Arsenal Strike One Select-Fire Carbine

I am very jealous. Max Popenker got some trigger time with the prototype select-fire carbine conversion of the new Arsenal Strike One pistol. The carbine features a quad rail with full length top rail, side folding stock and muzzle brake. The machine pistol can fire semi-automatic, fully automatic or in bursts.

There is another video on Max’s blog, and many more photos at

Steve Johnson

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  • Steve, some comments
    1) it’s not a carbine per se, but rather a select-fire pistol set into dedicated adapter. If required, pistol can be separated from adapter in a minute. Also, same adapter can be installed onto standard Strike / Strizh pistol, to make a handy police / security semi-auto carbine.
    2) there’s no ‘burst fire’ mode, it is only “Safe / Semi / Auto”. But with minimal trigger discipline and minimal practice you can fire 3-5 round bursts with decent accuracy – at 15 feet all bursts will hit into 4-5″ circle around the POA; and with some practice, you can do even better.

    • erwos

      Max, you’re completely awesome, and I envy the hell out of you for the opportunity to shoot the stuff you do. I envy you even more for the insane knowledge you have about EVERYTHING, and the way you share it.

      Thank you!

    • Burst

      He’s likely the reason I’m half the weaponeer I am. In an internet clogged with product placement and hyperbole, Worldguns is still among the best
      sources of info out there.

  • Vhyrus

    The Glock 18 officially has competition in regards to my gun porn.

  • Basically the principle of what on the civilian market will be distributed as the LRC (“Long Range Conversion”). The set for the professional market has a shorter barrel and a different, sidefolding stock, while the one for the civilian market has a 16″ barrel and an M4-type telescopic stock

    • noob

      how will the long range kit compensate for the added mass of a 16″ barrel recoiling during the firing cycle?

      • The “Strizh”/”Strike One” ‘s barrel is fixed and doesn’t recoils in any way.

      • Pierangelo,

        you’re wrong re.stationary barrel of the Strizh / Strike one, it has short barrel recoil action.
        please read my description at the link above, and check out photos of the gun disassembled

  • bbmg

    Max, presumably given your apparent good contacts you’ve had the opportunity to try out the Stechkin APB or OTS-33, how would this compare?

    If you’re firing in bursts it would seem that the Makarov chambering would make more sense in terms of having it more controlable and getting more shots on target.

    In any case, automatic pistols have always seemed a little “gimicky” – all good fun on the range, but who actually takes them when they are in harm’s way?

    • OTS-33 is rare as a hen’s teeth here, so I never even touched it\
      I had chances to fire both APS and APB and liked them, especially the APB with silencer
      You can see me firing APB in this short vid: 😉
      However, Strizh can safely handle any 9×19 rounds, including +P+ grade Russian military issue 7N21 AP ammo, which is way more effective than any 9×18 PM ammo. APS / APB is also ridiculously expensive to manufacture, and is rather scarce due to limited production which ended over a half-century ago.

      • bbmg

        It certainly seems to handle the recoil well, but as pointed out in other comments I don’t see the benefit of this over a dedicated weapon like the FN P90 or (if it ever actually makes it to production) the Magpul PDR, of similar bulk but much more effective.

        Heck, why not a short Groza:

        Still 9mm, slightly heavier punch though.

  • Lance

    Looks like a Kriss SMG copy.

    • DW

      lol wut?
      how did you came to this conclusion?

    • smith934

      It neither looks nor shoots anything like a Kriss. Apparently you’ve never shot or handled one.

  • Komrad

    Looks a lot like the RONI kits for Glocks. I’m really interested in this pistol. and I really hope it comes stateside.

    • Avery

      Looks to me more like the FAB Defense Glock Conversion Kit or the SIG Adaptive Carbine Platform. Although more like the FAB one because they weren’t stupid and used a up-folding wire stock like SIG did.

  • mosinman

    i hate to sound negative, but what does this do that a subgun wont? and yes i know its a pistol and in the pistol form it makes sense, but i dont think troops will be carrying the conversion kits around to switch the standard barrel out. i respect it because its a pretty high tech pistol and it is better than the makarov but i just dont understand this long range conversion kit.

    • subgun version is not for ‘the troops’ – it’s a dedicated CQB / room search weapon for Special Police (SWAT-like) units
      similar conversion but in semi-auto only can be useful as a patrol weapon for foot police in the urban areas.

      • mosinman

        oh, thanks for explaining. and now it makes more sense. but im gunna be dense and ask why not just carry a P-90 or something like that?

    • Alex-mac

      For the marine it would make a cheap/light/convenient alternative to their M16 for room clearing.

  • Icchan

    …that first video, that thing looks and sounds like it’s got a fire rate in the 1500-2000rpm range. What’s the actual cyclic spec?

  • Avery

    BTW, Max, personal question, are you going ever go to do a re-review of the PP90M1 since it’s redesign? I know KBP abandoned the plastic-fantastic molded one you complained about and replaced the push-button charger with a side-folding similar to the PP2000. I know that it’s in use in Kazakhstan, since I saw it in a special unit demonstration video.

  • nikonmikon

    Max what do you think about the PP-19-01 “Vityaz” versus the PP-19 “Bizon”?