Google Shopping Censors All Gun, Ammo & Accessories Results

Google sent out an email to Google Adwords customers saying that they are going to pull all Google Shopping results for guns, ammunition, gun optics and gun accessories (Shopping results, not general search results).

HamLund Tactical received this email and posted it on (emphasis added) …

Dear Merchant,

We’re writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to the product listings you submit to Google. As we recently announced, we are starting to transition our shopping experience to a commercial model that builds on Product Listing Ads. This new shopping experience is called Google Shopping. As part of this transition, we’ll begin to enforce a set of new policies for Google Shopping in the coming weeks. A new list of the allowed, restricted, and prohibited products on Google Shopping is available on our new policy page –

Based on a review of the products you’re currently submitting, it appears that some of the content in your Merchant Center account, HamLund Tactical, will be affected by these policy changes. In particular we found that your products may violate the following policies:


When we make this change, Google will disapprove all of the products identified as being in violation of policies. We ask that you make any necessary changes to your feeds and/or site to comply, so that your products can continue to appear on Google Shopping.

To help you through this new set of policies and how to comply with them, we would like to give you some specific suggestions regarding the changes needed to keep your offers running on Google Shopping.


As highlighted on our new policy page, in order to comply with the Google Shopping policies you need to comply first with the AdWords policies We do not allow the promotion or sale of weapons and any related products such as ammunitions or accessory kits on Google Shopping. In order to comply with our new policies, please remove any weapon-related products from your data feed and then re-submit your feed in the Merchant Center. For more information on this policy please visit

We’re constantly reviewing our policies, and updating them when necessary, to ensure we’re offering the best experience possible to our users. We’ve identified a set of policy principles to govern our policy efforts on Google Shopping in the U.S. These principles are:

1) Google Shopping should provide a positive experience to users.
Showing users the right products at the right time can truly enhance a user’s experience. When people trust us to deliver them to a destination that’s relevant, original, and easy to navigate this creates a positive online experience to the benefit of both users and merchants.

2 ) Google Shopping should be safe for all users.
User safety is everyone’s business, and we can’t do business with those who don’t agree. Scams, phishing, viruses, and other malicious activities on the Internet damage the value of the Internet for everyone. Trying to get around policies or “game the system” is unfair to our users, and we can’t allow that.

3) Google Shopping should comply with local laws and regulations.
Many products and services are regulated by law, which can vary from country to country. All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
For the most part, our policies aren’t designed to describe every law in every country. All advertisers bear their own responsibility for understanding the laws applicable to their business. Our policies are often more restrictive than the law, because we need to be sure we can offer services that are legal and safe for all users.

4) Google Shopping should be compatible with Google’s brand decisions.
Google Shopping must be compatible with company brand decisions. Our company has a strong culture and values, and we’ve chosen not to allow ads that promote products and services that are incompatible with these values. In addition, like all companies, Google sometimes makes decisions based on technical limitations, resource constraints, or requirements from our business partners. Our policies reflect these realities.

We’ve given much thought to our stance on this content, as well as the potential effect our policy decision could have on our Merchants, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


The Google Shopping Team

© 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Merchant Center account.

This is a pity. I liked using Google Shopping to compare prices on gun-related products. Google now has a worse policy than ebay, which at least allows accessories. Shame on you Google.

UPDATE: I published this post a few hours ago and the search “5.56mm ammo” (as seen in the screenshot above) worked in Google Shopping. I now get “5.56mm ammo – did not match any shopping results”. It may still be working for some people, depending on which Google servers you are hitting.

[ Many thanks to Jim for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Jeff

    I use ammoseek for ammo so got that covered but its going to make finding other things like magazines that much more difficult.

    If anyone is doing a web startup this might be an open door for you…. and something i think most of us who frequent the site need

    • Rust

      I just did a Google Shopping search for 308 Winchester. Lots of results. Anyone else tried a search?

  • John

    Any ideas on how to send a message to Google letting them know they are not providing a “positive experience” with this ne policy?

    • KC

      go to Google shopping search page, search for your favorite type of ammo, gun, etc.

      when it pulls up as “Your search – [x] – did not match any shopping results.” or whatever, go to the bottom right of the page where it says “Give us feedback”, click on it and choose the most relevant option to express your concern over.

      Tell anyone else who’s ever used it to do the same

  • That sucks, I really liked using Google Shopping to see the going market price for firearms and accessories that I plan to purchase. It worked great.

    At least with e-bay we had alternatives, I wonder if Bing will work for this now…

    • Mark

      I won’t be using google for anything. If it was on paper I’d use it as toilet paper.

  • chris

    It must be nice to be a company that’s so big it can dictate policy the government can’t touch without getting a boat load of flak. These are the same people that want you to trust them with your company secrets in some of their offerings. At least there other search engines.

  • D

    Wait, wait, people actually USE that google shopping crap? I literally never have in my entire life, and just assumed no one else did either.

    • Jeff

      What do you use? Or do you just buy at face value?

      • Sian

        I used it on a near daily basis.

        Not anymore. =(

      • D

        Usually i buy at a local gun store, or walmart, for ammo sometimes depending. Got a good rapport with the gun stores and have always had a quick problem resolution if i had any issues; no reason to fix what’s not broken.

    • Often when I search for gun related products the Google Shopping results are inserted in or near the top and I find it very useful.

      I buy a lot of gun stuff online, so I used this feature quite frequently.

      Just noticed everything has officially been pulled. Post updated.

  • spencer

    Funny, I have a couple job applications in with Google. It’s official; I’m never going to work for them. (The we are an affirmative action employer message should have tipped me off)

    • Fmonk

      Your loss. If I were you, i’d get a high paying job there and buy more guns out of spite.

  • Trev

    I hope they like snail mail.

  • SPC Fish

    damn. i use google shopping for accessories all the time. that and amazon just to see what comes up.

    i guess ill have to do it the old fashioned way now

  • FindYourInnerWoodsman

    it seems that you can still search for any type of blades, axes or anything of the handheld weapon type by product name. I can see several manufacturing companies that might get upset if they soon find that their products are not listed.

  • Erik

    Time to use Bing.

    I used to be a Google fan, now I will be switching to Microsoft’s Product.

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    Strange thing is the Australian version of Google ( seems to be working fine. Only lists Australian suppliers though so I am not sure its an option for you chaps in the US of A. Never-the-less try it. You never know.

  • CH Crabtree

    Every gun owner in the world should immediately boycott google. Google understands money and when they suffer a loss big enough that they cannot pay their Executives bonus I am betting they will change their attitude.

  • Fyrewerx

    Is Google trying to prove the “byte” is mightier than the sword (AR-15)?

  • Curzen

    I noticed this last evening and changed my default search engine from google to bing

    • Totenglocke

      So to protest not being able to find something on Google, you’re going to use Bing which doesn’t find anything? Seems counterproductive to me.

      • Curzen

        yep, I call it free market capitalism and consumer choice.

      • Lex

        He’s just pointing out that you, the consumer, made a stupid choice.

      • Totenglocke


        Apparently you and twelve others didn’t grasp what I was saying. I never said not to switch to a different browser, I was merely commenting on the fact that Bing is the most useless search engine I’ve ever used.

        Therefore, if you can’t find what you want on Google it’s foolish to go to a search engine that’s worse than Google.

  • CW

    I support manufacturers who support me and the things I value and enjoy.

    Google just made it to the “DO NOT PATRONIZE” list.

    I urge all people to do the same. Why give these people our hard earned $$ so they can later yes it against us!! Think of it as “arming” a enemy…


  • Steve

    Is it just me, or has anyone else thought that this is because of the tangled mess the countries gun legislation is. With 50 different ways that “weapons” are defined, and all the shipping laws in places like Kalifornia and MA perhaps they are CYAing. Not to be an apologist, but I haven’t looked to see if there is any basis for these assumptions or cases in the legal system at the moment, but just a different reason that they might be doing this.

    • Sian

      Google doesn’t carry any responsibility for what they list. a link takes you to the product website, where you buy it from that vendor. Google Shopping just makes it easier to find. I think they even have disclaimers that their search might not be perfectly accurate and their price might not match the vendor price etc etc, so there’s not much left to cover.

  • Goodbye Google … hello Bing.

  • Bryan

    Shopping searches may still work for many. The policy, as shown in the Google link to Hamlund Tactical, is not set to take effect until July 1. Google has time to recant, and should.

    Whether you use the Shopping function or not, this is still an attack on gun owners and the shooting industry.

  • Steve

    If this is true I’m done with anything related to Google, This is pure communism and the American people are getting fed up with it.

    • How is it communism, that a private company may openly change it’s services and policies?
      In communism you wouldn’t have the easy choice to simply use a different provider. You *do* have it now.

      (mind you, I don’t like this approach of Google neither)

      • Yes, but the very people that smile at this and support it, are livid at the choice of other private organizations that pick and choose. The Master’s excluding women, The BSA excluding gay scoutmasters, etc. I will not spend another dime on Google AdWords…and CAN’T, they won’t let me. But yet the very people who applaud this sue the Master’s organization and the BSA over the very same thing.

      • Lex

        Yes, and when the BSA banned gays the same people who are bitching right now cheered.

    • Not Communism

      Not sure how this could be construed as communism at all. It’s absolutely free-market capitalism. We, the users, do not subsidize Google Search with our US tax dollars, it is not a governmental entity. Google Search has every right as a business entity to provide search engine results in whatever way it so desires – even if it’s based entirely on which advertisers have paid them the most, or which service provider you use to access the internet. Likewise, as users of the service, we are not obligated by law or contract to use Google Search. There is no communism involved or implied whatsoever.

      • Other Steve

        Don’t you know, anything you don’t like can be communism or socialism and anyone that promotes it can be called hilter. Oh, and the other side is always wrong and is trying to destroy America and kill everyone you love.

        Basic modern politics.

  • I. V.

    There are other search engines out there. I use , which also makes of strong point of not tracking users’ searches and identity in any way.

  • Chad

    I just sent this msg as feedback to the empty shopping results.

    I Have been using Google for over 10 years. Following Google’s decision to exclude weapons,ammo,and accessories from shopping results. I can see where Google and or its liberal cronies sit on the Second amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. I will be using other search engines from this point on.

  • Sian

    If google wants to keep its position as the ubiquitous search engine, it seems to me it should have a duty to produce unbiased results, but this is just the continuation of a trend that they’ve been following without shame or apology for years, in line with their blowing off Memorial day for multiple years (while celebrating the European and thus way more hip Remembrance day) and producing some very .. odd leanings in what some searches turn up.

  • Jon

    “Search” is not “search” when it is censored for political reasons. If you search for ‘buy porn’ on Google I’ll bet you get lots of hits. Some limiting principle (not articulated) has decided to weed the lawful sale of ammo and accessories out. That approach is not freedom and it’s not intellectually honest.
    I did not really like Google before and now I really dislike it. Another reason that I’m going to use it less and tell my friends to do the same. Stay with Amazon and Ebay who at least allow accessories.

  • SSS

    So long Google……I’ve switched my default search engine to Bing. They have a better Shopping interface anyways, now that I look at it.

  • ebinary

    That’s terrible news. Please be sure to post if you have created an online petition or similar. I’m not hard-core of most gun rights issues, but censoring the shopping engine I use daily really pisses me off.

    • Sian

      This policy change should be echoed as loudly and often as possible, so that everyone who enjoys who makes their living from firearms and shooting knows how Google feels about them. Every shooting magazine, website, and gun club needs to have an article posted explaining how Google, a new media juggernaut whose bias can influence perceptions around the WORLD, is now actively and with intent (where previously it was just through political donations) involved in destroying the livelihoods of people who make their living in this industry and hobby.

    • DashVT
  • Sian

    my response sent to Google (not that they’ll read it)

    If Google wishes to be an ubiquitous search engine for Everything, it should feel it has a duty to produce unbiased results. It’s well and good for a large company to have a culture of its own, but when it has the amount of control in shaping the perceptions of its users, Google *should* feel the duty to rise above its own cultural bias, adhere to the standards of the 1st Amendment and provide the same level of service to everyone, regardless of Google management’s political and social leanings.

    By censoring perfectly legal listings, Google is putting its considerable influence behind the statement that thy want this industry (firearms and ammunition) from which I make my living and support my family, to fail. This is absolutely unacceptable. I have found google shopping to be extremely useful for darn near everything I buy online, but because of this policy change I Can no longer use it in good conscience, and will be using a competing service until such time as Google decides to reconsider its new, unapologetic policy to let its own political views poison its search results.

    • Lex

      Too bad, so sad. Free market.

      • JM

        I’m sure you’ll say the same thing when retailers triple firearm and ammo prices because their “free market” importers decide they want to jack their fees and make them harder to purchase at retail.

      • Sian

        Your point being?

        Google’s slogan of ‘Don’t be Evil’ which according to its founders includes objectivity and an absence of bias conflicts directly with this new policy. Not that it couldn’t be seen coming.

        The point is that with google’s near monopoly on the search business, their refusal to list certain items on a political basis is an attack against those of us who make a living in the industry, and we’re going to make damn sure to inform people of the alternatives.

      • Lex

        If sellers want to screw you out of your money they can. Free market.

        Google hasn’t eliminated guns from its searches, by the way, only from Google Shopping which is all stuff they implicitly or explicitly endorse. You can go on Google and put in “buy 5.56mm ammo” and get two million hits in a tenth of a second if you want.

      • Steve H

        You keep saying “free market” as if anyone here is recommending that the government step in squash this. We know it’s a free market. We also have freedom of association, and freedom of speech, which means we can 1) Stop associating with google, and 2) Speak our displeasure at this change.

        Freedom of speech and assocation are *exactly* what you’re seeing on this board.

    • Unlicensed Dremel

      Lol, you are WAY kinder than I was (4 times so far). You didn’t even drop a single F bomb…. ha ha. I’m glad there are some cooler heads because I just let them have it and dropped adwords for my non-gun-related business.

  • Sian

    I guess this explains why gmail has been repeatedly redirecting all my NRA emails into the spam bin lately.

  • Teknix

    Well that is an easy way for me to drop Google after using them all these years. I will not support a company that does not support my rights.

    • I agree that this change is pitiful but just as you have a right to stop using their services, they have a right to modify their services and/or policies. They’re not taking away your rights.

      But again – it’s a pity that Google should do something like this.

      • Teknix

        Yeah, they own the company and they can do what they want with it but I just won’t use their services if they don’t support basic rights of citizens. I also will be telling everyone I know about it and why I stopped using them.

      • JM

        He didn’t say, “taking away”. He said, “does not support”.

      • Lex

        You don’t have a “right” to see guns on Google Shopping.

      • JM

        This decision was made after Google had already established a foothold with Shopper/Shopping (app/engine).

        This move was engineered from the beginning. Open up an information avenue between retailers and shoppers, make it the widest avenue available, and then clamp down on whatever information you want to restrict.

        It doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, but it also deliberately makes exercising those rights a little more difficult.

  • ScottA

    Looks like a good opportunity to start using bing. I switched my default search to it a month or two ago because I was getting sick of google and it works pretty well. Bing shopping also still shows ammo.

    • Same here. Not a big fan of Redmond, but I’m a bigger fan of our Constitution.

  • E-Bay is allowing select gun parts to be sold once again. In a letter I received from E-Bay …..

    Thanks for speaking with me today. As I mentioned, eBay’s Hunting category has expanded to include more items, which could mean more buyers and sales for you. Now you can list the following firearm parts and accessories on the eBay US site ( with domestic shipping:

    Enbloc clips
    Choke tubes
    Firing pins
    Magazines with a capacity to accept 10 rounds or less (high-capacity magazines that can accept more than 10 rounds are not allowed)
    Trigger assemblies

    Important Guidelines
    We take the update to the Hunting category seriously and will monitor these items vigilantly for compliance with the eBay firearms policy and all relevant laws and regulations. If your listing does not meet the requirements of this policy, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions to your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account. Keep in mind these important guidelines when listing any of these firearm parts and accessories:

    You may now show your accessories on a firearm in your photo, as long as it is not an assault weapon and there is no indication in the listing that the firearm is included in the sale.
    You and all of the items listed must be located in the US and you must only offer domestic shipping on these items.
    Listing accessories related to assault weapons is still prohibited on eBay. If your accessory is compatible with other weapons as well as assault weapons, you may list it, but may not mention any assault weapon compatibility. The listing of firearms, replica firearms, ammunition, and other firearm-related items is still prohibited on eBay. Please carefully review the site policy that outlines firearm restrictions before listing these items, and be sure your listings—titles, descriptions, and photos—are in compliance with the new update.

    • Sian

      What’s an assault weapon?

      It’s important to get them to define this because it’s an otherwise meaningless term.

    • AzureRaptor

      Oh lord. They actually used the term “assault weapon.” That’s never a good sign.

    • Ben

      Oh god – assault weapon = black rifle?

      • That is my assumption.

  • Troy

    Really lame, So someone can search for a butt plug or drug paraphernalia but not firearms related items. Google you suck, and I will no longer support you!

    • Uberyeti

      You’re no longer going to use Google or any of their products?

      Yeah, good luck with that.

      • JM

        It’s worth a shot! 🙂

      • Troy

        Uberyeti, what is so hard about changing your email and default search engine. I just did it and it took me all of 5 min. One word for you, principles! either you follow them, or you don’t. Apathy is killing the U.S.A. more than anything else. If you don’t want anti’s to take away our rights, do something about it. Believe me, large companies like Google and Home Depot care more about their bottom line than they do for any political “Do Gooder” feel good ideology. Some in their ranks might genuinely believe in this crap, but in the end the bean counters usually make the call. When their profits or usage sink they will rethink their policies, and we will have sent another message.

  • Logan

    The best part about the whole “censoring” is that if you search anything gun related it still pops up with midway and optics planet at the bottom as ads. Doesnt make any sense.

  • K

    They’re full of BS. If they’re really not allowing the promotion or sale of “weapons” then why am I still getting returns for “knife” but not “magazine”.

    It’s purely anti-gun.

  • Josh B

    So much for the google.

  • Brian

    Bing is owned by Yahoo which is also just as anti second amendment as google. I use as my main search engine. Which always has TONS of listings for whatever you are looking for.

  • A short sloppy response I threw together.

    Google’s new change in policy did not allow the search to be successfully completed. I find it quite odd that what I can no longer shop for weapons ammunition and accessories, the alcohol searches I tried are STILL readily available… Last time I checked alcohol related deaths/injuries VASTLY outnumbered those of firearms.

  • This is censorship of ammerica. Of all places google who is supposed to be all about non censorship and freedom of speech is limiting my ability as a free American to search and shop for firearm related needs. This is Oboma’s friend now!!! Down with google. I am getting windows phone and transfering all my google accounts to somewhere else now.

    • Kristopher

      It is only censorship if a government does it.

      Google can do what they want here.

      And we can stop using Google’s shopping product.

      • Unlicensed Dremel

        Kristopher, WRONG!! According to Wikipedia: “Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body. It can be done by governments AND BY PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS OR BY INDIVIDUALS who engage in self-censorship. It occurs in a variety of different contexts including speech, books, music, films and other arts, the press, radio, television, and the Internet for a variety of reasons including national security, to control obscenity, child pornography, and hate speech, to protect children, to promote or restrict political or religious views, to prevent slander and libel, and to protect intellectual property.”

  • jpcmt

    Just sent my feedback after a failed google shopping search for ar15 letting them know I’ll be discontinuing use of several google products and spreading the word to others who disagree with this discrimination. That’s the best thing anyone can do. Shout it from the rooftops and discontinue use.

    • milehisnk

      I found out about this from a friend, and have since been alerting every small arms company and gun enthusiast that I know about this. I’ve been posting it on Facebook and telling friends around the country. No, it’s not a matter of government coverup or conspiracy, but it is alienation. The big ones to get riled up would be to get the big gun video commenters on Youtube to jump ship to a different site. The fact is, there are 100 different websites that you can share videos on. You don’t HAVE to use YouTube, which is a Google brand. So I will, in fact, be trying to find a way to notify all the gun guys on Youtube and suggest they switch. It’s their choice if they do or not.

  • SpudGun

    I’m a little confused by the ‘total outrage’ voiced by some of the posters on this thread. Google Shopping (whatever the hell that is – don’t use it) is a private company that can choose to sell or not sell whatever it pleases.

    Your rights have not been violated, this isn’t communism, this is not a big conspiracy. No one is forcing you to use Google Shopping, you can still find cheap firearms and accessories using the normal Google Search Engine, they have chosen to sell things which they consider to be in their best interests, items that will make their company more profitable in the long run. This is capitalism. This is how it works. It is also why you can’t buy Mickey Mouse branded condoms, Justin Bieber cigars or Hello Kitty whiskey.

    Nowhere in the Constitution does it say ‘and the people shall enjoy unbiased search engine shopping results, free from censorship and available to all’.

    Yes, it’s outrageous that Google has branded all firearm and accessory shoppers as being a ‘danger’ and that the retaillers of such items have been lumped together with scammers, hackers and criminals. But again, they are an independent private company free to make their own decisions.

    By all means, refuse to use their services as a protest, but don’t criticize them for being a public service or for having a duty to the online consumer, as neither is true. They are in it to make bucks, pure and simple.

    • JM

      Kinda hard to say that “they’re in it for the bucks” when they’re omitting certain products for obviously political reasons. True, they’re a private company and have the right to do this…but for a company that stresses net neutrality this is asinine.

      • SpudGun

        Depends on the politics – if by removing gun sales, Google picks up an extra 20 million consumers who are not in favour of guns – then it’s a purely financial decision.

        Not sure where you got the ‘net neutrality’ concept, unless you actually believe what some huge corporate entity wants you to believe.

        McDonalds and Coca Cola are sponsoring the Olympics, it must mean their products are ‘super healthy’. 😉

      • JM

        I know what you’re saying, and to a point I do agree. But that logic is too narrow. Google’s scope and reach are way too diversified to think that this alone will bring in shoppers that weren’t already using Google products. This is going to limit far, far more shoppers than it will appeal to.

        There’s a reason why this was an email to AdWords partners, and not a public press release.

      • SpudGun

        I also know what you are saying and also agree with you to a point. I too think the decision was political, but in a business sense. Google want to represent themselves as being a ‘nice’ company, that doesn’t want anything to do with ‘evil’ guns – all the while, selling your personal and private information to the highest bidder and letting governments around the world know what you’re up to.

        The last thing Google wants is to be irrevocably linked to some psychotic shooting spree by a lone whacko. We’ve already seen what has happened to Wal-Mart. I’m sure there are other legal implications that Google doesn’t want to get caught up in and no doubt, personal bias amongst the main investors and board members may have also come into play. But I am just randomly speculating.

        As for the drop in sales by gun owners and the refusal to use Google products – I have never met a more fickle headed, hypocritical, goldfish memoried crowd in my life. ‘I ain’t buying no plastic gun’, ‘Bill Ruger will never see my money’, ‘there’s no way I’m buying a Commie AK’ and the list goes on and on. Talk is big on the Internetz, so I’ll have to see it to believe it.

      • JM

        Amen to that last part.

      • roger

        You are wrong, google is not a PRIVATE Company, it is PUBLIC thus that is why they trade on the stock market. I have sold my shares.

      • SpudGun

        I have no idea how many shares you just sold, but unless you were a majority stakeholder, it won’t make much of a difference. They are publicly trading but not entirely publicly owned.

    • Bryan

      Yes criticize! This isn’t about using the power of government or evoking the Constitution. This is about a population of consumers telling a business entity that they disagree with their decision. I am not advocating a private entity be forced to do anything, but they should be informed that their judgment does indeed impact a great number of users and will have consequences. The more they hear it, the better our chance for a positive outcome.

    • W

      im with spudgun. a private company has no committment to make every population group happy…even gun owners. That is one aspect of capitalism. If you feel strongly, stop using google.

      • FormerSFMedic

        I’m surprised everyone has missed the big picture here, or the little one depending on how you look at it. Google implementing this policy is a good thing for the gun industry. While I don’t agree with Google’s views, they don’t have to agree with mine either. At least this way, the firearms related companies won’t be spending money on ads to be put up by a company that didn’t support them in the first place. Think about that real hard for a second. All those companies will now be forced to go spend that money elsewhere on ads with other websites that DO support guns. This new policy may even help a number of small blogs (like this one) by directing that ad business toward such companies. Google just did us a favor by allowing firearms related companies to realize the error of giving Google money in the first place!

      • milehisnk

        It’s more a perceived call of censorship. Google is supposed to be a search engine, and a good one. That includes shopping. The Google Shopping is great for searching multiple websites to find out who has the best price on a specific product, so you can save money. By google removing this specific line of products from their searches, and with Google being the biggest search engine today, they are doing their users and themselves a huge disservice. People are going to move away from Google and start using Bing, MSN, Yahoo, etc. and forget about Google as they fail off into the sunset. That’s all it’s really about…the biggest search provider in the world, is no longer providing searches for a certain type of product.

      • W

        “I’m surprised everyone has missed the big picture here, or the little one depending on how you look at it. Google implementing this policy is a good thing for the gun industry.”

        Absolutely, im glad somebody understands this little bright side to a otherwise unfortunate event. Of course, almost every goddamned person on here acts like google is the government and dictates legislation. Like I said before, if google’s anti-gun stances pisses you off, go the fuck somewhere else or stop bitching. Pretty simple.

        “While I don’t agree with Google’s views, they don’t have to agree with mine either. At least this way, the firearms related companies won’t be spending money on ads to be put up by a company that didn’t support them in the first place. Think about that real hard for a second. All those companies will now be forced to go spend that money elsewhere on ads with other websites that DO support guns. This new policy may even help a number of small blogs (like this one) by directing that ad business toward such companies. Google just did us a favor by allowing firearms related companies to realize the error of giving Google money in the first place!”

        Oh stop that! you’re making too much sense! you make the reactionaries’ heads explode. Its a lot easier to cry foul and try and view google as a omnipresent threat, when its a private company and can decide what side of the sand to stand on. Like I said before, a private company can side where it wants.

        “It’s more a perceived call of censorship. Google is supposed to be a search engine, and a good one. That includes shopping.”

        yes they are, though like i said before, and most on here are apparently ignoring, they are a private company. enough said. there shouldnt even be a debate about this.

        Let them use other search engines. quite frankly, diversification is a good thing.

    • Derek

      Wow! A rational and well thought out comment. Congratulations sir.

  • Rob
  • greasyjohn

    I’m surprised it took this long. Google’s CEO doesn’t think people should drive their own cars, hence their self-driving prototypes. Always wondered why they hadn’t taken this stance, even though I’d wager plenty of their staff carry and or shoot.

    • charles222

      After watching the general decline of driving skills over the last ten years or so, I’m inclined to agree with Google on whether or not people should be driving. I’d much rather not have to worry about people texting at 75 mph, thanks. :p

      • greasyjohn

        I drive a truck for a living, night shit, in Tempe and Scottsdale, of all places. Friday nights always lend credence to this concept, but my faith scrapes by thus far, somehow.

  • RW Cubano

    This should not come as a surprise to anyone given Google’s ownership.

  • charles222

    It’s so awful of Google to only provide 11.4 million results for a search on ‘firearms for sale’. THE NAZIS!!

    In more important news: Google is planning to start manufacturing electronics here. Which means more people will be making money to actually go buy firearms.

    • Bryan

      Did you read? July 1st is the effective date, though some servers are already showing no results. This applies to their Shopping function (for now), not general web searches. That impacts every small business with an online presence who used Google to bring them customers.

      • Charles222

        Holy shit, apparently you need to read. Google Shopping is Google’s private business. It is different from the general google web search, which still provides plenty of firearms-related links.

    • milehisnk

      The searches are very specific. For example, if you go to google shopping and just search for AR-15 (or AR, or AR15), it comes up with no results. If you search more specific, such as ar15 lower, ar15 upper, ar15 receiver, ar15 magazine, then the search brings up results. Similarly, springfield xd, xdm, xd-m, glock don’t turn up any results, but glock 19, glock 18, glock 21 do…Just not actual guns. Well, I stand corrected. Glock 18, 19, 21, 23 no longer turn up any results either.

  • Dave

    Rumor: I’ve heard from a guy who works at YouTube that Google will stop paying (through adsense) for gun videos on YT. He also said that all gun channels will be marked 18+ only and therefore won’t be able to carry any advertisement.

    Looks like evil Google’s smack down on guns is just beginning!

    • cc19

      Regardless, what a dumb idea of theirs. How about they also flag military recruitment ads to 18+, alcoholic beverage ads to 21+, and automobile commercials to 16+?

  • Max

    I use the shopping feature on Much better results.

  • shane

    Looks like I won’t be using Google anymore.back to yahoo and Bing

    • Augustus

      I believe that Google is the search results supplier for Yahoo. Going to Yahoo will probably not help.

      I have just used google in the past but will certainly look at Bing again.

      • onethickload

        Nope, Microsoft supplies Yahoo search.

  • ap

    start using bing, folks.

  • Moose

    Wow. That’s a bit ridiculous. Weapons are banned, AR15 comes up with no results, but knife comes up with an infinitude of them, all the while, their policy directly states “Google AdWords doesn’t allow the promotion of weapons or devices designed to cause serious harm or injury. The promotion of weapons includes guns, gun parts or hardware, ammunition, bombs, knives, throwing stars, and brass knuckles.”

    . . . Well, okay? What the hell do you think those sharp-bladed instruments you’re advertising can do? (Even after you said you wouldn’t advertise them)

    At least follow your own damn policy if you'[re going to enforce part of it. This is not targeted at weapons, this is only targeted at guns, and it shows quite simply.

    I’d love to file a complaint with them as others have done, but I can’t seem to find a way to do so without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and make my own AdWords account. Why can’t I just use my Google account that’s good for 99% of everything else?

    Ugh. Oh, lastly, they ban THROWING STARS, but still allow SWORDS to be advertised. Uhhh. . Last I checked, most people hurting other people don’t rely on throwing stars, but several murders have been committed with swords, even recently (Pornstar dude killed his buddy with a sword a month ago)

    This whole policy change is dumb.

    • fubar

      It gets more ridiculous than that. ‘broadsword’ returns results, while ‘katana’ does not. So if you’re a scot and want a weapon, you’re in luck, but if you’re japanese, you’re discriminated against. so the policy is stupid AND racist.

      • Cymond

        I think that they’re still implementing the system. It’s the only explanation for why it’s so quirky right now.

        Once, I was at a Panera bread, looking at Darksword Armory. A few days later, I was back and DSA was blocked for ‘weapons’. The network had never heard of DSA until I accessed it.

  • Ernest

    Well, “So long Google”. I’ve never and used this “Shopping” aspect of the Google site, always started on the main page.

    “First, we are starting to transition Google Product Search in the U.S. to a purely commercial model built on Product Listing Ads. This new product discovery experience will be called Google Shopping and the transition will be complete this fall.”

  • jason

    Perfect opportunity to try iCloud’s email and Bing’s search. Have been slowly transitioning from Google but this just accelerated the move.

    • Grr Time

      Bing is an absolute piece of shit.

      • jason

        Supporting anti-gun shit is an absolute piece of shit.

    • FormerSFMedic

      Interesting, supporting anti-gun was what every firearms related company was doing by paying for ads on Google. Now, the money those companies were wasting can go to support ads on other pro-gun sites. Google just made a great dicision that will probably end up helping many pro-gun websites.

  • Slim

    Here is a message I just sent to google, I urge others to do the same!

    “Due to the new and “improved” policy you will no longer show what you consider “weapons”, however to me .22 ammo is used for hunting and recreation and is not a weapon but a tool. It also seems you are being very selective with the definition of a weapon. Firearms and related items are not allowed to be showed in the shopping results, however the shopping search engine you can still find plenty of: (and I have looked these up to see) Battle axes, knifes, crossbows, ninja stars, nunchucks, spears, spear guns, and so on…. Tell me how is that no being selective? I am just amazed at the hypocrasy shown in this new stance the company has taken.”

    I just hope that given enough grief about this, they may amend this new policy.

  • Grr Time

    Absolute bullshit for Google to pull this. But anyone suggesting Bing as a viable alternative is delusional.


    how about we remove all google base programs from our computers yes I know but that would be about the same I used to now have a computer or e-mail I did just fine then I’m sure I can again

    • AfghanVet

      I got rid of all Google items about six months ago, I don’t miss them because there are a lot of other companies willing to provide those services without the privacy concerns and the manipulations. It wasn’t easy though because Google had quietly insinuated itself throughout my system without my knowledge or consent with all kinds of crap.

  • Anon

    I could imagine that this would an issue that would interest the NRA given that Google Shopping is the top ranking comparison shopping engines (see which admittedly does not clearly specify which particular metric is used for the ranking).

  • Marc

    Good Lord.

    I sell photos on a website, should I be required to offer guns for sale too?

    You want to find gun stuff online, there are many tools to use, including using google to search for ‘ gun ammo on ‘

    • Teknix

      It’s more of they had guns and gun accessories as a large portion and now are pulling it down due to politcal reasons of “guns are evil and scary” and are more and more supporting this view. It is thier choice in the end though.

      A better example would be you had photos of guns on your site but decided to pull them since you have a new policy of “no pictures of weapons” (but pictures of knives are ok :-p ). It’s your site and you can do what you want but it kinda sucks that they are pushing more and more to please the anti-gun crowd.

    • It’s one thing to sell photos on a website. But do you host other people, to allow them to sell photos too?

      Granted, even if you did that, you still wouldn’t have to cater to every person who wants to sell photos. But if someone used to be able to sell photos on your website, and you tell them “I’m changing my policy, you are no longer allowed to sell photos on my site”, then that person has every right to be angry at your decision.

      Indeed, if you said, “I’m only going to allow you to sell some photos, and not others”, I would have the right to be angry at you, and tell you “I’m taking my business elsewhere”.

      And if you offered other services, I’d have the right to reconsider doing business with you altogether.

      All this is happening to Google right now.

  • Big Daddy

    I just put in ar15 and got back every company that sells them, parts and ammo. So maybe it doesn’t work for shopping but you can still find companies that sell stuff.

    This is plain BS, so now they can say look we are on the left and anti gun but in reality they show all the companies you can buy anything you want from.

    So Google pleases everybody. This is the way of the world now. Everything has a loop hole. No way Google can eliminate your search for anything, just for shopping for those things. They would lose too much money if they did completely eliminate any search for guns and associated implements.

    The new world order is made up of two faced phony corporate slugs who want to make a one world government made up of the rich and the poor. People thought the tea party candidates would change that, ha ha ha ha, fooled you they are the worst of them all.

    I just tried googling 5.56mm ammo and got all kinds of info and companies.

    It’s time for the people of the WORLD not just the USA to wise up.

    • Cymond

      Reading is fundamental. This change only impacts Google’s SHOPPING search system, not the general search.

      If you don’t know, it was a system that could find multiple suppliers (with shipping prices) for a specific item. For example, last week I used it search for a ‘Cas Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi’, and G-Shopping gave me dozens of sites that sold that specific sword. No forum posts, no reviews, just dozens of companies with competitive prices. Sure, I could look up sword sites and manually search each one but it would take a lot longer.

  • Big Daddy

    I just tried putting in 5.56mm ammo for sale and got back a hundred results plus. No need to use google shopping.

    They must have some legal reasons.

    You can always get around things, everything has a loophole. Everything is designed to have loopholes.

  • Slim Strontem

    Duck Duck Go. HTTPS, do not track or bubble options, easy to use, etc.
    Home page:

  • C Decker

    I am deleting Google everything from my computer. If enough of us will do this, then maybe Google will quit listening to Communistic Muslims within our own government.

    • John Doe

      Do realize that Obama is against SOPA.

      • Joe M

        But only ’cause its the cool trendy hipster thing to do. How else would he get all the elitist college kid votes?

    • AfghanVet

      Obama is against SOPA because it doesn’t go far enough to ensure that the federal government can monitor and track individual internet users. Obama really wants the power to hold internet providers responsible for their subscribers actions and he also wants total access, without court oversight, to every search, post and blog in the nation and be able to use this information to intimidate his enemies.

  • Lance

    I never buy from Google shopping never have never will. Not surprised that a Kaliforian based company will go anti-gun.

  • shooter629

    Hey Google,

    Are we in China Now. Get off your high horse! 38% of your supporters are gun owners!

  • alannon

    I’m a pretty heavy user of Google products (I’m signing this with a gmail account, writing it on an Android tablet, and tethered to an Android phone).

    However, if this policy is not reversed, I will transition away from Google products, and recommend those around me do the same. It’s unfortunate, Google has a great and improving ecosystem, but I can’t bring myself to support someone who doesn’t support me.

    At this time, Shopper is still working for me; I will contact Google as soon as (and if) it stops doing so. If I could buy a bong on Shopper, they have no excuse to remove firearm paraphernalia.

  • Marc

    I love how incensed the gun people are to this.

    “I can’t buy my ammo for my AR15 at the absolute lowest cost”

    Try finding a local dealer, pay a little more and keep a store in your area open. Seriously THATS the American way.

    Trying to tell Google they are making a mistake by not listing, in their sales area, all the gun stuff is like telling Walmart to sell only American made goods. It ain’t gonna happen, Google doesn’t care.

    While I am no fan of censorship (which this is NOT), Google has every right to not allow the sale of any product. They don’t want to see in the evening news

    “Local disgruntled hunter shoots up local universtiy classrooms with guns and ammo purchased on Google”

    And, if you are REALLY outraged, where’s the equal amount of outrage on the laws in Arizona that wound up costing an agent his life in the Fast and Furious program? the fact you can purchase any weapons, in a strawman taxctic, of any kind there, then sell them off to arms dealers without any kind of requirements… well, if those gun dealers in Arizona had exercised one ounce of judgement, that agent might be alive.

    So, Google has removed guns and ammo? So what? They can do what they want, and you can find all of the things you want just as easily.

    • A *little* more? The typical markup over internet wholesale price that I see in brick and mortar stores is between 50 and 100%. The only exception to this is Wal-Mart.

      • Marc

        What’s more important?

        Getting your ammo as cheap as possible, from an online source that probably gets that ammo from an overseas manufacturer…


        Doing something completely American and dealing with a local dealer who is reputable, can put a name to a face… and, most likely, would really appreciate your business.

        If everyone screaming about Google’s decision actually patronized a brick and mortar store, maybe the damn economy might actually start to recover.

        The internet has done just as much to destroy the economy and any economic policy of any administration.

      • The problem with the Fast and Furious scandal wasn’t that the gun laws were “weak”. They were over-ridden, because law enforcement specifically told gun shops to allow sales to go through, that the gun shops otherwise would not have allowed.

        How would “strengthening” these laws prevent this from happening again?

        As for people complaining about this: we understand fully that Google has the right to limit what is sold on their sites. We have the right to learn about these policies, complain about them, and ultimately ignore the service altogether, if we find it too obnoxious.

    • 93fd3s

      You dope, we are outraged at what happened in AZ but it was the gun dealers that balked at the illegal orders from the ATF/DOJ. The government caused Brian Terry’s death, not AZ gun dealers. Thats why Holder is in the hot seat now as he should be!

      • joe

        the person who pulled the trigger on Agent Terry is responsible for his death, Not the manufacturer , the dealer , the govt. If he had been stabbed or ran over you gonna blame kershaw or chevrolet?

      • Marc

        The gun dealers had no knowledge of the ‘deals’ that the strawman purchases were being given to gun traffickers.

        The ATF/DOJ didn’t produce or issue any ‘illegal’ orders, it is simply the State of Arizona’s own weak gun laws AND lack of punishments for strawman purchases.

        I should be able to purchase a weapon at a licensed gun dealer, so I can be checked out and provide the proper paperwork. Once I turn around and resell that weapon without those same controls in place, that’s where the problem lies… and Arizona has no suitable laws or punishment for this.

        There is enough blame to go around, on both sides of the aisle. Read the Money magazine article regarding this whole mess. It’s not just Holder, but some Republicans as well.

      • Steve

        Excuse me, Marc. Read the published record and ATF agent sworn testimony. The sales of the F&F guns where made at the INSTRUCTIONS of ATF agents with full knowledge of the: Sale, Purchaser, and intent of the purchaser to take these weapons into Mexico. It had nothing to do with AZ laws. 2 gun shop owners that expressed unease at the sales were told by ATF agents that it was a federal operation and to complete the sales! Inlike a previous ATF initiative under the Bush admin., even though ATF, ICE, and the local federal prosecutor were briefed on the operation before hand, the information was deliberately NOT disclosed to Mexican officials. So when ATF lost track of the weapons, Mexico had no chance of tracing them.

      • Buck Bradley

        Joe you’ve obviously never heard of the felony murder rule. If Obama and Holder knowingly supplied guns to known criminal gangs knowing (as they could not have avoided knowing) that they were likely to be used to commit crimes, they are guilty of any resulting murders just as though they had been present and pulled the trigger themselves. So yes, perhaps we cannot put the “government” on trial, but we can certainly try Obama and Holder and we should–and if we convict them after a full and fair trial, they should both be subject to the same penalties you or I would be if we murdered 300 plus people.

      • AfghanVet


        Exactly where in the Constitution does it give the Federal Government the authority to demand “proper paperwork” before purchasing a firearm? Actually, I see a lot of the Constitution limiting the government but I fail to see where it gives the federal government the power to regulate gun sales. you are obviously a Brady troll, as is evidenced by your total lack of knowledge about the Fast and Furious debacle. You posts are so fundamentally incorrect that it suggest that you actually know the facts but like a good little gun-hater you need to skewer the facts to support your position because you cannot promote your cause based on the facts because your position simply implodes when compared to the truth.

  • John Doe

    I like Google too much to protest it, but this is a great time for someone to make a specific search engine for guns and ammo.

    -Sent from a computer using Google Chrome

  • Wally

    Well you have stopped with guns, why not cars, they kill far more than guns, why not electricity, people die everyday from items sold that use it, don’t forget about the swimming pool supplies and toys, you may not have supplied the water, but you show the items on search that has lead to an accidental drowning or poisoned from the chemicals that is found on your site. Also what about all of the companies that sells all forms of drugs that is listed in your seach. How many people die from an overdose, or their body reacts differently than the rest of the population. If you see fit to remove one hazard as you imply, why not remove all items that could cause harm to your users. The list could go on forever. Oh yeah, Google would go bankrupt, so be it then.

    • Google also disallows vehicles. In neither case do they say why.

  • FormerSFMedic

    I couldnt care less. Sounds to me like it’s a good thing. All these companies were giving money to a company(Google) that didn’t even support their industry? That’s ridiculousness. At least now the firearms industry won’t have to give money to these guys for advertising. The companies will be forced to pay for ads on sites that actually support them. How is that a bad thing?

  • Jacob

    I agree with one of the other posters. It was a useful tool but any time a really big company leaves a particular market, it allows any number of small businesses to step into that area.

    I know that this upsets people, I personally don’t agree with the decision, but its still a business run on personal beliefs. They shouldn’t have to agree with me, they worked hard to get where they are who am I to tell them how to operate. I don’t tell gun dealers which guns to sell, I also don’t tell people that they have to sell guns.

    In particular it doesn’t even say guns, it says weapons. I assume they probably don’t advertise other adult items for sale. But opportunity is still there for someone to start a business.

    • Cymond

      Oh but they DO allow other adult products including ‘glass pipes’ (bongs by another name) and sex toys, but I was unable to get it to produce any ‘adult visual poductions’.

  • BK

    Personally, I do not feel compelled to support any company / organization/ group that doesn’t support me in turn. If Google has decided not to serve sportsmen, shooters, etc., then I see no need to support them. Perhaps if some 80,000,000 American sportsmen/gun owners stop using google and all of its products, others will learn the lesson that when you turn your back on law-abiding Americans who are merely exercising their rights, you will suffer the business consequences of that decision. I’ve always liked Google, Google Maps and others, but you reap what you sow. Farewell, google.

  • whocares

    Google’s corporate policies should have offended Americans for a long time.
    I’ve found excellent substitutes for Gmail at They have a free service as well as paid and you can setup Gmail to forward all new mail to a fastmail account.

    For search engine, try its everything isn’t. Its private and doesn’t collect your search history.

    DuckDuckgo is another alternative.

    Its true Google is free to do as they please, and so are consumers.

    • A Texan

      I just made ixquick my home page and dumped Google. Thanks for the information.

    • Steve O

      Thanks, whocares,
      I just loaded ixquick onto my toolbar, dumping google to the bottom.

    • AfghanVet

      While you’re at it, think about switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox. Firefox is committed to giving you the resources to control your internet experience, putting principles ahead of profits, and lets you control who gets access to your information.

    • Jay

      actually ixquick and startpage are no different than google. do a bit of research on who is behind them and funding them.

      it’s called “controlled oppostition”

      • Jay


  • Chris Thunig

    I see a market niche!!

  • I just did a little experiment. Bing and Yahoo shopping don’t work either. Makes one wonder if this is actually Google policy or “under the radar” government policy.

    Like some other posters here, I never explicitly used Google Shopping but did take note of Google Shopping results that appeared in search results.

    I have never thought Google was a trustworthy partner for something like a smart phone. “Don’t be evil,” sounds like a wonderful policy, until you find out it’s a Silicon Valley hipster’s definition of evil, where “helping people find sporting ammo” = “evil” and “helping Chinese secret police find and silence dissidents” = “good”.

  • Ron

    Interesting. I searched bowie knife, long bow, compound bow, and crossbow. All terms generated results. Only the term ‘sword’ failed to yield results

    • RW

      also nun-chucks, battle axes, axes, mace, tomahawks, throwing knives, halberds, spears, bear traps, etc…

      But what am I thinking, these are in no way weapons….

  • Gun Trash

    Another vote here for DuckDuckgo – I started using it about a year ago when google didn’t display the flag in their header on Flag Day.

    You CAN live without google. There’s some withdrawal symptoms, at first, but you CAN live without google.

  • Tell me about it. They just censored electronic cigarettes too.

  • I just found out something interesting…

    I’m using Firefox and I have an extension called “User Agent Switcher”. It tells the Internets what browser you are using. Actually, it LIES to the Internets about what browser you are using.

    When I went to Google Shopping using the default user agent (Firefox), it returned no results for any gun related searches.

    When I switched user agents to make my browser identify itself as Internet Explorer 8, it returned many pages of results.

    I switched my user agent to Iphone 3. Again, many results.

    Switched to Google Chrome – nothing.

    Safari – nothing.

    Opera – nothing.

    So, the question is, why is Google still allowing Internet Explorer and Iphone users to search for guns and gun related items, but no one else?

    • bob

      Interesting I’ll check this extension out. My hunch is that Google will soon censor that work around too. The great wall of Google ;(

    • AfghanVet

      They are obviously limiting your searches if they can’t track and record your search history. They are fighting back against people that won’t let them track them, a common practice about to become way more common as companies like Startpage still allow you to use Google without allowing Google to track you therefore limiting their ability to sell “preferential” ads that are tailored to your search history.

  • Jax

    Time to change to another Searchengine and say goodbye to google as startpage. 🙁

  • Sam

    I would expect no less from a company founded by a Russian.

    • Cactido

      Ah, good old racism and prejudice. The true American way!

      • Klatuu

        “Russian” is a nationality, not a race.

      • Cactido

        Ok, so I should have said unrelenting nationalism, sorry. My using the wrong term makes prejudice okay? I hadn’t realized. I guess jingoism making everyone think gun owners are crazy is the kind of perception we want to perpetuate.

      • harpsicord

        “Racism” defines discrimination based on race, citizenship, nationality and several other factors, not just race alone. Nice try, though. Play again!

      • Jules

        Forgive ‘harpsicord’ – who should use a spell checker – for having been taught out of current-day ‘PC’ dictionaries which rely on our ‘feelings’ for definitions, rather than the root of a word. Better to simply cut through the BS and call a spade a spade, and a (Marxist, dictatorship-loving, censorship-minded) communist is a communist, no matter his country of origin.

  • bob

    Google is a private enterprise, that can choose with who they deal with. I however will stop using all Google products including my cellphone, just like I refuse to shop at Wallgreen’s and go out of my way to support Starbucks for being righteous. We all should spread the word to all our fellow 90+ million American gunowners that Google has chosen to discriminate.

    Stop using Google products until they figure out that it’s not in their interest to censor completely legal gun items, while one can Google shop for “drug paraphernalia” and other stuff of dubious legality like online pill dispensing pharmacies that don’t require doctor’s prescriptions for a controlled substance which in most states is a felony if I’m mistaken but okay with Google.

    • Dan

      Hey Bob,
      Just to let you know….Walgreens allows conceal carry now. They took their signs down some time ago.

    • Critter_FL

      Yes, they are part of the private sector in that they are not owned by the government (although they are in bed with them). But they are not a privately held company. Ever since they ‘went public’, they are a publicly owned company that should answer to the board of directors and the shareholders. 🙂

    • bob

      Dan thanks for the update!

      Critter_FL, I wonder if the board of directors at Google had ultimate approval of this judging by their backgrounds many are to the left of things, pretty sure some of the shareholders won’t be too pleased when they find out about this, what they do with that information is another story.

  • glen jackson

    thanks i did not know of this.
    their company do as they please, but i will not support them.

  • Jim

    “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

    That is Google’s mission statement for their company. Apparently that doesn’t apply to prices on guns, ammo, optics, & accessories.

    They could at least allow these search results if you have safe search turned off.

  • John

    That’s a shame. I used it all the time to find which websites had items the cheapest and for website reviews. I run a half a dozen websites and used to buy ads through Google. I just canceled my account.

    All of my future web searches will be through bing.

    While I prefer the Google layout, I’m sure I’ll get used to bing.

  • John Fritz

    Hey everyone, try using “start page by ixquick” for your search engine. Dump The Google.

    • scott

      Startpage hides you from Google tracking, but it just searches Google for you, and gives you the google results. Or lack of results in this case.

  • Nicks87

    Google is run by the NSA (govt).

    The CEO meets at the Bilderberg conference every year with the rest of the 1% elitist globalist trash and banker slimeballs. Of course they are anti-gun.

    Firearms ownership is the key to freedom.

    It’s time to grow up and stop calling it a conspiracy theory before it’s too late.

    • Is this the same Buildabear conference that the Saucer People and Elvis attend? I’ve been thinking of setting up a Tinfoil Hat booth there.

  • Thomas Nelson

    shame this is still America

  • Larry

    I just deleted my Google + profile, gmail account, and changed all of my search engines. I’m voting with my feet. Good bye Google. It’s been fun.

  • The Majority

    Hey Google… F… YOU! The Majority are sick of your elitism and placating to the liberal minority. We are the majority and we’re sick of it. I’m switching everything I have back to Yahoo!

  • bagworm1

    Try Strange name, but an excellent search engine. And ammo, etc. is available with a whole lot less hassle than Google.

    • bagworm1

      Sorry, I posted this before I saw that others had already mentioned Duckduckgo.

  • tjw

    Regardless of what people are posting, anyone who didn’t dump google when they enacted their new privacy policy and still uses android, chrome, etc. will not stop using google. Period.

    You are loading up google databases with all of your personal info; so enjoy!

    I dumped the android and went back to a flip phone months ago. Canned my gmail and youtube accounts and haven’t looked back.

    I do still use google maps and shopping results with a proxy…
    …well I guess I used to use google shopping results.

  • Brad

    For the last couple of years I have been making heavy use of google shopping to find well priced handguns and swords. I guess that is now over. Hell.

    Just tried yahoo shopping, but it sucks too.

    But I think I have finally found an adequate substitute for google shopping. seems to give good results.

  • Tweak

    1st Amendment, free speech, and all that is to keep the government in check. If you don’t like Google’s business decisions then I urge you to switch to

  • tndal

    What could be worse in the information space than offering a search service and then intentionally not providing certain information? This is censorship, even if done as part of commerce.

    Google is now the epitome of evil. That took much less time than I thought it would.

    • Edmond

      So much for “Nothing evil!”, eh google?

  • Google is run and owned (intellectually as well as fiscally) by leftists for whom the right to keep and bear arms is not seen as a fundamental human right, but as an abomination.

    They are the abomination. Those who would disarm you are those who would disenfranchise you and ultimately enslave you.

    Never forget that.

    • Mike

      Well, they haven’t removed searching for tinfoil from Google Shopping yet, so you can consider yourself safe.

      • stonedome

        Cram it, comrade

      • Gunslinger

        read the first 71 posts yesterday, saw about 100 more posted today. interested to see what other people have to say

  • Mike

    Your absolute lack of tech savvy INSULTS MY INTELLIGENCE. You all behave like there’s nothing online but Google Shopping and throw a baby temper tantrum.
    Of course, that’s a common trend lately, people use internet instead of their own brains and become overly reliant on technology they don’t even understand. It’s like “Ah press da magic button, and da internets find me da best deals on guns and ammo!”. Seriously, what the hell. There are lots of online gun stores, and they’re not that hard to find. If Google Shopping wants to be a “family friendly” service because some idiot soccer moms whine about ammo being “readily available” and threaten to sue, well, that’s an American tradition to me. Frivolous lawsuits are as American as the star-spangled, large cars, NRA, apple pie and stupidity.

    Also, Steve, what happened to “firearms not politics”?

    • Sven Weichbrodt

      Well said thought I still think you are going to cop it. Sure Google Shop offered convenience but bear in mind it only listed ammunition by those who made the effort to list their products with Google Shop in the first place.

      I wonder how many bargains lie undiscovered simply because people have become too reliant on Google Shop?

      Hell half the fun of shopping online is visiting different websites and comparing prices. Mind you I am an old fart with plenty of time on my hands.

      • Mike

        Well, to be honest I don’t even use Google Shopping and didn’t know what it is. So, it’s a price comparison site. Okay. There are loads of those online, so Google backing out of its helpful intrusiveness regarding guns and ammo isn’t really a big deal. You can still punch “buy .223 ammo” or “.223 ammo price comparison” into normal Google search and you’ll get enough results, with Nextag being the first result for the latter and offering exactly the same functionality as Google Shopping.
        Also, Google Shopping for ammo still works for me, listing American sites with prices and all. The fun part is I’m on the other side of the pond.

    • bob

      Mike, I’m confused on how your condescending comment and your generalizations of American culture are in any way constructive to the discussion. I wouldn’t generalize or talk down to any nationality/culture in such a crude way. Steve wasn’t being political, he was merely reporting that a major US corporation has decided to discriminate against 90 million gun-owing Americans by withholding a legal product from them. Why should we in return continue using any Google product and in return Google profiting from us if that’s the way Google feels about American Gunowners. A similar thing happened with a major pharmacy chain in the U.S. that didn’t allow concealed/open carry of handguns in its stores until public pressure changed their policies. The reason America still has a constitutional guaranteed right to civilian gun-ownership and a right to self-defenses is that we remain vigilant against anyone who try’s to infringe on that right by either not voting for those individuals at the ballot box or with our wallets when it concerns enterprise.

      • PF

        Well said Bob

      • Mike

        Sure, Steve wasn’t political, but look at the army of kooks in tinfoil hats yammering about “evil Communist Google takin’ away our guns and ammo”. Well, it’s not. If someone is so lazy that he can’t look for an alternative to Google Shopping, which is just as hit-or-miss as other Google services, and uses a half-assed “evil communist Obongo lackey Google” argument, I will be condescending to such a moron. First, it’s not censorship, it’s just a misguided decision taken due to gun-fearing shareholders having some irrational objections. You can still find ammo offers using standard Google search.
        That and absolutely disgusting treatment of that Google guy Tom in the comments.

    • I take issue (not with you) with their use of the term “family friendly”. Guns are just as family friendly as a backyard barbeque or anything else and they’re not helping anything by acting otherwise. Everybody should be packing. Especially these days.

      I’ve never used Google Shopping except to see what it looked like once. I just go to the search results.

  • Geoff

    You can always use or shopping searches. They aren’t doing anything list this….yet.

    • AfghanVet

      The problem is that Google, Bing and Yahoo all track and record your searches and keep the information in databases. I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone keeping records of anything I do on the internet, it’s none of their business. Not to mention, I don’t trust that the information won’t end up in federal government hands and end up being tracked by them to use at a later date should they decide to go nazi on us. Check out Startpage, they don’t record your IP address so your searches cannot be tracked and recorded. They also are starting up a browser that uses a proxy to further keep your business private.

      • It’s pretty much impossible to hide anything anymore. There is safety in anonymity–there are so many people searching for so many things, that it’s impossible for any agency to follow up on most. How many idiots have posted photos of illegal NFA weapons on fora and youtube? And how many have been arrested?

        If you’re really worried about someone finding personal info on you, you have two choices:

        Create a false persona that shares nothing in common with you, not food, hobbies, hometown, music, etc, or

        Unplug all your devices and never use them. Your cell phone tracks your exact location whenever you turn it on. Every security camera is accessible. Your GPS can be accessed. Your IMs and any web-based email.

        All search engines track your searches so they can provide better results. The downside of this is what’s called “Selection bias.” Engines that don’t do that will require more work to use, which is simply beyond most people.

        By all means boycott them for a ridiculous and offensive policy regarding guns. But your privacy disappeared a decade ago. It’s never coming back.

  • greener

    I just used the google search bar for “.38 special ammo” and “.357 revolver” Each time I got lots of links. I hit the shopping tab and got prices. What did I miss?

    Google is a private company. They can do what they want. What I find offensive is limiting their search results based on political belief and not telling you they are doing it.

    • Mike

      Maybe it’s not political at all?

    • Critter_FL

      Yes, they are part of the private sector in that they are not owned by the government. But they are not a privately held company. Ever since they ‘went public’, they are a publicly owned company that should answer to the board of directors and the shareholders. 🙂

  • Dan

    Just tried “.40 S&W ammo” and got two results, but clicking through produced nothing. Same for “.223 ammo” and “5.56 bulk”. Tried several with .308 – ammo, rifle, AR and all results were not listed. Then I tried something that is definitely much more restricted by law in most communities – a sex toy. Had more results than I wanted. This definitely stinks of political influence. Google is in California, Pelosi is from California – any connection?

    • JohnBoy

      Suggesting Pelosi is a sex toy is just WRONG!

      • Lord Juel

        That is incorrect. Pelosi is a tool, not a toy.

  • Kelly

    Don’t forget the lack of any Memorial Day acknowledgement on their site. Will google show off the stars and stripes on the 4th of July??

  • Jborden

    This is what to I do. 1st type a form letter stating that due to Googles anti 2nd amendment stance you will no longer buy any products advertised on any of their sites. Now take a little time to find some of these advertisers and notify them of their poor decission to advertise there and that you will be switching search engines and suggest they move their advertisment. There are 60 million gun owners and we have families and friends that can aid us in boycoting. Hit them in the walle, it always works.

    • Marty

      Screw google. I’ve been happy with and

      • Teknix

        I checked out that and saw google logos all over it saying “powered by google”…

      • AfghanVet


        Here is how StartPage works taken directly from their website:

        Startpage, and its sister search engine Ixquick, are the only third-party certified search engines in the world that do not record your IP address or track your searches.

        Whenever you search with Startpage, your SEARCH is not recorded, your IP ADDRESS is not recorded, your IDENTITY is not recorded, no TRACKING COOKIES are placed on your browser, and our SSL ENCRYPTION ensures that your ISP or hackers can’t eavesdrop. You are never seen by any of the search engines we query, including Google, even though you receive authentic Google results through Startpage.

        Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data is recorded. Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking cookies to make a record of your search terms, the time of your visit, and the links you choose – then they store that information in a giant database.

      • Teknix

        So since no IPs are recorded and such does it still count toward googles “hits” and therefore get ad revenue/funding?

  • Fred

    Don’t like Google? Then try

  • Maty

    “All of the items in your feed must be in compliance with Google Shopping policies,” the company said on the site’s support center. “In particular, all items have to be family safe.” What the hell does that mean? Google, Guns keep my family safe… Guess we use BING..

    • AfghanVet

      Don’t use Bing, they are just as evil as Google. They both have said that they will share user information with the federal government and both track your searches to try to “help” you with your online experience. I use FireFox as my browser and set it up to not allow tracking cookies. As for a search engine I use StartPage which does not record or track your IP address but instead uses a proxy to search using Google and as such no one can ever track your search history. There are far more things that one can do to stay anonymous on the internet but that is as far as I personally need to go. I am not comfortable with the rumors about Google and Bing playing fast and loose with my private information as well as the reports of Google logging into people’s wireless networks and the news that Google has been testing turning on people’s computer mics and listening in to conversations to “better serve” their customers. Sounds a lot like Big Corporate Brother to me. I wouldn’t work for Google and I don’t know why any freedom loving American would unless they are fighting it from the inside. Maybe the rumors are true and maybe not but I am not willing to bet my privacy on it. If anyone wants information on how to keep their information private check out “”, they have a great section on steps to take to keep yourself from being tracked by companies and maybe even the feds. Also check out the information on startpages site, it may just open your eyes to how vulnerable you are. SYOTOS

  • CarlS

    People keep mentioning that Google is a publicly-held company as if that makes them government. Still wrong. The limitations delineated in the Constitution are placed on government, not on private enterprises that offer stock to the public. All “publicly-held” means is that the company is accountable to shareholders rather than to the original founder-owners. Any public accountability is to those same shareholders and not to the rest of us. Of course, “customers” can influence the shareholders by voting with pocketbooks and wallets. This means user-customers and shareholder-customers. So stop “using” the company’s services, and stop buying their shares. Sell off. Complaion to advertisers. Let advertisers know you considered buying from them but went elsewhere when you found they advertise with Google. Or any of its’ subsidiaries. Take the time to investigate before making any purchases, large or small. And switch your internet search engine. Myself, I use Startpage HTTPS (Vsit and click add to IE. Then go to internet Options and remove all other search engines, change your homepage, etc, etc. ) If you’ve been using GMail, get a new mail adress. Dump Google.

  • Michael Barger

    Goggle shopping still works for me:

  • John A

    “Many products and services are regulated by law, which can vary from country to country. All advertising, as well as the products and services being advertised, must clearly comply with all applicable laws and regulations.”

    There go Omaha Steaks bacon ads. And Red Lobster restaurants. Swimsuits. Heck, almost any woman’s clothes – and cosmetics. Or alcohol. Bond issues – no “interest” payments.

  • Jin

    I love this site and always appreciate it’s No Politics nature. This iconic nature nurtured a rare haven for international firearm lovers to purely gain and share information on a subject that’s always been marred by misunderstanding and distracting debate and even slandering. but I equally appreciate the occasional articles that reflect social opinions of good relevancy. The TED speech piece was great,for instance. I am truly grateful for Steve’s considering editorial sense, which was again apparent in this piece.

    Google is a major information tech player and their products are used by many, so it is reasonably powerful in affecting people’s perception on certain subjects, especially with their relatively good reputation and the popularized Don’t Be Evil motto. The battling with Chinese government for instance. I think people are aware of Google’s commercial nature, butit is safe to say the move still exhibited, however superficially, a moral value that was applauded by many. People approved a certain sense of bad guys/good guys ideology, and the fact that it’s instrumented by a powerful business body that is becoming ever more powerful, although is not surprising, still makes me uneasy.
    I am from China. Now, as much as I want to defend my own government, that I think it is not at all pure darkness, I can’t deny my share of experience in repression. I do not mean to say my love for guns was a reaction to such repression; I had good access to firearm related information and it is an affection celebrated freely-the ban on airsoft not withstanding. Firearms are deemed dangerous and evil here, which is not my complaint, because it is not much better even in many parts of the developed world. The difference being I am from a culture that is not well versed in constructing and protecting modern ideas that are vital to maintain a just government, which is fundamentally needed for a society that desires to be just and lasting. The idea of safeguarding ourselves with our own hands was never as sobering and sacred to us as to you westerners, and we paid and are still paying greatly for it. That is why I see guns as more than subjects of a hobby, but tools that were created and used to inspire; and it brings me deep joy knowing that there are people who are still dedicating their lives flourishing this interest and the related communities, as well as improving the craftsmanship and passing down the heritage. And that they are doing so unapologetically. It is a symbol built of iron and a beacon lit by gunpowder, that tells the combined humanity how far we have come to enhance our individuals’ ability to stay against tyranny and suppression of freedom, that people have done so and are still doing so.
    That is also why it pains me to see how a country like the USA that used to be a vanguard to such idea, gradually collapses into complacent, and loses its rich and proud bloodline that ensured its achievements. People are questioning the Constitution because they’re forgetting firearm was the fundamental empowerment that provided them with enduring vigilance, and they’re fearing the danger of bearing arms by the uneducated because they’re forgetting any kind of lack of education for necessary knowledge is always dangerous to a society .
    As a Chinese, I may not have the best position to regurgitate that to forget being vigilant is the most dangerous of all. But this is an age where the technologies behind guided missiles and attack drones are becoming ever more sophisticated and ungraspable, and the notion is clearer and clearer that having firearms is the final failsafe available to all people to defense the cornerstone of the their systems of policy. To forfeit or even question such right, to me is comparable to forfeit or question any basic right of citizens of democracy. When a business is telling people that it is evil to provide ammunition to customers, maybe it’s time we encourage more people to think whether it’s got the definition of “evil” wrong.

    • bob

      Jin, no one is taking our guns(good luck if try to take guns away from 90 million Americans) this is not a U.S. government action. Google is business that can choose as it pleases, by censoring Google Shopping because some people in America don’t like guns, regular Google searches still show everything, and other search engines don’t censor gun related things. Google chooses to be anti-gun and won’t be getting my business again however that does not suggest some kind of government plot or crackdown, that is not how it works in America, that is the HUGE difference from china. An American business has the right to choose with whom they do business with and in general cannot be forced. American gun owners often get discriminated by business while some welcome gunowners and are okay with carrying of guns on your person into a business while some business forbid that, which is in their right however we boycott such places until they change their mind as American gunowners are almost 50% of the U.S. population, ignoring us is bad for business. Personally I support business where I can carry a gun legally for protection and give them my business while I avoid business that don’t until they come to their senses. As I wrote in an earlier post. The reason America still has a constitutional guaranteed right to civilian gun-ownership and a right to self-defense is that we remain vigilant against anyone who try’s to infringe on that right by either not voting for those individuals at the ballot box or with our wallets when it concerns enterprise.

      • Jin

        Bob, I was not trying to say it was your government who’s plotting to takeaway your guns. Of course I’m aware that Goggle is a private business and how U.S. government differs from ours. On the contrary I was simply venting my frustration towards those among you who volunteered to give up the right to arm and those who attack it-and many of them were doing it with the intent to pursue good and just, or maybe just with an agenda to try to appear to be so. I’m just saying it’s always worth reiterating, especially from my perspective, and when more and more civilian entities are expressing their disapproval to firearms, that this is not the same as and even more dangerous and destructive than governments cracking down, which is in plain sight and easier to fight. But to be most honest, I can’t say so for sure. I’m not a fan of conspiracy theory but I’m familiar with prolonged history of mass manipulation and the universal human weakness it implied, so forgive my outsider’s cynicism and concern.

    • Bud

      I must say this eloquent posting is a testament to the power of the idea of “America” and the values of individual freedom its highest elected officials swear to defend and protect. But they do not fulfill their oaths.

      Indeed, it appears modern politicians feel no compunction about swearing that oath and then disregarding their duty to enforce long standing laws and customs which were never held in doubt by previous generations and are affirmed by the Supreme Court.

      It is a supreme irony that the unique idea of “America” now takes root more firmly in the minds of people elsewhere just as it so plainly is eroding in the land of its birth.

      Google is not wrong to obey its commercial interests in global advertising. After all, why should a private company defend any Bill of Rights liberty which even elected US officials and elitist bureaucrats so persistently seek to undermine?

  • Ronald Fitzke

    Google: You must be a lover of Fast and Furious Obozo and his hencemen/women. Hillary Clinton and Holder. I will soon be unsubscribing from all Google URLs

  • tmoore

    So let me see if I get this right. I go on Google now and enter something that the Constitution gives me the right to have and I will get the “Cannot find that” for the search. However, I enter something considered illegal in this country (illicit drugs for instance) and I get all the information on it and websites that sale that item. All because they believe that what is legal and protected by the Constitution is harmful to us and items that are illegal are open for free-speech (and apparently for sale).

    • Tom

      Can you buy illegal drugs using Google Shopping?


      You can still use Google to find information about your favorite guns and ammo retailers, message boards, etc.

      Please explain what your point is.

      • Jules

        Only the insane logic of a liberal (or an apologist for leftist/liberals – read:Marxists) would try to make that comparison. Nobody commenting here is trying to do comparison shopping of illegal items (drugs, or anything else). We want to do comparison shopping for LEGAL items. Firearms and ammunition are STILL legal to own in ALL the states of the U.S., in case you hadn’t noticed, just like refrigerators, TV’s, Kleenex and dog food.

        Next thing you know your liability lawyers will be wanting to delete THOSE from comparison shopping lists, because any one of them can be shown, through more leftist logic, to cause harm to humans. Oh MY! Google sure wouldn’t want to have any liability attached to somebody who used their comparison shopping service to supply their notorious dog food poisoning scheme in their neighborhood!

        I have one thing to say to ALL of Google’s employees. Grow UP!

    • Not really. You can still search for firearms but they do not show up in their comparison shopping engine (type in a search term and then click the “shopping” link). You can still use organic search (Everything or Web) to find gun related items. Google just wants nothing to do with guns when it comes to charging vendors for ads, which is basically where they are taking their shopping feed engine.

  • Tom

    I am a gun owner and an employee of Google, and I read through plenty of anti Google comments and stopped. You can still find plenty of guns and ammo retailers though Google’s search engine. For those of you declaring how “evil” Google is must be ignorant to the FACT that Google donates 10’s of millions of dollars every year to tons of charities. They match any donations made by their employees 100% as well. They are one of the most generous organizations in the world – yet some of you think that Google choosing not to offer guns and ammo in ONE interface makes them “evil.”

    Google is also not denouncing guns. Google has PLENTY of employees such as myself that own, carry, and enjoy shooting our firearms.

    Google is as pro-American a company as you can get. They do TONS of behind the scenes work to keep our country safe – as much or more so than us arming ourselves individually with our firearms.

    Choose to over react and use inferior search engines and other products all you want – it’s your choice.

    • nyc

      Let’s be real clear about Google:

      – Google left China because they could not get market share. They bowed down to the censoring of the gov’t first THEN when they still couldn’t get market share they left and said “it was because of censoring.” Umm… good excuse, but actions speak louder than words.

      – Google has created Google Maps Stalker View (I mean Street View) and knowingly collected all sorts of other data.

      – Google’s Schmidt said “If You Have Something You Don’t Want Anyone To Know, Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Doing It.” That is his view on privacy. He didn’t put caveats… so the only way to interpret that is, that not only does he mean “bad” (whatever that means) but also he thinks he needs to know my finances, my conversations, or anything else i might use the internet for.

      I can go on and on. Sure Google makes great products, but that does make the company “Not evil.” As I said, actions speak louder than words.

      Now on the “gun” issue, them not allowing guns and related items on their shopping does not necessarily make them evil, but it sure makes a statement on their stance, which again might not be evil, but is certainly naive.

      But based on everything else they do… they can say “do no evil” all they want, but their actions speak louder than words.

      • jax

        1o’s of millions to charities that are owned by the same fatcats that own these goddamn corporations. nice try though.

        charities barely do a dam thing for society. the money goes right back into assholes pockets THAT DON’T NEED IT

      • It may interest you to know that gun owners and buyers are not alone. There *seems* to be a new policy at Google to eliminate any business catering to adults (escort services, bachelor party companies, stripper services, strip clubs etc…) from Maps / Places listings. Most actual adult business websites have been replaced in the natural search results by classified ad and directory websites. This is in the US and meanwhile even such listings in local search and websites remain in Singapore and most of the rest of the world.

        When you think about this, realize that the Maps / Places listings have no nude / crude / X-rated images or content and neither do the majority of the websites that have been removed. This started back in March, but they’re going full force on it now, or as of last week. Owners of said businesses want the sort of email that you received – they are attempting to brush it under a rug with the adult industry and in some cases pretend it isn’t happening. I’m am hearing nothing but denial as everyone disappears.

        Whoever said that it is not censorship is incorrect in relation to the Android phones. Think about it… those phones are Google and no one uses Yahoo, Bing, or any other search on them on any regular basis, if ever.

      • GridRider

        Lets be even more clear… I sell knives, many to active duty military. Google base once allowed those folks to find me. Now, my feed is disapproved because I sell knives. No more traffic, fewer sales… while larger competitors products stll show up in shopper. All because google has decided knives are bad… but, apparently only if they are being sold by small retailers. I can only hope there will a class action taken to end this most obvious discrimination… especially since they are now a public company.

    • Nate

      Evil is a state of mind really. There is no set in stone quantifying standard for “evil”. Google did make a social morality decision though. They chose to decide for others what was appropriate and what wasn’t. We have government organizations (whether they be intelligent or not) that already have that job, and they decided, we, as Americans should have certain freedom to choose what is right for ourselves. Those who would seek out to take back freedoms (whether they be “god given” or not) are defined as Tyrants. As far as the current standard of our society and it’s ideals of morality, tyranny IS evil. Many tyrants and “evil” organizations have done good things for society, as have many “benevolent” and charitable organizations done pure evil (Spanish inquisition). That in no way makes their decisions to also be oppressive any less vile or wrong. Is Google as an entity evil? No one can say for sure. Is their choice to oppress in the same way as countries they claim are in the wrong (China) hypocritical and wrong? Without a doubt.

      • W

        Read “The Tyranny of Good Intentions” by Paul Craig Roberts. Your comment is spot on!

    • Cian

      I dont give a darn how much Google gives to charity. Deliberately censoring a group of products that are legal to buy sell and own in this country is plain wrong. Im sick and tired of liberal bs dictating what I do in my day to day life. Google shopping sucks ass anyway, I buy everything on Amazon anyway.

      • Dean

        Then Vote!! if we all Voted we would make a change change. have you seen the stats on how many people own guns in the U.S. if we all Voted we would fix the problem.

  • Chuck

    The day I look up SS109 and it draws a blank I sell my stock, change my search engine, and I am gone. Just like Citibank, they will be dead to me.

  • At 6AM CDT on June 30th, I ran a search on Google Shopping for “45 colt ammo” and got results.

  • Greg

    What the hell is a Google?

  • Braden Lynch

    Deleted Google as one of my search engines. Will no longer will use it if this is their attitude. Maybe they should look at the U.S. Constitution. Idiots.

    • Samopal

      The US Constitution doesn’t apply to private citizens or businesses, it’s irrelevant here.

      • john

        “The US Constitution doesn’t apply to private citizens…”

        Are you being sarcastic or are you really that ignorant?

      • MiG

        Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the internet is available in other countries where the US constitution doesn’t apply. The USA contains less than 5% of the world’s population; know what I mean?

      • MiG

        Ack, clicked the wrong reply link, was meant to reply to the guy above.

    • Braden Lynch

      Yes, I know that the U.S. Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) is part of the American governmental system. Perhaps the rest of the world, the other 95%, should take a lesson from us and adopt similar constitutions that are more respectful of individual human rights. The masses that suffer under the dictatorships, theocracies, communism, or the more “enlightened” countries where they disarmed their citizens, should consider a Second Amendment to resist current or future tyranny.

      My comment about Google not respecting a core individual and American right, means, as an American, I would not do business with them. They are under no legal obligation to do so, it is merely a direct insult to Americans who like our Bill of Rights. Want to do business in America, don’t trash our values and institutions.

      Now that Google has reversed course, so will I, and all is forgiven.

  • Mike

    Everyone needs to search for anything that can be used as a weapon (keys, hammers, pillows….) then reprot that item to Google as offensive.

    • Not That Mike The Other Mike

      How about vehicles and knives…? Oh, wait, Google disallows those on Google Shopping as well.

      • Chase

        ORLY? “Nightforce” brings up nothing, but an stiletto knife is the fifth result for “knife”… Apparently an Ontatio survival knife is not a weapon. It is OBVIOUSLY anti-gun. You can still get some “gun accessories” if you are specific enough. Seaching for “nightforce rings” gives you results.

  • Russell

    Recommend the use of the search engine Ixquick instead. Completely private, and finds most things as well as google (not everything, but you can get what you need).

  • Bing

  • John

    I don’t use Google Shopping anyway. I can find anything I need on Amazon or go straight to the gun sites. Cheaper Than Dirt, Brownell’s, Ranger Joe’s, and many more. I could care less what Google decides what their “new” policies are. I have already cancelled my Adwords accounts months ago. Google is pretty much it’s won entity and has to respond to the stockholders, blame them and boycott them if that is what you want. A drop in stock would cause them to rethink their position.

  • Enigmuhz

    When i did a search of “Colt 1911” “5.56” “Bushmaster ACR” and “AR15” All results popped up on the google shopping page

  • Jay

    if we did even a fraction of all the acts google has committed we would have been locked away without a key already.

    the best thing anyone can do at this point is remove all of their scripts and anything related to them off of your websites.

  • Jim

    Hey I have an idea to negate the perceive “power” of google. Why don’t you all get off your collective asses (and the internet for that matter) and buy goods the ole’ fashion way, look through a phone book, identify a gun dealer, note the location and address and take a trip (damn shut-ins). Cheers

  • CJohn

    To be “fair,” firearms and related paraphanelia aren’t the only things banned from its new shopping and AdWorks programs. I could be wrong, but some of the other categories appear to be: cars; on-line courses; fireworks; alcohol; certain “genres” of porn (i.e., those that contain simulated child-porn (as well as the “barely legal” genre), necrophilia, etc.);counterfeit goods; “arbitrage” websites (sites that send an unsuspecting searcher to another page full of ads, then another…);  gaming/gambling products; and (possibly) abortions(‽).

    Whether firearms, etc. should be included is, of course, a separate question; though I’d guess the prohibitions more likely come from legal (viz. liability), rather than just political, reasons. 

    Of course, one may well be skeptical of a company that wrote this sentence: “[We’ve made changes to our privacy policy]
    so we can make more of your information available to you when using Google.”

  • CJohn

    To be “fair,” firearms and related paraphanelia aren’t the only things banned from its new shopping and AdWorks programs. I could be wrong, but some of the other categories appear to be: cars; on-line courses; fireworks; alcohol; certain “genres” of porn (i.e., those that contain simulated child-porn (as well as the “barely legal” genre), necrophilia, etc.); counterfeit goods; “arbitrage” websites (sites that send an unsuspecting searcher to another page full of ads, then another…);  gaming/gambling products; and (possibly) abortions(‽).

    Whether firearms, etc. should be included is, of course, a separate question; though I’d guess the prohibitions more likely come from legal (viz. liability), rather than just political, reasons. 

    Of course, one may well be skeptical of a company that wrote this sentence: “[We’ve made changes to our privacy policy]
    so we can make more of your information available to you when using Google.”

    • Yeah we used to sell diet pills on our website until Google sent this nice little email saying they would remove all of our listings unless we removed them. We did and know they still want us to “pay” them for shoppers to click on a product link. Not buy anything just click. What a joke “Google is really full of themselves”.

  • CUrob

    Steve – congrads on making it to Drudgereport (via Prison Planet) – Great exposure!

  • Jim Cuppy

    Some things many can do are, turn off their search sending results from the toolbar(under privacy) also in the button area make sure the “Location” transmit is un-checked, Also found that “Do Not Track Plus” (free download from blocks all companies watching you, after several months mine has blocked well over 22,000. Another is “SpotFlux” available for free from The Windows Club. Note: If you load it into a SLOW computer, pages will load slow,(at least that’s what I found) I plan on installing it on a W7X64 w/ an Intel 7 processor to see if that helps. It can be turned on and off as needed, and removed if it’s not your cup of tea,and it blocks EVERYTHING. Hope this helps anyone out there in cyber space.

  • Tom

    Google may no longer like guns/accessories, but we at sure love them 🙂

    • Nick

      Bookmarked – thanks for the tip on the site, Tom!

    • WillC

      This goes deeper than just Google Shopping. Google AdSense is also blocking these types of products. I noticed this after I shared this post on firearmblog, then saw that Google Adsense ads were not showing me my tacticool gears ads anymore. Check out the definitions under Content Guidelines:

  • Actually when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to other people that they will help, so here it happens.

  • Jim C.

    Guns are just too heavily associated with mass killings (including wildlife) and self-righteous wingnut politics. Google is probably just trying to dissociate itself from that element of humanity.

  • AnointedSword

    I am done with Google. I have been using Bing ever since Google did this crap again. Bing has got much better and I have had no problems finding what I need. There is also some cool points you can gain for doing searches. I just redeemed for a free Redbox movie! We have to take these attacks on our freedoms seriously!

    • Nolan

      Google is NUTS.

      I’m not going to let anybody, let alone Google, trample on my birthright as an AMERICAN!

      IF there is anything wrong with this country, then it’s the lack of firearms. More guns for everybody! Everybody AMERICAN needs a gun, nay, two, nay, three!

      • Steven J.

        Was that sarcastic?

  • richard

    While you’re at it, if you own/use an Android phone, then guess what? You might want to switch to an iphone or winphone cause the Android is pretty much a google whore.

  • I used Google Shopping almost daily to find stores selling particular guns, pricing, etc. Have been seething about the censorship but finally pulled my head out of my arse and tried Bing Shopping. Lo and behold, it’s really good for firearms!

    I also took a Bing-Google search taste test and discovered they’re about equal for me. Fully switching to Bing as of today. I still use Chrome but just switch the default search engine to Bing.

    Feels good to stick it to the man (Google). But of course, Microsoft ain’t exactly a startup….

  • Dan

    Please shop for all your ammo on the new ammunition website

  • Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find any individual with some authentic ideas on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the net, someone with a little bit originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

  • It is frustrating – especially when you want a good source for comparison shopping. I saw that someone commented on it being from the gun issues within the states, but I just don’t think that that would make sense. I haven’t heard of that among other results providers.

    • Samopal

      Other providers don’t do this, Google is just taking the easy way out and eliminating ALL firearms-related results and claiming its because they want to follow all state laws. If that were actually true they would do like eBay and others and simply allow the lowest common denominator, ie. anything that’s legal in all states (<10rnd mags, no "assault weapon" parts, etc).

      Or, in reality, since they aren't actually selling anything and are just listing other items for sale by other vendors (like a massive searchable Classifieds), there aren't actually any laws to follow. Simply advertising items for sale isn't illegal, even if it's to people who can't legally own the product. They hold no responsibility whatsoever, I think their lawyers are just going to the extreme to nix any future litigation against Google should some asshole kill a bunch of people with ammo he found through Google Shopping.

  • That’s unfortunate about the Google (big brother) ranking system. I just launched an accessory site at Maybe if I skew it more towards the discussion forum instead of a shopping site?

  • GridRider

    They have included knives in this, but apparently they are only enforcing the ban on small merchants. Identical products from larger merchants continue to show up in shopper and adword ads.Shameful.

  • Aimhighsupply
    As much as it burns me up to know that we’ve lost a significant amount of traffic and sales due to Google’s decision, I think they still reserve the right to display which ads they want because they are a business providing a service. Google ads are not something we are entitled to because of our rights. One thing Google forgot to inform us on though is the use of double standard in their filtering process by allowing some merchants the ability to continue advertising gun related products, this I find completely unprofessional. If you’re going to censor our products do it across the board Google.

  • tt

    Google good communist

  • AmericanHorseman

    Obviously GOOGLE does not support civil rights, The US Constitution or the BILL OF RIGHTS….which includes the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. I would bet you though that they support homosexuality.

  • shoping

    Sie dürfen sie von Verwandten oder Freunden zu leihen.) Wenn Sie gerne einkaufen, wird Mystery shopingeine tolle Möglichkeit für Sie, um mehr Geld zu machen sein.

  • Larry

    Fk’ing Nazi’s is what they are. Someone will hopefully challenge this as a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights if possible.

  • jaki

    Obviously GOOGLE does not support civil rights, The US Constitution or the BILL OF RIGHTS….which includes the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. I would bet you though that they support homosexuality.

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