MGM Auto-Poppers Reactive Targets

Jay reviews the MGM Auto-Poppers at SI …

I got a chance to talk to the folks at MGM Targets at the SHOT Show this past January. The Idaho-based company makes a wide variety of targets, both steel and cardboard, with many options available for moving and stationary targets. I saw its line of auto-resetting targets, known as the Auto-Poppers, which have a strong steel spring that immediately returns a struck plate back to the upright position. It’s a simple and elegant solution to the problem of resetting a steel plate

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Love popper they are one of the best reactive targets and work well with .223 .308 and 7.62×39 as long a you dont use magnetic bullets which damage the target your can shoot for all day/

  • W.T.F. “magnetic bullets” ?

    • Andrew

      Steel Core and some Armor Piercing rounds are ferrous, which means they are attracted to magnets. They will damage targets like these.

  • TrojanMan

    Same place you gets da beemz.

  • chris b

    I dont understand….. any decent metalworker can make you “auto” poppers. We found springs do tend to loose there “spring” after ~5 years.

    We made “fancy ones” 20 years ago using junked car windscreen wiper motors ( free ) and some linked levers ( see Archimedes ).
    Simple spring and counterweights work a treat but dont expect them to last that long.

    Latest version uses a auto garage gate motor mech to lift 10 (counter weighted) at a time

    Still after 10 years the damn welds start to give way ……. who was using 460S&W and 50 AE hey ?

    Imagination and safety glasses !

  • Bolter

    I have used an MGM popper with the sniper stand for some years now. It has handled everything from .22LR to 7.62X54R. It is still operational. THere are dings on the plate and gouges here and there on the base (not my poor shooting I promise!) but overall has held up very well. We use this at 100m for rifle and 15-25m for pistols. Eye pro naturally. Recommended. Love how easy it is to use. Just set in place and you are ready to go.

  • AR

    You can test the entire MGM line-up of steel targets and swingers first hand simply by attending the annual MGM Ironman match.