Healthy debate

One of the things I love about TFB is the healthy debates that do not end up in pointless flame wars. I would say only half the commenters in my post about LaRue agreed with me, but only a few attacked me instead of attacking my arguments. A good and healthy debate.

Steve Johnson

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  • chris

    Never heard of them.

  • hikerguy

    One thing I was taught growing up was to respect other people and their opinions, even if you disagreed with them. Things may have changed, and not for the better in that aspect, but this is how I was taught and I expect the same out of my daughter. Please keep disagreements civil.

    • Rangefinder

      Your parents did well and now you are displaying true honor by following their example. Most likely your daughter will do the same. Even though we may disagree on minor issues we share important principles. Unfortunately not everyone within the groups for which we align are so honorable.

  • Spudgun

    The main reason I come back to this blog over and over again has nothing to do with politics or nationlism or the Bill Of Rights, it’s because of the non-partisan view and the knowledge of the gun community.

    I am always amazed at the intelligence and knowledge of people who post on this blog and I learn new stuff all the time.

    The international flavor of this blog is a massive draw and I hope that everyone is respected enough to make a contribution.

    Seriously, I have learned and appreciated so much about firearms on here then just about anywhere else and I hope this blog goes from strength to strength.

    Keep on rockin’ Steve, you are doing a fine job.

  • JT

    eh, It’s the internet I guess. I’m assuming most visitors aren’t forum-ers. Nothing wrong with that, one of the things you learn in forums are basic do’s and don’ts like the one you brought up. Heck even a lot of people on forums can’t tell the difference between arguing against someone’s argument and arguing against that person

  • Lemming

    I’ve only been visiting this site for a short while and I’ve already noticed what Steve is talking about. While they’re have been people who have disagreed with some of my posts, not one person has resorted to mindless name calling or other forms of personal attack. This site truly makes you feel welcome and it’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back.

  • DP

    I agree with this post. I frequent this blog, as well as another major firearms related one. The debates here always seem to be much more civil. Maybe it is because this blog sticks to firearms, rather than spending a noticeably increasing amount of time focusing on political issues, like the other.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks to everyone who does not revert back to third grade when they disagree with someone.

  • Cameron

    When I post a comment here, I know I’ll come back to constructive feedback, interesting replies, and a thumbs up/down count that generally reflects accurately how well I contributed.

    On the Internet, that’s huge.

  • Nadnerbus

    I often wondered what the X factor is that allows a forum of any type to either stay civil and intelligent, or devolve into Youtube comments. Perhaps it just a matter of size, too many people eventually introduces bad apples that can sour any discussion. Sometimes I think its a matter of basing the forum on something that will only attract interested peoples, and not general riff raff. But sometimes I think you just get lucky, and get a good group of people that create your core community and set the example for everyone else. Peer pressure does the rest.

    No matter what it is, you are a doo doo head and have dumb opinions. =P

  • elcheecho

    i didn’t see the original comments (though i did read the article) so forgive me if i’m repeating:

    a relatively low average inflation rate of 1.5% per year over 9 years leads to over 14% increase.

    Their explanation may have been half-baked and pandering, but that doesn’t mean the increase itself is ridiculous.