Vaquero with Birds Head Grip

Davidson’s are distributing this TALO limited edition Ruger Vaquero fitted with a Birds Head Grip.

Caliber .45 Long Colt
Capacity 6
Finish Blue
Grip Black Laminate (Fighter Style)
Barrel 3.75″
Overall Length 9.25″
Weight 39 oz.
Front Sight Fixed blade

The MSRP is $745.

I really like the look of this gun, especially the shorter barrel. Vaquero barrel’s normally start at 4.62″. If only it was made in .357 Magnum with a 2.75 or 3″ barrel …

Steve Johnson

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    • GrosVentreGeorge

      Well that’s definitely more like it. IDK if I would prefer a .45LC or a .357 mag.

  • Foetus


  • Jaymes

    Me want.

  • schizuki

    Now bring back the .32 Birdshead Single-Six as a regular catalog item.

    Or if I really want to dream, one with a Lightning grip, to really give the “Colt Lightning from 20 feet away” impression.

  • Duray

    In my defense, I wouldn’t have to keep pointing out that there is no “.45 Long Colt” if people would stop calling it that.

    • Chucky

      Oh, but there is. Back when Colt first came up with the cartridge, they refused to have other manufacturers make guns chambered for it. In response S&W made the .45 S&W Schofield which was pretty much the same round only shorter. It was simpler times and people got confused so Colt salesmen started calling theirs a .45 “long” Colt and it stuck.

    • Komrad

      Yes, there is. There is also a .45 Short Colt, albeit not stamped as such.

      Although the man is the article has never seen factory ammo marked .455 Long Colt, I have, although I do not recall brands.

      Honestly, it is really just annoying to correct a term that has been common usage for possibly 100 years or more. I’d advise dropping it unless it is pertinent to the conversation.

      • Duray

        I’m not just throwing it out there to be an annoying know-it-all. Every firearm owner’s manual out there warns you to only use ammunition that exactly matches your gun. The .300 Winchester Mag is not .300 Winchester Short Mag is not .300 H&H Mag, etc. So, I’ve got a Winchester marked .45 Colt, brass marked .45 Colt, and loading dies marked .45 Colt. Next time you’re at Gander Mountain or Cabela’s, look for “.45 Long Colt” ammunition. If it’s not there, why continue muddying the terminology waters with misnomers? Every time I show someone my Bisley they say “Oh, is that a .45 Long Colt?”

      • Chucky

        Out of curiosity, I checked Cabela’s just now and guess what I found?

      • Duray

        Yes, Chucky, and Cabela’s also has Remington magazines being sold as “clips”, but that doesn’t make it so.

      • Komrad

        It’s common usage. Language is defined by usage. It even makes sense as it differentiates it from the shorter .45 Colt cases and .45 Schofield. The only reason to correct it is to be a know-it-all.

    • Cymond

      I’ve seen ‘.45 Colt’ used to informally refer to .45 ACP (Auto Colt Pistol). I can definitely understand ‘Long’ added to differentiate between the older .45 rimmed Colt and the less-old .45 Auto Colt.

  • Woodroez

    They also had this Vaq in .45ACP only configuration, but that sold out a week or two ago. They recently got some .45Colt in stainless. I asked on Talo’s Facebook page if that meant they were getting a stainless .45ACP out at some point, but received no answer.

    I also expressed my opinion that they need to work with Ruger at some point to get this happen in .357. Sending requests in is the only way to be heard!

  • They need this in .357 stainless so it can match up to my other Vaquero, it would look great in a cross draw on my rig…

  • Lance

    Looks nice but $700 is way too much for a Colt SAA copy.

  • Komrad

    I love bird head grips. They look so cool. Now, if Ruger could just bring back the Baby Vaquero except in .327 Federal, I’d be all over it. I’m not personally a big fan of .45 Long Colt. I figure, if you’re going to go big bore, you may as well just use .44 Magnum or .44 Special, but to each his own.

    • Woodroez

      Tragically, the Single-Six frame is a bit too short for .327 Federal. That would be one hell of a packing pistol.

      • Komrad

        I’d think that Ruger could make the frame longer, but that might cost more to tool up. But then again, they would probably have to retool to bring back the Baby Vaquero at all, so lengthening the frame wouldn’t be too much more work.

    • greasyjohn

      Or bring back the 7.5″ barrel, for that matter.

  • Can’t make the barrel much shorter than it is without forgoing the ejector rod.

  • Vinny

    I bought one from Bud’s for $523 and am waiting for it to be shipped. If anyone is paying $700 as on posted mentioned, you are being robbed! I may even carry mine concealed as every one of the 10 guns I own goes for a walk at least once. 🙂

  • Chris

    I picked one up for $550 (Gallery of Guns). Took it to the range. A lot of fire power in a little package. I was not disappointed…