Hong Kong Garrison Using Type 95-1 Rifle

Troops in the People’s Liberation Army’s Hong Kong Garrison have been spotted with the improved Norinco Type 95-1 rifle.

The Type 95-1, first unveiled in 2010, features a better constructed and more ergonomic stock and improved fire controls. It does away with the awkward trigger guard-integrated fore-grip.

[Hat Tip: xingbake1 @ MP.net]

[ Many thanks to Albi for emailing us the link. ]

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  • 15yroldgunman

    Wonder when it will fall into the trend of rails everywhere convered with accessories, it’s kinda bound to happen

    • Lemming

      Aren’t you the same guy who was talking about how all guns need MORE rails on one of Steve’s earlier posts?

      • John Doe

        I was also the guy that told him we do NOT need more rails.

      • 15yroldgunman

        How can’t u see it happening

    • DW

      Mounting a $200+ rail system on a $400 gun?

      Don’t kid yourself

      • Boomslang

        They could probably mold in rails for non-optic equipment if they wanted to, although they’d wear faster than metal I’m assuming the polymer is a modern type and it’s clear that it takes details well.

        The optics are obviously taken care of already, and nothing else is that mission-critical or needs as stiff and solid a mounting.

      • Tony

        Type 95-1 is priced at 4500 Yen, which is about 700 US dollars

    • higgs

      Pictures of chinese maarines have popped up witth barrel claamp mounts for flashlights. A rail for mounting a light would help their barrel harmonics.

      • W

        within 300 meters, the typical assault rifle engagement range, barrel harmonics is largely moot.

  • Guardsman

    According to a post on the Chinese Defense Forum, the improved Type 95-1 weapon also fires an improved 5.8x42mm round. The previously used DBP87 and DBP95 rounds were subject to budget-constraints and used cheap, dirty-burning powder and a corrosive primer. The new round for the QBZ95-1 family is designated as DBP10 and uses non-corrosive primer, a clean burning high-power propellant, a new coated steel cartridge and a new bullet. The new projectile reported to have a long, streamlined shape similar to the heavier DBP88 round used in PLA machine guns. It has a hardened steel penetrator and a copper alloy jacket which provides better armor piercing performance compared to the mild steel core of the DBP87/95. Essentially, it is China’s answer to the M855A1 EPR.

    The new heavier DBP10 round will become a universal standard for all Chinese 5.8×42 mm weapons and its extra power has required Norinco to fit thicker 18.2″ barrels to the QBZ95-1 rifle. China claims that weapon and ammunition together give the rifle a claimed accuracy of R50 <6.6cm at 300m.

    What isn't clear is what the weight of the new projectile is. It may be that NATO 5.56 mm ammo is overmatched by Chinese DBP10. If that's the case, we may need to invest further in proving 5.56 mm ammunition beyond M855A1 standard.

    • Timothy Yan

      The projectile weight is 73 grains or 4.8 grams.

      All of the 5.8mm loads, including the older ones, feature forged steel penetrators.

  • hikerguy

    The new round was designed to improve its penetration for defeating U.S. standard body armor, and also for commonality with the ammunition used in the LMG version. The safety/selector switch was moved to the handgrip area for better ergonomics (the original site was near the rear of the weapon). The redesign heped shore up the shortcomings of the original quite a bit.

    • AR

      Really, you mean the Interceptor armor with E-SAPI plates?
      It’s hard to believe 5.8×42 mm steel core has more penetration power than 7.62x54R API.

      • Charles222

        XSAPI is the current standard, actually; it’s even more crazy than ESAPI is for what it can stop. Had a set on my last deployment; good Lord that sucker is heavy lol.

        As for 5.XX vs. 7.62xx in terms of penetration: The DOJ, which is in charge of rating body armor (including SAPI) won’t rate any armor for 5.56/M855. Smaller rounds with higher velocity makes a much better penetrator.

  • ragnarok220

    The trigger guard-integrated fore-grip actually works really well, I think they should have Magpul re-design it.

  • Mike Knox

    Last I was in Hong Kong, they were sporting HKs..

    • Ominae

      That’s for the police to use. PLA forces don’t use Western-made guns.

  • Tony

    In addition to Guardsman’s comment,

    Type 95 does not have a bolt hold open feature

    Type 95-1 DOES have a bolt hold open feature.

    • snmp

      Like many weapon HK G3, HK MP5, FAMAS, AK47, AKM, AK74, Galill, Valmet-Sako, Denel R4, L85 ….. Inch Pattern FAL (L1A1) …..
      that’ not issued, that’s just an question of training. Cause bolt hold open feature , more parts & more dirt in weapon, that’s very nice feature in shooting range but that’s no so nice in mud

      • W

        in the case of the AR15, the bolt being held open after a empty magazine is accomplished with the very simple bolt catch assembly.

        New rifles are being produced with the feature to hold the bolt open. It is strategically decisive in aiding in faster magazine reloads.

  • Nice, I’d like to see some photos of the models with the rails mounted – its a shame that they’re using barrel clamp systems.

    • ragnarok220

      Look under the front sight…the rails are too small to be noticed.

  • Lance

    Not surprised the Commies would demand the HK garrison use there Red approved gun and ammo. Im still surprised the HKPD still is allowed to use full auto CQ (M-16/M-4 clones) for there SDT.

    • Andy

      HK garrison is part of PLA, why would they use other countries’ gun & ammo? HKPD on the other hand never used any chinese firearm in the past.

  • إبليس

    What happened to the 5.56mm version available to Canadian citizens? Last I heard the RCMP was approving, banning, restricting, and then approving it.

  • Roger Mao

    1, Type95 and Type95-1 are both national project comissioned by the General Armaments Department. The production is subcontracted to varies army factories. Norinco is mostly a exporting company, same as PolyTech.

    2, Picatiny Rail or mods with similar look are not officically approved, so far there is no such attachments issued. the official view is neither support nor against, however the doctrine prohibites any modification done by individual solder to weapon.