Verney-Carron Flash Ball Dual Barrel Less-Lethal Pistol

French firm Verney-Carron manufacture a nifty dual barrel less-lethal pistol called the Flash Ball.

Flash Ball Super Pro (Old Wood/Steel Model)

The gun fires 44mm less-lethal balls. The company claims they contain 20% less energy at 7 meters than a .38 Special. The company has also developed a round which deploys seven CS cartridges in the air to create a cloud of CS gas covering an area of 400 meters^2.

Flash Ball Super Pro (New Polymer/Steel Model)
Flash Ball Compact (Lightweight Composite Model)

This gun cries out to be rechambered 40mm grenades!

[ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for emailing me the the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Vhyrus

    I guess the French really do have a lot of extra room in their trousers if they can CC that bad boy!

  • Aurelien

    The Flash-ball has been around for some time now, and is being replaced/completed by 40mm B&T grenade launchers now.

    The flash-ball was originally made for home defense.

  • Aurelien is absolutely correct. These things have been around for years and they were originally sold in France for home defense. Because the ammunition uses a primer and a propellant charge, the BATFE would classify these things as “Destructive Devices” due to their bore size. Still, for their intended purpose, they make a lot of sense…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

    • S O

      I think he did cause the impression that the gun is new unintentionally.

      I only told him about the photo on top, so he obviously looked up the gun and noticed it’s not really news.

    • Sian

      It’s smoothbore, couldn’t it be classified the same as a 37mm flare launcher?

    • Henry

      Manurhin origennaly invented the concept. The firearm side was bought by Chapuis. They continued to manufacture the pistols but have recently stopped the non-lethal arms. Their shotguns and African rifles are so must to own! I have abespoke 28 ga with the first 30 inch barrel.

  • D

    I like it. Wonder how the recoil is?

    Not sure i would dig it for home defense, but it’s better then nothing, and would certainly look intimidating pointed at someone.

    • A.g.

      No recoil or almost, D.
      Loud noise and not really effective. Balls bounces on people who wear thick leather jacket at 15 meters with no réal effect. It doesn’t impress anymore on street. The plastic version at the end was weak.
      Totaly outclassed on unit by B&T 40mm for effectivness and lower cost of non-proprietary amunition.

  • John Doe

    Sometimes paintball isn’t hardcore enough.

  • Lance

    Felt bad looked like a cool 40mm grenade launcher pistol.

  • if you can dodge a 20mm projectile, you can dodge a ball

  • mano

    I would buy something like this if it could be attached to the bottom of my M4.

  • ruben

    that last one looks like a v people lazer rifle.

  • Dave H

    Charge those CS cartridges with flammable gas and hang a spark igniter on one of them. Boom! Hand-launched fuel/air explosive!

  • James Patrick

    I feel like these pistols have gotten worse as I scroll down the page. The last one looks like a Nerf gun.

  • Netforce

    Judge Dredd’s gun?

  • We did a test almost six years ago with the side-by-side version of Flash-Ball.

    So its not new, but definately interesting thing. 🙂

  • titi

    this non-lethal weapon is like THE gun in french police … cause in france when the cop use real gun to deal with bad guys, the cop go in jail … excuse my french …

  • Notimportant

    Reminds me on the WWII german “Kampfpistole” aka “gezogene Leuchtpistole Z”. There even was a variant with a folding stock, designed to fire a shaped charge called “Panzer-Wurfkörper 42” which looks like a predecessor of an RPG to me.

    That is what the gun looked like:

  • MPL

    Handled the second one at the French gendarmerie when i was doing my “stage” (internship). Pretty heavy and simple, often used in riot control and detaining individuals. There are very few circumstances where using your gun won’t get you in deep trouble, so many non lethal weapons are used, such as these.

  • Mike

    I swear I’ve seen it back in early 1990s.

  • Royi

    The Flash-Ball was indeed designed for home-defense, I read an article about those back in the 90’s in a german magazine.
    It can be found in most sports/gun/outdoor/hardware stores, and doesn’t require a license (requires registration though).
    Judging by the videos on youtube, they’re quite effective on short range.