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  • Giolli Joker


  • bbmg

    I wonder what sort of dBs they’re getting at the muzzle. Certainly at 600m it’s probably barely audible with that drainpipe hanging off the end.

    • Andrey

      to bbmg: same as VSS.

      • Other Steve

        Andrey… Really? You think the VSS which is a striker fired, almost AK variant semi/full auto has the same noise as a bolt/straight pull action?

        Not sure why you’d even post such non-sense. There would be more bullet noise from the 12mm round than the 9mm most likely, but the action noise of the VSS would seem FAR louder.

  • Lance

    In many ways this is a SF CQB sniper rifle similar to .50 Beowolf used by the USCG here at home.

    Still like the classic SVD Dragonov looks better and better range.

    • Ben

      I agree with the SVD being a better looker and having more range, it’s a beaut of a rifle 😀 I’d say this is closer to a subsonic .338 Lapau or even .50 BMG due to the size of the round itself, bullet choices and the application of the rifle. Definitely not a .50 Beowulf though, the casing itself is bigger that a whole Beowulf cartridge and this is quite a bit more aerodynamic than it

    • Giolli Joker

      Think .500 Whisper, not .50 Beowulf. 😉
      And this is a straight pull bolt-action, not a semi-auto.

  • TxDog

    It’s obvious they ripped off H&K’s CAWS project! It’s a bullpup, it’s plastic, and it’s black!

    No, I’m not serious, but to some of the “experts” that post here, everything is a rip off based on looks, so I figured I’d add my “expertise” on the matter and say because it looks like something else, the Russians are notorious for ripping people off! 😉

  • C3PO

    Is that case headspacing off the mouth? there’s no shoulder. .

  • gewing

    Now that is a Russian made gun I would like to shoot.

  • Pavel