Unidentified Firing Object

A YouTube user claims to have seen this unidentified gun at the range. I don’t know why a person would video someone else shooting a gun without asking what they were shooting. Maybe this is a hoax, a marketing stunt or just a blank firing pistol inside a DIY shell. Regardless, it looks cool.

[ Many thanks to Doug for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Michael

    Maybe a pistol with a side fold stock

  • thefigureofspeech

    looks like the Bulga MP, from Brink might be a prop shell or a custom project.

  • Joel

    I’m gonna go with new, top secret Hi Point.

    • Fred Johnson


  • Reverend Clint

    Looks like a glock with stuff on the side

    • SwissFreek

      I’m thinking the same. Slide def looks like a Glock.

  • Gidge

    I’m going with marketing stunt. Note that the range is empty and the cameraman get’s very close to the gun, even IN FRONT OF THE FIRING LINE.

    • phuzz

      It looks like it was a pretty crappy camera, so it’s probably a cellphone, so he could have stood with his body behind the firing line and just held the camera at arms length. Either way, it made me cringe to see it as well.

  • Laurent

    Looks like a bump firing attachment to me.

  • BC

    Looks like a compact glock slide on a full size 1st gen frame with crap added on

    And I also agree with it being some kind of stunt or intentional video

  • Boomslang

    I’m really curious why there are protrusions sticking out above the barrel. Nothing else seems particularly weird.

    • Duncan

      Looking at the way they move compared to the rest of the gun, they look like they’re part of the action. I noticed the lack of an external slide on the gun, which was interesting. The barrel seems to be moving along with the protrusions also, but I can’t really tell. It would be easier to figure this out with a higher frame rate.

  • Michael

    Now I am thinking that the “body” looks like the old Tec 22

  • Killer99

    Wharever it is it’s chambered in .22. Juging but the brass ejected.

  • Lex

    There don’t seem to be any moving parts on the outside. The part that looks like a slide stays steady.

    And, yes, blatantly a marketing thing. He was right next to the guy long enough to take a video with several cuts. If he wanted to know what the gun was all he had to do was ask.

  • Premek

    Whole trigger guard (the front of it) seems to be moving when he pulls the trigger. I’m also going with .22 or something like that, based on the brass and almost no recoil.
    And I think it is promotional video meant to go viral among gun websites and cheaply promote it when they come out with the gun.

  • Vincent

    It doesn’t sound like a blank firing weapon. If you listen closely you can hear the targets ring just after he fired.

  • Joe l.

    It is mopst definately an old tec-22 with some additional bits added to the side which appear to redirect the spent casings more forward. That was always a kindof cool qwerky gun.

  • God

    Looks a bit like the “stealth pistol” from the videogame “Deus Ex” but louder 😉

  • Komrad

    It looks cool whatever it is and it appears to be very controllable. Maybe it’s a prototype for some .22 target pistol with a recoil reduction system.

    It’s hard o tell with his hand over the grip and no good shots of the mechanism.

    My vote is for publicity stunt.

  • ColonelColt

    It’s definitely not a Glock or a Tec-22. It appears to be a newly made .22 pistol with the bore axis as absolutely as low as possible. If you watch carefully the barrel is right above the trigger mechanism almost in line with the rear of the shooter’s hand. The bulky upper part probably contains the internal bolt assembly and that stuff sticking out of the front on top might be to support some sort of laser eventually. I don’t think any parts of the frame/barrel/slide look-a-like are moving. The trigger is a slide type and what you’re seeing is the front part of that moving rearward when he pulls the trigger. My guess is this is a one off project by some company to see how much interest there is in it. It appears to be decently made very compact pistol with a low bore axis. Of course I could be wrong about all of this.

  • Soless

    I just realized that the barrel is sitting where the guide rod normally sits unless I’m just seeing wrong. That ‘s the lowest bore axis I’ve seen on a semi auto handgun. I’d like to see this applied to a 9mm.

  • BenJamin

    It’s a wild guess, but I think the guys that made this video are Seidos Systems or something like that. They make (market?) 3d printers and such. I was watching a video on youtube for 3d printers and I noticed that the intro’s art style were exactly the same.
    Here’s a link to the video for comparison:

    • ColonelColt

      Sent them a message… We’ll see what comes of this.

    • Komrad

      It could just be a generic sequence.

  • The whole trigger guard is moving when the trigger is pulled. It’s not a Tec-22, as that has the magazine in front of the trigger guard. It’s not a Glock, because not every black handgun is a Glock. There doesn’t seem to be any external cycling, or it’s too fast to see in the video.
    Action reminds more more of a Thompson that was shrunk to .22 LR dimensions.

  • snmp

    .22LR or 32WC Target Pistol not fare of an Hämmerli Model SP20 or Walther GSP/OSP Or Benelli MP90/MP95e or Pardini HPE …..

  • Tweak

    Dunno, magazine definitely fits in the grip, right hand ejection, 10 shot magazine.

  • Tweak
  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    Is that the bolt coming out the front of the pistol above the barrel. kind of like on the PP-90M1?

  • SKW

    It is real. It is a preproduction prototype. It is a .22LR. It is a completely new gun. It will be out on the market in July. It is very,very cool and has some really innovative engineering. There will be other applications for it. That’s all for now.

    • B

      So in other words, something that may or may not ever be produced because once the patents have been filed, could be contested by any number of firearm companies. Not to mention the problems with Der Kommissar (sorry, meant BATFE), or problems getting funding to ever produce in enough quantity to really make a dent in the market.
      I would say that funding is lacking, since you resorted to an anonymous YouTube video to try to drum up a viral response. If you were serious, you’d put out a proper press release, stats, etc.

      • Doug

        I believe that the reason for the video is to cause those who are interested to THINK about what they are viewing. No Brand Names, no people/ faces -or- t-shirt “statements” to distract, NO HOLLYWOOD “big blast” Production Budget ( Sorry YouTube people )……just an amazing performance /new action/ form factor….. On the contrary, this is actually nice to see a gun with that much “Personality”…. Very unique, and thankfully in a caliber we all can afford……22LR…I wonder if the magazine is readily available…..? Can we all guess which magazine that might be?

        In other words, ” thinking hurts” in our society. It takes a high degree of patience and study to develop a new weapon…( that’s where the real $$$$ ) went….not into an “all flash” video….. I believe the real purpose is to cause all of the now 7,000 plus (and growing) viewers to absorb just what we are viewing…..

        Clearly- No Slide, extremely compact, no levers visible as yet….. Interesting Triangle on Top Strap…..( wonder what that does/tells the shooter..?) Very strong ejection and in an unusual form. It appears there is more to this new weapon, even ( hopefully) fun gun, if we give it a chance?

        Spoon fed as we are in this society at large, we forget that sometimes, thinking and having an imagination are what is required. I say, bring on more video and cool features….let’s see what this baby can do! Thumbs up!

      • B, have you ever thought that you might be wrong on something?

        Like the gun being American when it might be European, if it’s made by Seido Systems, and thus not contestable by any American gun manufacturer not by the BATFE unless they want to export them there (and mind, BATFE grants import and distribution to foreign-made rimfires 99% of times)?

  • LJK

    That is one bad example of an attempt at viral marketing.

    A Youtube account by the name of “JOHN SMITH” with a single video, which is supposedly some random guy firing some mystery weapon, who for some reason doesn’t mind a stranger hovering all over him with a camera.

    I actually feel kind of insulted to the point of not even caring what that thing is.

    • Komrad

      Although I agree with you that it is devoid of technical skill or subtly, it must be effective if it got featured on a major firearm news blog.
      I again stress that I agree that it is terrible.

  • Leo Atrox

    The barrel appears to be set into the dust cover, and I assume that the recoil spring sits above the barrel in the enclosed upper receiver. Definitely .22LR caliber, as the casings are small and you can see the rear of the pistol recoil back during firing, much like a Ruger .22 pistol (MKI/II/III). The casings have to eject through a side ejection port because the guide rod is above the action (no traditional top ejection port on the slide). This lowers the bore axis quite a bit, but it also means that fewer rounds could fit in a single-stack magazine unless the magazine extends below the grip (as the action is lower down) and makes me wonder if this is a double-stack magazine design.

  • John Doe

    I’m going with mini railgun that ejects out empty .22 LR brass and equipped with a speaker.

  • Mike Knox

    Whyd didn’t the guy recording it just ask the shooter?

  • Karl Johnson

    it does also look a little like a short barreled H&K MP5 that has been modified.


  • Cymond

    Yup, looks like bad attempt at viral marketing.

    It’s the new USFA Zip


    • Cymond

      [ Many thanks to Doug for emailing us the link. ]

      Would that be Doug Donnelly, owner of USFA?

  • So sorry to revive this after so long, but I’ve only seen one correct answer here. It’s the USFA Zip in .22LR. Possibly with a grip frame added so that you’re not clutching the magazine or holding onto basically nothing (see the unmodified version if you don’t know what i’m talking about). And as others have already stated, this was a bad attempt at viral marketing.