LMT “Pig Package” .308 Modular Weapon System

A new pig hunting optimized AR-10 from LMT. From the press release …

MILAN, IL (May 2012) – Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians, in keeping with their exclusive endorsement deal with Brian “Pig Man” Quaca’s Sportsman Channel’s television show, Pig Man: The Series, is now making the “Pig Package” available to gun enthusiasts everywhere.

The Pig Package is a LMT® Signature Model MWS .308 with a 16″ chrome-lined barrel in a 1:10″ twist. Other features include a SOPMOD Buttstock, two-stage trigger group, and an ambi-selector and ambi-mag release. Proudly displaying an engraved “Pig Man” logo on the lower, the weapon system also comes complete with an engraved Leupold VX-R HIG 1.25 – 4x20mm FireDot Pig Plex with a Mark 2 IMS mount. It ships with a sling, manual, tactical adjustable rear sight and tactical front sight, one 20-round magazine, two heavy-duty push button swivels, a torque/wrench/driver and three rail panels.

MSRP is $3,489.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Noveske KX3 ‘Flaming Pig’ muzzle device is needed to make this a real “Pig Package”.

  • SpudGun

    Wow, three and half grand to shoot piggy wiggys doesn’t sound very kosher to me. 😉

    As a SCAR-H fanboy, all of these high priced .308 ARs seem a little superfluous, but if you’re a fan of the ‘Pig Man’ or LMT, then go for it, it will most likely be a very, very good purchase.

    • W

      I love LMT, but for a 308, the SCAR is better than all of them overall.

    • Nater

      Yeah, the SCAR-17S/H is the only battle rifle that matters these days. If only they’d gone with the SR-25 pattern magazine instead of that modified-FAL mag.

      I’m surprised that USSOCOM didn’t want magazine interoperability between their various SR-25s and the SCAR-H. Probably because the SCAR-H was supposed to replace the various SR-25s (I doubt that will happen).

  • Please Export this Nice weapon to Pakistan Armed Forces as well, to fight terror. And tell me which caliber does it use? 5.56/7.62 mm cartage.

    • ringo

      Its. 308 which is 7.62 x 51 not to be confused with Ak which is 7.62x 39

  • I would like to buy this in Pakistan, how much does it cost?

  • zack991

    I ordered their MRP CQB Piston AR and it sucks it will take 18 weeks to build.

  • Reverend Clint

    needs to look more like an m60 to earn the pig monicker.

  • Lance

    LMT makes there own CM 901 copy now that’s good more 7.62x51mm weapons is good enough dinky 5.56mm weapons mans guns needed.

    • W

      the cm901 is more like a copy of the LMT and other AR10s.

      • charles222

        W-did we ever get clarification if the 901 lower is compatible with LMT/etc. uppers? Would love to be able to easily swap barrel lengths in addition to calibers.

      • W

        To charles,

        not likely 🙁 AR10s are notorious for their lack of interchangeable parts since the platform wasn’t standardized. the only “standard” i see is with the SR25.

    • Nater

      You do know this rifle has been around for years, right? It is one of the premier 7.62x51mm ARs on the market along with the Larue OBR and the Knight’s Armament SR-25 EMC (and now ECR/ECC). It’s also in service with the Royal Army and the Army of New Zealand.

      As for this package, it’s ridiculous. You’re paying a grand for a crappy optic and some branding. The standard .308 MWS with 16″ chrome lined barrel can be had for around $26-2800 on Gun Broker.

      I still don’t know why anyone would buy a .308 AR over a SCAR-17S. Magazine availability would be the only advantage. Maybe slightly better inherent accuracy if you’re building a precision rig.

  • Kyle

    Sure, ‘Pigs’.

    Not the slang term for Police at ALL

  • referring to all .308 platform based AR’s as AR-10’s adds to the confusion of these weapons when trying to help folks understand no milspec and parts compatibility issues. AR-10 is a model of Armalite. According to the article this is a LMT “Signature MWS”

  • pch0511

    All that to kill a feral pig… Wow! PT Barnum was right.

    There was a study done that compared a $300 used .308 rifle and a modern AR15. It was conclusive in it’s findings that the used rifle killed just as many pigs and as well as the AR15. They found that those who preferred the more expensive AR15 needed the additional consecutive shots since shot placement was not considered as critical as multiple shots in less than 5 seconds. It was also concluded that since most pigs were shot from blinds and not full frontal assaults that the tactical AR15 had no noticeable influence on the level of fear exhibited by the pigs versus the used rifle. Surprisingly, the study showed that those who preferred to carry the AR15 said that they felt less vulnerable and inadequate while in the field. What the study could not determine was… if the objective was to kill a pig why someone would not select the used rifle to do so since it was the most economical option available and quite capable??? It was finally determined that more study needed to be made on this curious phenomenon as killing a pig may not actually be the objective.

    You can find the results of this study at http://www.PTBarnumwasright.com

    • W

      Pt barnum, like ripleys believe it or not, was so full of shit it wasn’t even funny. I dee double dare you to compete against a AR10 like this with a 308 MAS49. You will be butthurt.

      • pch0511


        You missed the whole point of my obvious satirical study, but you also just proved the point I was trying to make. Why in the world would I want to shoot a pig with a MAS49? I could just as easily buy a $300 used .308 bolt action of any utility gun manufacturer more than 50 years old, go out, shoot a 300# pig with one shot. The cost of the meat works out to $1 per pound for my $300 gun. You however by buying this $3500 “Pig Package” AR15 and shooting a 300# pig would cost you $11.66 per pound of meat. At $11.66 per pound, it would make more sense to not buy the AR15 and just go buy some pork chops at the grocery store.

      • W

        LOL you missed my satire too. The MAS49 was never built in 308 for starters…and a 300 dollar rifle doesnt look cool. Looks are everything.

        Ill also add that this rifle is good for two legged piggies as well, as they are being used against the notorious type of piggy that likes to plant roadside bombs.

    • Nater

      You eat feral pig? You better be deep freezing that meat for awhile.

  • charles222

    W-Okay, this is late :p But that sucks.