H&R Handi Rifle in .300 AAC BLK

Harrington & Richardson, in cooperation with AAC, is now producing a Handi Rifle chambered in .300 AAC BLK. This is probably the cheapest way to get into the .300 AAC BLK game.

This photo is of the prototype (the barrel differs from the production model)
H&R Handi Rifle in .300 AAC BLK Suppressed vs. UnSuppressed

New in the product lineup for 2012 is the Harrington and Richardson Handi-Rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. This rugged, optics-ready break action single shot has been configured for silencer use with 5/8 -24 muzzle threads and includes a Picatinny scope rail and has no iron sights. The light-weight profile 16.1 inch barrel has a 1/7 twist to deliver accurate shots with high performance hunting ammunition and heavy subsonic rounds from Remington, Barnes, and numerous other makers. The phosphated steel action and barrel are complimented by the compact and lightweight black, super-tough, high-density polymer stock and fore-end. All models are equipped with the H&R Transfer Bar System that makes the Handi-Rifle one of the safest single-shot rifle platforms in the world today.

Caliber .300 AAC Blackout
Capacity Single shot
Finish Black phosphate finish
Barrel 16.1 inch
Stock Glass-filled Polymer
Twist 1:7 twist (compatible with most bullets from 110 to 240 grains)
Weight 6.9 lbs
Other Features Threaded 5/8-24.
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

The MSRP is $359.95.

H&R is owned by Marlin. Both Marlin and AAC are subsidiaries of Remington.

[ Many thanks to Woodroez for emailing us the tip. ]

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  • Lou

    Another rifle chambered in another cartridge that will be dead in a couple of years. This has 6.8 SPC written all over it…. it was to be the wonder cartridge to put 5.56x45mm to shame, the US Armed Forces were to adopt it, ARFCOM was telling me that my 5.56x45mm rifles are about as useful as 14th Century Hand Cannons, and if I didn’t jump to that caliber then my man card should be turned it.

    .300BLK is the same crap in a different flavor…. I’ll stick with 5.56x45mm

    I’m all for suppressed weapons. I own a couple myself… but I’d invest my money and time into cartridges that will be around next year let alone the next fifty years.

    • Esh325

      lol, that really made me chuckle. I don’t like to see these new cartridges fail, but everything you’ve said is right. It seems really impossible these days to market a new rifle cartridge successfully.

    • Josh

      Lou – you’ve really concerned yourself with the death of this cartridge! Maybe you should start rolling your own. They’re not going to stop making 30 cal bullets anytime soon, and 300 BLK can be formed directly from 221 Fireball or even 223 Rem with a little work. Some of us don’t constrain ourselves to what’s sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

    • W

      with the introduction of newer 5.56mm rounds, i have a feeling it will be around for quite a while.

      Trying to introduce a cartridge outside the realm of what is or will be adopted by military or police customers is a tall cliff to scale.

    • HL

      Consider that the 300 Blk is just the standardization of the 300 Whisper and 300/221, and that it has already been around for 20 years.

      It will never be as popular as the 5.56 or 7.62 X 39, but it is here to stay. As suppressors grow in popularity, so will it.

  • Dave

    To this day, I can’t read the phrase “H&R Handi Rifle” without thinking of trauma plates duct taped to a mall ninja’s back…

  • Mike


  • Reverend Clint

    perfect gun for a semi wildcat… cheap

  • Woodroez

    It’s worth noting that the final factory rifle does NOT have iron sights. It has a rail on top. Also, the profile of the barrel is tapered, then steps up at the muzzle to be large enough for threading.

  • Sian

    If the ladies don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handi.

    • Bill

      I didn’t realize that red green was a big .300 BLK supporter.

  • Chris

    I can’t tell – is the barrel threaded from the factory or not?

    • Woodroez

      Yes, it is.

  • Big Jay

    This falls into the category of “why bother.” If I was going to supress a Handi Rifle, I’d thread the muzzle of a .357 or .44 MAG and run .38 or .44 SPC through it much cheaper and allow me to use a 9mm or 45 ACP can.

    • Jim T

      An advantage the 300 BLK has over say a 357 mag or 44 mag is that it has a suitable twist for long high BC bullets as well as there being some excellently shaped varmint bullets in 30 caliber (not saying that decent bullets arent available in 357 or 44 but just saying many good jacketed bullets). I’m sure some will buy this rifle to rechamber it to a larger cartridge due to it being pretty cheap and having a 1:7 twist rate.

      • Jim T

        Many good jacketed bullets are made in 30 caliber, correction*

  • Reverend Clint

    I’ve got an old 20 gauge NEF, samething as H&R, and its pretty sweet. Ive been looking at geing one of these and swapping barrels

    • Reverend Clint

      *not between the 20 gauge though, too old

  • Jaymes

    Looks very fun to play with!

  • Cymond

    The Handi rifles are inexpensive, so I can see the appeal for someone who is already invested in 300BLK. However, a 300 Handi rifle seems like a niche product. If someone wants a supersonic 30-cal, H&R already made .30-30 and .308 Handi rifles. Suppressed subsonics? A $600+ suppressor on a $200 rifle? Seems a little … I dunno. It only really makes sense if you already have a .30cal suppressor.