DSA ’12 Photos

Lionel, a regular contributor to TFB, has published an overview of the DSA 2012 defense expo (English Translation) held in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year. The article includes plenty of photos.

Rheinmetall LLM VR incorporates Friend/Foe identification, laser (both red and IR) and IR illuminator in a small package.
MKEK (Turkey) HK33 with Grenade Launcher and transparent magazine.

More information here, and more photos here.

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  • Graham 1

    I’m curious about how that friend/foe identification thing works. Couldn’t really find out much about it.

  • Ray

    That G3 looks quite slick with that M203 attached with the M-16 like mount.

  • James

    Couple pics of the B&t APC 45. That was neat.

  • W

    Pertaining to the QW 18 (CNPMIEC-China),

    This looks like a blatant copy of the Russian Strelets Igla MANPADS. Those tricksy chinese…

    I like the Rheinmetall laser set up. That company makes outstanding products.

  • Ilgar Değirmenci

    It’s not actual M203 though , trigger mechanism is modified and its on the left side of it , a la H&K 79 . It’s made here it’s called T40 in Turkish service . Transparent magazines are standard , all HK33’s have them .

    • Burst

      I’m Curious- since Turkey quite obviously has HK licensing and tooling anyway, why didn’t they just produce a clone of the HK79?

      • Ilgar Değirmenci

        No Idea but some of those T40’s sold to India with Tavor rifles thanks to Israel. Anyway, that licensing tradition is over now. Thanks to the Mehmetcik1 disaster , Ministry now doesn’t allow MKE to license produce anymore.

  • Lance

    Like the Turkish G-33 hope they sell a semiauto copy for a cheap price soon.

  • chris

    What’s up with that wanna be a stinger on the page with the site translation on it?