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  • timmysteve

    “SHTF brown”, eh? I’d like to see these guys go ahead and rename a whole box of crayons to see what they come up with next!

  • ed

    This is exactly the same as the Tactical Intent (TI-7) stock. It’s pretty solid. I chose it a while back due to cost and being closed with the rounded bottom. I figured it would be more comfortable and be less likely to snag. They have a “Kitty Pink” kit as well.

  • Hasan

    Is the optic on top of that rifle an ELCAN with lens coovers or something else??

  • dpaqu

    how heavy it is?

  • Laserbait

    Are these those chinese made ones? If they’re like the ones I saw before, I wouldn’t bother, the plastic is awfully weak and flimsy, and the casting is crude. Junk.

    • Laserbait, the ECS furniture kit is 100% made in USA.

      • Laserbait

        Good! Then the stuff I saw, at the last funshow I went to, must have been a knockoff of some flavor.

  • Foetus

    With this you should be able to improve your tactical head smashing abilities with a friend without hurting him 😀

  • Lance

    I like it looks tough and SOPMOD butstock like. Not too high on price.

  • John Doe

    The MOE and SOPMOD had a pretty curvy baby.

  • 276 pedersen

    SHTF Brown is a nice (both aesthetics and practicality) color, might pop this on my new AR

  • gunslinger

    so… how many different options do we have for stocks, grips, rail covers now?

    granted, competition is great. more opportunities for improvement/advancement. but sometimes i can’t see how stock ‘a’ is better because there is a .000032 angle difference on the underside compared to stock ‘b’.

    but hey, i’m just an average consumer, so i may not see the need to justify a .000001% performance increase for an additional $140

    just my buck o’five .

  • smith934

    Without trying to be excessively snarky toward the author, what does a comment like “I like the curvy look” do for us? How about comments in the blog about what it brings new to the table and why we should care. If it doesn’t bring an advantage to me, I don’t care how it looks or even if it’s free. The entire point should be about advancing the platform, not the cosmetics.

    Does the rounded toe, and slightly rounded heel, of the stock buy me an edge. Is it negated somewhat by the rubber pad that might contribute to a hangup that the rounding should help prevent? How about a real review?

    • Phil White


      It’s difficult to answer those questions without having tested one. Many owners of AR’s spend a good deal just on cosmetics because it’s important to them so it’s really up to the reader to decide if it’s worth it. New products are announced then if deemed worthwhile we will review it. I’ve reviewed two other stocks after we announced them entering the marketplace.

      • smith934

        Fair comment, thanks. Perhaps the Damaged Industries rep, who replied to a question below, could jump in here and give us their reasons they think their stock is something other than just another ‘me too’ piece of kit.

        • Phil White


          You bet— That would be good to get some additional information on the design concept etc.

  • alex

    Looks like a walmart special – like they looked at the moe stock and thought “how can we be different, not better”.

    • Hopsaregood

      Alex I believe you got it wrong there. They did get it better, much better.

  • Practical analysis of this stock- it is excellent- easy to manipulate, even with gloves- even in the prone. the “curvy” shape should probably be identified as low profile ergonomic design with smooth pickup and takedown lines, easy to pocket into and out of the shoulder fire position, comfortable non binding feel, excellent ambidextrous cheek weld with a fill 7 inch angled face. large paddle to manipulate the stock, easy to install with a normal pull ( i hate the difficult springs on the magpul). Dual compartments hold your batteries, cleaning kit, 2 Slim Jims, or whatever you can put into 2 round compartments that are 3/4 inch wide and 6 inches deep. longer than on the STR. nice finish with a rubberized pad that can be removed if you want to get a replacement. it has a ambi-QD mount, and cuts so that you could thread a sling 2 different ways through. metal rienforced in the side wall, excellent construction. After all that, I am happy to announce that the ECS stock in black is the official stock for the Battle Rifle Company’s new BR308. Every rifle we will build will sport this stock as standard equipment. you will be able to see them on our webpage soon, as well as our facebook page. take care!