      • Julio

        Thanks for clearing that up. I should have realised it was for patches, as I’ve seen BP long guns with patch boxes built in to the butt before – though never a detachable one. I’m still not that clear on the benefits of this design, either for patching or in terms of comfort. Maybe Lothlaurien can shed some more light on this?

  • Must be nice to live in a Free Country…
    NEVER go down Socialoid Zerope’s way, you’d find yourselves with Laws that say Slingshots are Illegal Firearms!

    • So which country in Europe are you talking about?

      England is on one end of the spectrum, with Switzerland on the other, and others are in between. Much like Wyoming and New York are here.

      Spouting ignorant vitriol that is not based upon fact does not make you look like a reasoned and educated commenter.

      • 6677

        He certainly isn’t on about england, I owned a slingshot 😀

      • Let me see… I’m talking FROM Europe, and I’m the Ignorant?
        And I’m talking from Portugal, so I must be a Creole Spaniard for Liberal WASPs, you know, the ones that voted for Segregation… Democrats!

        Now THIS was Vitriol, but not ignorant.

    • T.G.

      Paper is not used as patching material. Lightly wetted or oiled Cotton fabric with a tight weave like pillow ticking is preferred.

      I would not describe black powder rifles as having “light” recoil. They have a different recoil impulse than modern center fire rifles using smokeless powder. A slower, longer push characterizes the recoil impulse of American longrifles.

  • Max

    It’s a lefty?!

    Me wants. A lot.

    • Julio

      I was too busy making dumb guesses about the box in the butt to spot this at first, but this again is something I’ve never seen before. Was this lock made from scratch or bought in? and if it was bought, who makes/sells them? Some years back when I was considering acquiring a replica classic BP rifle I gave up when it seemed that no one made a left-hand lock. R/H locks were tolerable on a pistol, but no fun at all on a long gun where the pan sits just a couple of inches in front of your nose!

  • alannon

    That would be a gun I’d be proud to have over my fireplace.

    I would be even more proud to have it at the range. 😉

    Gorgeous piece of work.

  • JasonL

    Very beautiful. A nice change to see something like this from all the other AR’s and stuff we all see all day long. What a great project!

  • Jeff Smith

    He should consider making them for a living. I’m sure he could sell them as fast as he could make them. That’s really outstanding.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    As one who has built a couple of blackpowder firearms, rifles, shotguns and pistols, that is OUTSTANDING work.

  • schizuki

    It’s like a fine piece of antique Hepplewhite furniture. That can kill you.

  • lothlaurien

    Hey whoa! These are my pictures 🙂 My dad made this and after I told him about the reddit thing, he made me retake them since these ones aren’t that great. I can maybe send along the new ones if you’d like!

  • hikerguy

    It would look good hanging over my fire place. Come to think of it, it would look good with me during black powder season deer hunting.

  • Regulus

    Thanks Brian! great rifle. I’m a left hander myself and have a homebuilt .50 cal flintlock that’s left handed. ! love it