New Russian SR 3 MP “Vikhr” Submachine Gun

The latest version of the SR Submachine Gun from Russian design bureau TsNIITochMash is the SR 3 MP. The new MP model features a scope rail, two side accessory rail and, most notably, an optional underfolding stock instead of the side folder of the previous 3M model (or the over folder of the original SR3)

The reason for the under folding stock is to allow operators who wear helmets and/or night vision gear to be able to use the firearm’s optics without the stock getting in the way.

The SR-MP uses the genius 9x39mm round. The 9x39mm is a 7.62x39mm round with the neck enlarged to 9mm. It fires heavy, up to 260 grain, subsonic bullets.

[ Many thanks to Lionel for the photos and info. ]

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  • Jake Barnes

    Hard to tell if that stock is just a joke by the designer, or just a massive design oversight.

    • El Duderino

      Soviet/Russian design has always been cheek weld optional on everything but sniper rigs.

  • Gunhead

    Ends up looking a whole lot like a paintball marker…

  • Giolli Joker

    I’d call underfolding stock one that pivots on a horizontal axis going under the gun… this one to looks like a side folding stock, just hinged well below the others (under the grip instead of on the back of the frame).
    BTW, with that low position and shape, I can hardly think that the stock may interfere with a helmet/NVG…

    • Giolli Joker

      Wait, I thought that the stock was supposed to be floded not to get in the way… now I read and understood better that it shouldn’t bother the shooter even when extended.

  • Mike Knox

    What the? A front layout gun with the stock at the pistol grip’s heel?

  • annoyingsnarf

    Wouldn’t this technically be a compact assault rifle rather than a submachine gun, because it uses an intermediate rifle cartridge, rather than pistol ammunition?

    • bbmg

      Agreed, not all 9mm are created equal 😉

      • Elliotte

        Sounds like that 9×39 round is like a bigger version of the 300BLK.

        • Fegelein

          9×39 came around first, tried and true LONG before 300BLK was even thought of.

      • bbmg

        The same concept, but it makes a 40% bigger hole, and comes with steel core options for some impressive armor piercing capability.

      • Esh325

        The only reason a .300 BLK might have better ballistics than the 7.62×39 is because they are loaded with better quality powders and bullets. .308 has a larger selection of higher quality bullets than .311

    • Giolli Joker

      If you consider that the .300BLK is basically an American 7.62x39mm, and the 9x39mm is 7.62x39mm’s bigger (but younger) sibling, yes, you can call it a bigger version of the .300BLK (the youngest cartridge here).
      It’s true however that both 9x39mm and .300BLK are born with subsonic performance in mind… the Russian might hit harder.

      • bbmg

        The russian round fires a larger diameter and slightly heavier round than the subsonic BLK, so it would definitely hit harder especially against flesh. On the other hand, the BLK has a better ballistic coefficient, therefore a flatter trajectory and more likely to hit its target.

        In a CQB situation the 9x39mm is probably a better idea, but for longer range engagements were single shots count the BLK probably has the edge.

  • bbmg

    Vania here doesn’t seem to mind the conventional stock on his AS “Val” (essentially the same thing with an integral suppressor):

    Misha on the otherhand has a weirdly offset sight that doesn’t seem to be helping:

    • DW

      These sights are mounted very high relative to the bore. The lower-mounted stock allowed use of low profile sights while wearing protection

  • Alex-mac

    The stock is a neat idea. It allows for the top rail sight to be mounted low, which is great for CQB. Let’s hope they make a AK/MP5 grip compatible version.

    • Lord Cthulhu

      “avtomat” in Russian may mean either assault rifle or submachine gun… there is no clear distinction based on round type. It it’s fires full-auto, it’s an Avtomat. AK-74? Avtomat. PPSh? Also Avtomat.

      Obviously this often creates problems when translating from Russian unless a translator knows the difference between the two terms and understands how to apply them correctly to specific guns.

  • Wosiu

    First – not SR-MP, but SR-3MP.

    Second – SR-3 (and later SR-3M and now SR-3MP), never been named “submachine gun” in Soviet/Russian nomenclature.
    Original name is “malogabarytnyi avtomat” which is “compact assault rifle” in English.

    Third – stock in SR-3MP could be also installed in normal position.

  • SPC Fish

    umm. have fun getting a good cheek-weld with that baby.

  • When I first saw this, I thought ‘gee, that looks like an AS VAL stock.’

    And then, ‘gee, that looks like the new AS VAL handguard’

    And then ‘…gee, that looks like an AS VAL receiver’

  • OBIE

    I read about the 9×39 grom over at×39-grom/

    • this article is not so accurate
      I’ve never heard the “grom” (thunder 🙂 code name associated with 9×39. Furthermore, anyone speaking about 9×39 being “resized brass” of 7,62×39 has no idea – all military issue Russian 7,62×39 and 9×39 cases are lacquered steel, good luck necking out steel case 😉

      • Giolli Joker

        😀 Yep, it wouldn’t be that smart to name “Thunder” a cartridge specifically designed for suppressed firearms…

  • Lance

    Be just as good to use 7.62x39mm HP than goto a wildcat round like 9×39. Still interesting SMG for maritime ops for Spetz naz.

    • Komrad

      I don’t think you know what wildcat means.

      • bill

        Komrad, your comment made my day.

  • Mat

    Make no mistake 300BLK is an attempt to get a 7.62×39 balistics out of a 5.56×45 case , 9×39 is a next step in the game of knock down power and russians have been working hard for quite some time in creating armor piercing ammo that is still subsonic ,that is the main purpose of 9×39

    Soviet calibres proved themselves to be near ideal assault rifle cartridges and 7.62×39,5.45×39 family spawned some of most accurate and balanced calibres in world of competition most notably 6PPC .

  • Tinkerer

    I do believe that the purpose of that stock is to be able to use the sights while wearing a heavy and voluminous ballistic visor like this one:

    I recall that Brugger & Tommet developed an aftermarket MP5 stock with a similar purpose in mind:

    • bbmg

      Fair enough, but with the shoulder support so far below the barrel line, it must rise terribly. It would seem to make more sense to keep the original Val stock and elevate the sights if a visor was being worn… or in these days of high tech, camera on the rifle and some kind of HUD projected on the visor 😀

      • Tinkerer

        That sounds reasonable. Of course, those ballistic visors wrap around the face -cheeks included-, so a proper cheekweld is simply not possible. Also, I believe that the tactical employment of such particular setup -compact carbine and ballistic visor- would be close quarters combat in police situations -like hostage rescue and such-, where am accurate shot might be needed, so a low profile sight would be preferred to avoid aim offset.

      • Reverend Clint

        the gun looks nose heavy with the suppressor which would help with muzzle rise.

  • Netforce

    It looks like a mash-up of various guns. It’s something like Uzi meets AK-47 with a dash of Colt. Odd.

  • Brian in Seattle
  • Airrider

    How unusual. I could kind of picture putting the stock there being the solution to a problem such as face clearance when loaded down with headgear, but there’s a part of me that worries that the stock so far down is going to make this thing rotate up a bit too eagerly.