Strike Industries Prototype AK Rear Sight Rail

Strike Industries sent me a photo of their prototype AK rear sight rail. Unlike their current production model, this version is designed for scopes so the rail is lower down and it features an optional 45-degree angled rail for adding a backup holographic or red dot sight. Very cool!

I don’t know when it will go into production or what the MSRP will be.

Steve Johnson

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  • JAFO

    What use would the side rail be, at 45 deg on the right side of the receiver? Most shooters are right handed, so you’d have to hold the weapon at least canted to the side a bit to use it.

    Backup sights configured this way seem to be too “mall ninja”. Put a set of popup BUIS on it (a la flat-top AR platforms), and be done with it. If you can’t hit it with irons you’re wasting ammo anyway.

    • Charles P

      scope on main rail mini RDS on 45 cant rail.

    • gunslinger

      on the right side? a red dot sight for close range combat? yes the rifle would have to be rotated from 12oclock to about “1030” but i’ve seen plenty of videos of people using/training in that situation. it would be less awkawrd to rotate it the other way (clockwise) for a right handed shooter. (it’s reversed for a lefty).

      other uses are lights and lasers. sure it may seem mall ninja, but it doesn’t mean it’s only for suburban commandos.

      • JAFO

        Good points, gunslinger- thanks for clearing it up for me!

    • 6677

      I am right handed and find it easier to tip a weapon left (hence raising the right side rail into position) than to tip it right. Looks like it can be mounted on the other side for lefty shooters (or even to have 2 canted rails)

    • junyo

      That’s kinda the point. The canted rail is for CQB sights, not backup irons.

  • Nooky

    The charging handle is almost blocked by that 45° rail. Even when going under the receiver and operating with your thumb, it could get in your way.

  • Esh325

    Unless you don’t have a side mount plate on your AK, I don’t see any reason to use a mount like this.

    • Tyler Marcoz

      If you’re operating this rail and not operating something like a ratchet charging system, or a lightning bolt, I would be quite confused.

  • Could this sight also work for an SKS? Maybe with a little tweaking? I know the rear sight is a similar leaf style sight.

  • BLG

    There’s a lack of top rail space when comparing this with Texas Weapon Systems (TWS) and Parrabellum’s offerings. Anyone seen the handguards by TWS at One Source Tactical? Now that is not only innovative, but completely badass.

  • DuckSquad

    Tacticool Bro. Rail accessories are like naked women, the more the merrier.

  • AR

    Great go-fast rail mount concept for competition. I wish the major 3gun match organizers will let me use non-AP, magnetic bimetal-bullet AK ammo in the future.

  • 032125

    Doesn’t Krebs already make a replacement trunnion cover with Picatinny rail? And don’t a bunch of companies already sell 45 degree offset rails?

    Don’t get me wrong; I salute the effort and hope they sell buckets of them, but methinks that a solution for this already exists.

  • AZRon

    To me, scoping a typical AK is like scoping a standard Winchester 94. You spend money to make it more unwieldy. Heavier, slower, and more fragile. I bet they’ll sell ’em by the truckload.

    • BLG

      You are so wrong in this. Accuracy is increased and it is totally worth it over the AK’s irons.

      • AZRon

        Looks like we have the first buyer.

        Sows ear/silk purse.