Tops Knifes Picatinny Knife Sheath

Tops Knifes is selling a “Picatinny Compatible Weapon System” called the BattleBlade WOLFHAWK HP. The Wolfhawk’s sheath can attach to any picatinny rail.

The knife has a 3 1/4″ long blade. The total weight of knife, sheath and rail mount is 5.2 oz. It is retailing for $135.95.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Giolli Joker

    I’m waiting for the tactical coffe mug with picatinny attachment system…

    Anyway I think this system might be more confortable to use if the sheath was kept in that position by a spring but able to rotate counterclockwise 45°/60° when you wanto to grab the knife…

  • Mouse

    At first I was going to say, why not put it under the barrel, and have your hand near it at all times… But now I’m wondering why, when there are much better places.

  • Brian in Seattle

    This doesn’t seem ridiculous at all….

  • MikeZ

    Ha ha ha not for that price……just give me the pistol bayonet, at least its already dangerous.

  • Nadnerbus

    Plus, it doubles as a hat rack.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Still rather have the taticool beverage holder. Why no one has come out with a Picatinny lighter holder is anyone’s guess.

    • Kyle

      Picatinny Zippo

  • James Martinez

    I want a tacticool ash tray picatinny mount for having a fine cigar in battle.

  • Tony

    Why not make it stick forward and use it as a bayonet?

  • mechamaster

    I wonder if I attached some survival knife/kit in M4 and calling it ‘M4 Survival carbine’

    • Giolli Joker

      Well, if doing so then you call the M4 an accessory of the knife, you’re going to have a hell of a survival knife! 🙂

  • higgs

    Totally stupid.

  • Dr.Wiggles

    This has to be the most mall-ninja AR15 attachment in existence.

  • Peter BE

    Maybe it is just academic but if you were to lose your rifle, you just lost your knife too.

    • Tierlieb

      Had the same thought: It is just a way to lose two weapons instead of one.

      Then I remembered a tactic in classic 16th century polearm fighting: When handling a pike, you’d grip the pike and a dagger with the off-hand. In case someone would run under your pike, you’d let go of the pike and stab the bugger.

      So one could do the same with this, except –as nearly every second visitor has pointed out– a bayonet might be more useful for that purpose.

      • noob

        imagine if your opponent had this and you surprised them at grappling distance. You could control their muzzle with one hand and stick them with their own blade with the other!

  • Witt Sullivan

    What, you guys haven’t seen the Battlemug? :)/:(

    • Giolli Joker

      Tacticoolest. Accessory. Ever.

      Thanx for sharing!

    • David/Sharpie

      Haha yes I did, I want it.

      But not for $200.

  • Burst

    Snake, remember your CQB training!

    • Naked Snake

      Commencing virtuous mission, now.

  • Trev

    Paging Gecko 45…

    • W

      whatever you do, please dont summon him…

  • Gary

    More range commando FOO-FOO. Here’s an idea, mount the knife at the end of the barrel…oh wait.. 😉

  • D

    Why..i just do not understand.

  • DW

    Useless until someone comes up with a vest full of rails…oh wait

  • John Doe

    I need a vest covered in Picatinny rails so I mount this knife to my vest.

  • skokie

    I own a couple of TOPS knives and they are excellent blades, but I’ve got to say this is just silly. That being said, they’ll probably sell a bunch of these so who can blame them?

  • إبليس

    $140 is a lot of money for a backup piece of sharp metal.

  • Lance

    Wouldn’t a Bayonet be just as good to get a knife then??

    • Uberyeti

      One would think so. I’d take a bayonet over this useless creation any day.

  • Charles222

    Why not an under barrel knife blade launcher? (yes I’m joking :p)

  • Fupa

    I’d love a tactical dildo attachment

  • Alan

    I wonder if I could convince the Canadian Licencing people that it is just a knife and not a restricted gun?????

    • David/Sharpie

      Highly doubt it.

      Why they made the AR R is so stupid.

  • Scout

    As others have pointed out…my knife should stay attached to my belt/body.

    Can we please start seeing ‘the industry’ do something useful with these rails systems??

    Maybe like a Cappuccino maker !!

    This would not be produced if it were not being sold – Who in the hell is buying this crap?

  • Tuulos

    It’s actually a somewhat clever idea, especially if you mount it to a rifle you hunt with. At least you have something to skin the animal with if/when you have lost/forgot your other knives at home.

    And as skokie pointed out, the price isn’t bad for a quality knife.

  • Nicks87

    I dont even know what to say.

    Didnt we already attach a knife to a rifle in a more effective way?

  • woot, now you can do the Call of Duty knife kill!!! ….uuummmm… theory.

  • Starlight

    Very cool but now where am I going to fit my laser, my flashlight, my IR torch, my bipod and my front grip!? geez

  • Robert

    Can someone tell me where to get a mount for my Sig ar so I can mount it to the rail on my Colt ar next to my Sig 220. I would mount it to the Sig but I have my coleman lantern and bowie knife taking up that space.