SIG’s new P290 RS

SIG have updated the SIG P290 which they introduced in 2010. The updated P290 RS has DAO Restrike capability, a reshaped beavertail frame, recontoured magazine release, reduced and reshaped slide release and finger-grip magazine floorplates. The changes are, at least in my eyes, a lot more aesthetically pleasing. I was not a fan of the squarish grip of the old P290.

SIG P290 RS (top), SIG P290 (old model, bottom)

Steve Johnson

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  • I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the original wouldn’t second-strike. I don’t actually care for the functionality – my brain has been ingrained with immediate action drills. But it rules for dry fire practice!

  • Fenrir

    So basicly it is now a more expensive Sig P250 sub-compact that is heavier, single stack and holds less rounds? (while still being the exact same width)

    and it doesn’t have the parts compatability, avalibility, the interchangable chassis system that allows you to have multiple pistoles or calibers in a few seconds… Also the P290 still has a heavier trigger. oh, and the P250 sub-comapct can accept the larger magazines and still work 100% of the time.

    I say what is the point of the P290 that the P250 doesn’t already do better. (except for the inch of barrel length and half inch of pistol height.)

    – Sig P290 shoot 6+1 rounds, do a mag chance, shoot 6 more rounds.
    – Sig P250 shoot 12+1 rounds (already equal), do a mag change (full size mag), and shoot 17 more rounds.

    the total is 13 Vs. 30
    that is 230% of the firepower. (and this is normalized to 9mm, with the P250 you have the option of .380ACP, 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP)

    • RocketScientist

      Sorry, but your facts and your premise are wrong. Unless Sig is lying on their website, the specs stack up as follows:

      Dimension: p250 Subcompact/p290; (difference)

      Length: 6.7″/5.9″; (0.8″)
      Height: 4.7″/3.9″; (0.8″)
      Width: 1.1″/0.9″; (0.2″)
      Weight: 24.9 oz/ 20.5 oz (4.4 oz, 0.275 lb LIGHTER)

      Its intended application is as a specialized concealed carry gun, in which almost an inch of length and height, and almost a quarter inch of width are significant reductions. If I could make MY everyday carry gun smaller by those amounts I would be VERY very pleased. And over 1/4 lb LESS weight riding on my hip all day? Where do I sign. In an EDC role, concealability trumps capacity. If I am out and about someplace and stumble into a situation where I need to use my EDC gun (attempted mugging, rape, etc), and I need more than 7 rds to deal with it, I need to spend more time @ the range, or reconsider my options and GTFO. Of course in a full-scale shootout, yes the p250 would win. But since that is NOT the role this gun was designed for, might as well complain that neither it nor the p290 stacks up next to a Kel-Tec SUB2000 pistol-caliber carbine with a 30rd mag. Sure that would be a valid statement, but immaterial to the discussion at hand.

  • JC

    Isn’t this exactly what they did with the P250? They redesigned the grip and magazines shortly after releasing it.

  • Dustin

    I purchased one of these for CC about a month ago and I absolutely love it so far, but I’ve only put a couple of boxes through it. One thing I’ve had trouble with is finding additional magazines for the RS that include the pinky (ring finger) extension.

    The extended magazine that came with the firearm does not impress me at all. It feels loose and wiggles in the gun, and at least for mine whenever I put any kind of upwards pressure on the actual grip extension itself when reloading, it pops loose and slides up the mag.

  • Drillnow

    Bought a 290 May 2011, had nothing but trouble with it. It went back to Sig, after 2 months with no fix in site I worked a deal and got a Sig 250 SC. Never looked back as the 250 SC has 12 +1 rounds and really not the much larger and is well concealed in my Remora no clip holster. As I keep reading and reading about the problems Sig is still having with the 290 I am confirmed a few time a week that I did make the correct decision on the trade-in! I do hope that Sig gets it worked out with the 290 RS as then I would consider rethinking the 290 in the RS update and buying another. I do have several pistols, most Sig.. The 250 SC is my everyday carry weapon. Another plus is the 250 SC is on sale at Gander Mt. from $379 to $399 every months.. My view..

    • Drillnow

      My last line in my response should have said, “The 250 SC is my everyday carry weapon. Another plus is the 250 SC is on sale at Gander Mt. from $379 to $399 every (FEW) months.. My view..”

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  • Ed Wheelock

    I have had my P290 for about 3months now. I bought it used, less than a year old, and I have to agree with the comments on the 2nd strike capabilities. It is the only fault that I have with the gun as it shoots very good once you get used to the trigger pull. I shoot at an in door range and have set up the laser sight and that is extremely accurate. Overall, I love the gun.