First Remington XM2010 On Sale To Consumers

Modern Pawn and Guns, Corpus Christi, Texas, are selling a Remington XM2010.

It is a complete set include the Remington Arms Chassis System (RACS), Leupold MKIV ERT scope, AAC TiTan suppressor, Harris bipod and two cases (one hard, one soft). The suppressor means that it requires all the necessary NFA paperwork.

No price is listed so you can be sure it is going to cost a lot!

From Modern Pawn and Guns’ website

Just in we have the FIRST COMMERCIALLY available Remington XM2010 M24 rifle for sale. It is chambered in .300 Win Mag and includes everything shown. This entire set up comes in a coyote tan soft case inside of the Pelican hard case. Even the scope and your cleaning kit come with hard cases that fit inside the coyote case. Suppressor also comes with a wrap. For serious inquiries and pricing please call us at 361-993-9390. If you have any questions feel free to call and ask aswell.

UPDATE: More photos of the XM2010 on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: An employee of The Attic emailed me to say they are also selling a Remington XM2010. The price is listed as $18,000.

[ Many thanks to Kyle for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • other other steve

    Damn she is a beaut….Damn I hope shes more than I am willing to pay because I might have to go get it. I am only 2 hours away from Corpus. Sorry new car. heh heh

  • wise_man

    Now Remington just has to sell their version of the Masada and the R4 and they’ll be doing just fine.

    • Samopal

      Even Remington’s military version of the ACR is a POS. Travis Haley, one of the original designers, tested it and said so himself.

      Mil/LEO isn’t staying away from the ACR just because the civilian version sucks.

  • saw a listing for this- it was around $17k. Rare bird.

  • Sam

    If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  • Reverend Clint

    whats the difference between this and the MSR? Barrel swap ability?

    • G

      They also have different actions. XM2010 has an ordinary Remington model 700 action while MSR doesn’t have a model 700 action.

      • Reverend Clint

        ok one is just an upgrade while the MSR is a new gun

    • FormerSFMedic

      The MSR was built from the ground up as a new rifle. The M2010 is a 700 action in a RACS chassis system.

  • G

    If I was going to spend an obscene amount of money on a precision rifle I’d rather buy an Accuracy International PSR-AX multi caliber rifle.

    The AX price doesn’t include scope nor suppressor, but it includes bolt and barrels in 308W, 300WM and 300LM.

    • Mike Knox

      Not to mention the PSR-AX costs less too..

  • Flounder

    It says this is on sale in a pawn shop… There are a few XM2010 rifles floating around in civilian hands. I know one showed up on the snipers hide. That one came as a competition price. I believe the owner sold it for upwards of 10 grand. Then there was another one on gunbroker. So they are out there but i am not sure if they are available to the public yet…

    Are you sure this is the first gun built for the civilian market steve? cause if it is that would be AWESOME! Despite the price…

    • Shooter

      This rifle was NOT built for the civilian market. It was a one rifle overrun from a military build. It is the exact same as the the deployed kits. M24 marked receiver with all the goodies. It even had the glue residue on the reciever where the NSN QR code was removed. I don’t think Remington Defense is planning a civilian release of these. They may be putting out a dumbed down kit for civilian sales. But this rifle came, out of the box, with mounted-zeroed scope/ LaRue modified Harris bipod/ Dewey rods/ cases/ Suppressor/ five mags/ etc. Remington does not sell kits like this on the civilian market.

  • Mike Knox

    If the blurb doesn’t include price, don’t bother asking. Your wallet’ll burst into flames..

  • Mike Knox

    Shhhsh, Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits, because I got broke when I bought this rifle, I can’t even buy food, He-he-he-he-he…

  • Lance

    Though cool to have a Remington PSS or a M-24 would be such cheaper no than a XM-2010. The NFA paperwork and charges are spendy enough little lone the thousands of dollars for gun itself would make this out of reach for most.

    The scope isn’t mentioned here and that’s tons of money too.

  • Tony

    No, thank you. I will keep my money, and you can sell it to the biggest mall ninja on my block.

  • John Doe

    Probably costs a fortune, but I’d get one. Beautiful rifle.

  • Joseph

    I’d expect to pay Lapua Prices plus the price of the stuff on it so..

    $4,000 + The can, optic, ect… then we consider the tax stamp and rarity prices. I think it probably is wise to wait, but if I had the cash, sure.

  • Bandito762

    very pretty and very ugly all at the same time

  • C3P0

    want to put a hole in something? you could get this . . . or a new compact car and a hipoint . . . hipoint’s even semiauto . . . and a bank’ll lend you the money for the car. . .

  • Marc

    The price is simply ridiculous.

  • Military

    “I work for Remington and no one knows how this got out. I checked the model number today. In the last year we have only shipped 5 outside of the US Army and none of them went to these people. We can’t start selling commercial versions or offering the chasis until the military orders are filled.”

    “I’ll make a point to stop by the Defense division today. I wish I could see the serial # in the pics. But I’m sure they wouldn’t risk their FFL with a stolen gun. The bad thing is every 10 year old that plays call of duty wants that gun. Along with the ACR, MSR & RSASS. I’m sure this will generate a lot of calls for the consumer service dept. Everyone wants what they can’t have!”

    Something is very wrong here. Sorry for the link. The story is being covered at “The Truth about guns.

    • Shooter

      I don’t like stirring the pot too much, BUT… If you must know, the rifle was purchased from Acusport in Fort Worth Tx. They are one of the largest distributors in the country. Implying that the rifle is stolen is not appreciated. If you would like to come and take a look at it, it is sitting on our rack in plain sight for anyone to see. It is for sale. This rifle was merely a perk of the volume of guns that we sell. Acusport offered it to us.

    • FormerSFMedic

      You’re right, something is very wrong. Remington doesn’t make anything worthwhile available to the commercial market. The ACR, the RSASS, RACS, MSR, and the Piston Carbine are all advertised and touted in the commercials and magazines. What’s the point? That’s not the face of Remington! The Remington I know has some shotguns and a bargain basement 1911. That’s the face of modern Remington. People think HK and Colt are bad. How about Remington?

      I’m glad this M2010 is being sold on the commercial side. I don’t care where it came from. Of course, I wouldn’t buy it even if I had the money! Like I always say, Remington is the American HK!

  • Bryan S.

    I wonder if it costs 18K to the taxpayer?

    If so, that explains some of our current debt… sending troops out overseas with 18K rifles to shoot a guy in a crappy country armed with a $100 AK or RPG.

    • Deathonahill21

      Yeah or maybe to reach out to a guy setting up a 82mm recoilless rifle, aimed directly at your Patrol base, when all air was red. And it actually cost 27k with the Scope. So thanks you stupid fucktard. Sincerely a United States Sniper…

  • Mike Knox

    One Acronym: AI PSR-AX..

  • Mike Knox

    I wonder if they’d come up with a stock with a folding rifle grip..

  • Eric B. (300winmag)

    I don’t want the XM2010 I just want the stock/chassis for my stainless (but black coated) Remington .300win mag with HS Precision fluted barrel and HS P. accurized action.

    Then I’d have a rifle more accurate than an XM2010.

    My original stock is a non-adjustable HS Precision version of the M24 stock. I want max adjustability.

    The XM2010 is only a transition rifle to a .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle. IF SOCOM’s second round of its PSR solitication comes along MAYBE we’ll see the true long range rifle that can shoot to 1, 700 meters. …or not, SOCOM’s selection process being as slow as glacial melt and as unpredictable as the weather.

    • Dennis

      Barret 82A1 has the new record 🙂 Besides with the .50BMG you have a wide and varied ammunition selection including the MK 211 by NAMO
      .50 BMG Turning cover into concealment since 1921.

  • H.O.G.

    Mine was issued, and I’m keeping it………………

  • ben

    Price is stupid. One sold on Snipershide for 9500 in anodized multicam. I hope they sit on this one.

  • sniper68
  • RJ

    To pricey for just the gun it’s retared

  • jhumglug

    you can buy an almost identical chassis for a rem 700 or savage 10, 12, or 110 at kingsarsenal for anywhere from 800 to 1200

  • waveaether

    18,000 and it has a hammer forged barrel? Bad way to spend my tax money. At least tell me it’s not a Remington trigger.

  • Booya Heckaya

    Sorry, your XM2010 has been recalled due to trigger issues.