Izhmash AK-74M Airsoft Rifle

Izhmash has designed an airsoft version of AK-74M. The press release seems to indicate that they designed it and will be manufacturing it. Most gun companies just license the name to an Asian manufacturer. The dimensions and weight will be the same as the real AK-74M.

Could this be a sign that Izhmash is finally getting serious about the consumer market?

Steve Johnson

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  • jim

    i want one..

  • Giolli Joker

    Looks like it has the same lower and probably most of the external part of the real brother…

    • Uberyeti

      I wouldn’t have thought they’d use the same receiver. If they did, it’s legally an AK rifle under American and probably other nations’ law, and if they want to export then they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

      I imagine it looks the same externally but it lacks the internal machining of an AK receiver, like the guide rails for the bolt and that sort of thing.

  • Lance

    Wish they make a semi auto AK-74M for a reakl price of a AK.

    Tried seeing a $300 rifle for sale for $1000+.

    • Esh325

      They couldn’t import an AK-74 even if they wanted to because of US laws.

  • Brian P.

    F***. Yes.

  • bbmg

    They also make the “Yunker” 0.177″ BB gun:


    Very realistic as it uses a considerable proportion of genuine parts.

    • James

      Via your Yunker’s link: “The air guns are intended for mock and amateurish shooting as well as for mastery of firing the assault rifle.”

      That’s a humorously worded description they have there.

      • Máté

        Guess they meant to have it used as movie props and training equipment.

      • bbmg

        I’ve met professional English teachers in Russia, it’s like conversing with the Queen – rest assured that the description is no google translate job, there is an English translator working for Izmash that no doubt thinks we *all* speak like this!

        Don’t we after all old chap, what what, tally ho! 😀

        • Máté

          Guess they’re teaching the traditional British English. I’ve been taught that too, but of course I learned it on the internet and I was just sitting bored in school, as usual.

  • DW

    Hope they do a good job redesigning the gearbox. So far the only accurately-sized airsoft AK is made by Polytech, and they redesigned the internals.

  • milo

    hmm same weight and dimensions, this may be useful for some drills that and it might give some mall ninjas the idea of what a real ak-74 weighs, i hope they manufacture mags that realistic counts of bbs

    • Uberyeti

      If they are sensible, they will make the magazines compatible with existing airsoft AK magazine patterns, made by CYMA, Tokyo Marui or whoever.

      There are a wide range of magazines available for all major airsoft models. I have a 400 round one for my AK, and three more 150 rounders in the mail. 30 round ones are available too, though you might as well just load up medium-capacity ones with fewer BBs.

      • milo

        hmm i didn’t really know that, i just do classes on tactical movement and defense, ya know put the old military experience to work. recently my friend offered me a partnership on making one of those airsoft courses only have it be realistic and like recreating a small city complete with an underground tunnel base. people rent it for a full day, we take turns on making sure they don’t get hurt cause we’d be “UN observers”. he wanted to go all out on this using random smoke mortars adding junk cars, firing off blanks in the distance, if they pay an extra $75 they get radios for their squad. personally i don’t think it will get past red tape but i’ve been eyeing a good piece of land and from reading you hobbyists i will have to think that there might be a market for this. input guys?

  • bima

    if the price is right, I’d might actually get me one of those..

    • MrSatyre

      I used to think that, too, but the closer an airsoft gun is to the real deal, the more its price skyrockets. I’ve seen some go for as much as $1K-$2K (and up), so you’re getting pretty close to the price you’d pay for a real gun.

      • bima86

        yeah.. most airsoft (of good quality) are almost the same price with the real thing.
        but if you’re living in a country with very strict gun policy (which makes the real gun prices to even sky rocket) the airsoft prices will look reasonable.

  • Finn

    I bought 7-8 yers ago a Yunker BB-gun from a local gun store. I thougt that it was just another toy, good for practise kids to handle firearms.

    I was truly amazed when I took a closer look side by side with my 5,56 mm Saiga rifle: Except mag, barrel, bolt, slide, lock and fire control group the weapons were identicals.

    In some countries my Izhmash BB gun would be catgorized as a firearm or even a machine gun as it has a full auto assault rifle box.

  • Mr.E

    I’m not surprised by a super-accurate replica, but I’m definitely raising an eyebrow at it being the same weight as the real-steel version. To me, that says this is very much intended to be a training tool for people planning to use the real version, rather than something marketed at the general airsoft market.

    • Jaymes

      Many people who play Airsoft attempt to be as realistic as possible, and identical weights aren’t uncommon. Im sure both markets (Training&General AS) will use this product. Which is a plus for Izhmash

    • Uberyeti

      No, the whole point of airsoft is that it seems fairly realistic. It’s why us airsofters love to make fun of people who play paintball 😛

      I have an airsoft AK-74 made by CYMA and it’s only 200g shy of the real weight. It’s not hard to put some ballast in to make it up to what it should be – they would feel like toys otherwise, and that’s no fun.

  • Sean

    How about they just make some damn real 74’s and get them shipped out here? I’ve been looking for a 5.45 saiga for a while and they are sold out everywhere

    • Máté

      Isn’t that illegal in the USA? I mean to import foreign made guns.

      • Phil White


        Not at all there are many foreign made guns imported every year.

        • Máté

          Thanks. I thought they had to be made, or assembled in the country.

          • Phil White


            Glad to help. In fact Zastava in the former Yugoslavia is importing an AK made entirely in that factory 100% assembled and ready to go.

      • ColonelColt

        You’re partially correct. Russia has special restrictions with the US as far as importing ready-to-go guns which don’t mean the “sporting” criteria which is why the majority of Saigas get here and simply get converted directly into pistol grip versions with US made parts. Century does this as well as several other companies and small gunsmiths.

        • Máté

          Guess that was what I remembered.

  • Esh325

    I’d love to get one. I would like to see a wood stock version too. The realsword type 56 is another close replica of the AK. From what I understand, the yunkers rifle used to be imported but was banned because it resembled a real firearm too much.

  • Darrel

    Nice. There’s been a huge gap in the airsoft market for actually reputable AKs. There’s swarms of crappy, low-tier ones, but no big names to fall back on.

    Looks like they’re using traditional gearboxes, which is a bit of a let down, but makes it easier.

  • Reverend Clint

    thats pretty smart of them to expand into airsoft… Molot should do an RPK now

  • El Duderino

    Looks like an awesome way to get shot by the police. Unless this is a training tool, in which case who is buying it since LE and private schools are the customers for that stuff here in the U.S. Last time I checked they don’t train with AKs.

    • Uberyeti

      I have an airsoft AK-74 (not made by Izhmash) and I don’t get shot at by police very often because I’m not an idiot with it.

      If you go waving it around on the street, expect trouble. If you use it in your back garden and on airsoft fields, it’s a great way to play at soldiers without actually hurting anyone.

  • Adam B

    I know they say they’re making it, but do you have a source? Honestly, being fairly familiar with the airsoft market, it looks like it’s a model that’s already out there being officially branded.

    Real Sword is the only company that makes AKs that are 100% real weight, but many of the others come very close.

    I really would like to know if it’s truly designed and made in house to real-spec, or if it’s just a custom production with licensing and trademarks from a pre-existing factory.

  • Mouse

    I wonder if it’s a realistic weight because it’s made out of their surplus AK-74s that they couldn’t sell. Since they know the dimensions of the rifle better than anyone, I wouldn’t think that it would be unrealistic for them to be able to simply mill out the internals so that they couldn’t be used to make real rifles again. It would really be awesome in terms of authenticity too.

    • Avery

      I hope not. This was my concern about the news. Airsoft has enough problems without getting the ATF involved in looking into airsofts imported in the country made from surplus “real steel” gun parts.

  • Brandon

    Could airsoft save Izhmash from bankruptcy? Probably not, but worth a shot.

  • Garrett

    I am not surprised Izhmash is trying to jump into the airsoft market. Many real firearms companies are slowly trying to work their way in, since they know some people are willing to spend the money for the sport. Gear companies like Blue Force were asking airsoft players who went to SHOT show 2012 what they could do to get into the market. The United States Marine Corps partnered up with Crosman to produce replicas (very cheap ones mind you) with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the receivers.

    The only problem is ever since Glock USA sued KWA with trademark infringement (trade dress and trademarks), it seems like licensing has become a huge issue with AS replicas. Companies like UMAREX and Cybergun have forced companies to pay up for licensing fees, causing companies like WE Tech to shelve projects until the lawyer speak and paperwork is finished. WE had to stop research and development on an AUG A1, FN P90, and an MP5 because of Cybergun (which they were ready to go into full production with).

  • Mike Knox


    • El Duderino


  • Richard

    It good thing there make Air soft guns becuase if UN arms treaty get put in play air soft guns might be only guns from out side USA that might see come in counrty.

  • In airsoft we have a large number of AK fans who are just going to lap this up. There are already very good AK-74M replicas out there – I own both the VFC and Kalash replicas – but there is something about owning something that is so closely related to the real thing that will have many airsofters upgrading to the Izhmash.

    The real advantage of 1:1 authetic replicas like this though is that it allows airsofters access to ‘real steel’ accessories. Of course, purist AK airsoft fans will say ‘there are NO accessories for an AK except a sling!’ but many of us like to add used furniture on our replicas and there are some Russian optics available (like the Kobra).

    For example, my airsoft AKM has many real parts fitted to give it that well used real AK look – my wood furniture is real and well worn Russian laminate. The problem with this is that here in the UK this could technically be illegal. So Izmash’s replica would allow us to have authentic parts without the legal grey area.

    Finally – and incidentally – a lot of real steel fire arm accessory makers do not like this ‘hijacking’ of their products for airsoft use. Famously La Rue, for example, refuse to deal with you at trade shows if they get a whiff of you being an airsofter rather than a real steel gun owner! 🙂

    This just seems like cutting off their own nose to spite their face, as there is a huge market out there as we airsofters can be huge gun snobs and cn spend a huge amount tricking out our ‘guns’!

  • click

    Previous airsoft replicas (it has index 5) by Izhmash were nothing but a .177 “Yunker” with enlarged inner bore barrel. Overall perfomance of “Yunker-5” for airsoft purposes is unsatisfactory, that is nearly imposible to use those eather for skirmish airsoft games or for practical shooting because gas consumption is way too high, which causes lack of accuracy even at the short range; magazine capacity is quite low – only 21 bb. All these problems of “Yunker-5” is caused by it design – “Yunker” actually is based on IJ-671 kornet internals (which is a pistol) and it’s designed for a havier 4.5 mm projectiles. Externaly appearance of “Yunker-5” is still worse then dimensional scale model of AK 74 by Izhmash that could be purchased for about the same price.
    PS: I wounder how Izhmash would feat a gearbox inside actual AK 74 body (which is thinner than airsoft one).

  • dan

    Would prefer a gas gun instead of the electric, as they are more realistic. 200 round mag is not realism

    • Tinkerer

      You can always load just 30 BBs in a mag.

  • BillyBones

    FWIW THe Chinese company Real Sword has already brought their “Sino AK” and Dragunov rifles to the marketplace.

    These rifles ARE very reliable, accurate and somewhat identical to the originals.


    However, a true Russian AK would be very welcome to the AS community!

    I will definitely buy one.

  • william

    In my opinion more gun companies should do this I mean this should bring up prophet for A.K. (I hope they make the A.K. 12 also)

  • Mike

    Yep, that’s a real AK receiver. I don’t see spot welds for the lower rails, and I’m sure the uppers aren’t done right. There’s also no hole for a hammer pivot pin. Trigger guard/mag release and top rail should go right on a real AK, though.

    These might make a good source of conversion parts for Saiga rifles…

    • Mike

      For one thing, that side-folding stock is tits. A friend of mine had an AK with that setup (which is found on the 100 series, not the 74), and I was really impressed with the stock.

  • snmp

    Izhmash make BB gun & dummy (AK102, Bizon …): http://www.izhmash-arms.ru/en

    But, they make many sport version of theire Rifle like SV98, PP19-01 Vityaz

  • Nick

    If I can do push ups on it, then I am all for it.

  • Cameron

    I’m sorry in advance.

    In Soviet Russia, air softs you!


    Yep, that’s a real AK receiver.Most of this are from people giving it a hard time because of leaking magazines and parts that break.I thinks this part http://www.airsoft-toy.com/airsof-acog-4×32-conch-scope-rear-iron-sight-p-186.html

  • Bring ’em in. I’ll buy several. It’s impossible to get Izhmash to export REAL AK parts to the US. I’ll buy several of these, strip them down, and rebuild them with real internals.

    For the freakouts here, it’s completely legal. Izhmash is just VERY tight with their parts export to the US. You can get a Saiga, and that’s it. Lots of us convert them back to their original config, but it would be great to have all of the real parts in one complete package.

  • robin

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